20 Tweets About Moms That May As Well Be Talking About Our Own

Ashley Hunte
A mom happily holding two crying children.
Unsplash | Jose Escobar

I'm sure it's safe to say that we pretty much all love our moms. And luckily, they love us too. In their own ways.

Though, sometimes it feels like moms are a breed of their own. And strangely enough, they have a lot of the same mannerisms. To the point where these tweets about people's moms feel like they could apply to any mom.

Sage advice that makes more sense the older you get.

I swear, it's like moms (and grandmas) are always right, even when we don't know it. Their advice is always going to come in handy. Someday.

Moms don't always have the answers, though.

I think the onesie is supposed to say that mom loves dad, and the baby knows it because they could see mom's heart? Makes no sense, but that's what makes it so great.

The tomato people loved it!

Rotten Eggs, Rotten Tomatoes. Same thing, really. But be honest: your mom has totally said something slightly wrong like this before.

"What are the internet's hours of operation?"

Luckily, you can shop online 24 hours a day. I think this person's mom needs to know that, though.

I'm not gonna lie, it's pretty funny. Classic mom.

Did every song sample my mom?

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has to keep checking to see if my mom is calling me... even when she's not around. Kinda spooky, when you think about it.

They always think you know everyone.

Like, no mom, I don't know every person in every funny video I'm trying to show you. You'd think at this point, our moms would know that.

Count your blessings.

If you've had pets but no kids, then you'll understand that being a pet parent is basically a full time job. So, having pets and kids? A lot of jobs.

"Yes mom, I'm sending you malware."

You'd think our moms would trust the things their kids send them, but I guess it's better that they're overly cautious than not cautious at all.

Moms always know.

To be honest, I feel bad for our moms. They try to be proud of us no matter what, but do we deserve it? Maybe. Maybe not.

Moms definitely always know.

I know for a fact that every mom out there would make this kind of joke to their kids. It's all in good fun though! Mostly.

"You just don't understand, mom!"

To be fair, most mail is just bills, and notices about bills, and other people wanting money from you. Parents just don't understand that we don't want any of that!

Classic mom response right here:

No, Assistant Professor is not the same things as assistant to the professor. It's just a title. But I guess most people wouldn't know that, not just moms.

Keep the legacy going!

No one can do it quite like mom, huh? We may not agree with all of their parenting methods, but when it comes down to it, they'd do a great job raising our kids, too.

"Oh, what's that thing called again? You know it."

Is it just me, or do moms forget the most random things, and then act like you know exactly what they're talking about? I guess I don't blame them, since they have about a thousand things to keep track of in a day.

Don't tempt me, mom...

It's nice to know our moms will love us unconditionally, but there should maybe be a few conditions in there. Just a few, though.

My space is your space and your space is my space.

I do feel kind of bad for our moms. They spent nine months carrying us around, had to endure the pains of childbirth, changed diapers for years, and all so that we can grow up to talk back to them. Some things in life just ain't fair.

Mom always makes for the best excuse, though!

I... really hope our moms don't mind us using them as excuses not to go places we didn't want to go in the first place. Yes, even when we're 30-something and way past the point where our moms can dictate what we do and where we go.

Being popular with moms is the greenest flag around.

I think it's pretty safe to say that in most cases, if our moms don't like a friend or partner, then they're probably onto something. If mom likes your friends/dates, then you're good.

"What's happening!?"

I think part of being a mom is just never knowing what's happening in a movie. Probably for the same reason why they can never remember really simple words: they're overextended.

At least you can always count on mom to tell you the ugly truth.

If our moms are one thing, it's brutally honest. But I'd rather my mom tell me that my hair looks bad before I go out than to find it out the hard way. So, there's that.