20 People Who Pulled The Unexpected Out Of Nowhere

Remote control with no labels on buttons
reddit | malignantpolyp

There's no enemy of excitement quite like the familiar. If there's a surefire cure for boredom brought on by the expected, it's a dose of the unexpected.

The pics here may or may not blow your mind or change your life. But it's a virtual certainty that they'll surprise you at least a little bit.

"Flavor distribution of Jolly Ranchers in my 7oz bag."

Jolly Ranchers sorted by color
reddit | Lightgod86

I believe in fairness, so I'd always assumed the flavor distribution would be equal. I like blue raspberry as much as the next person, but would it kill them to include a few more green apples?

"My friend's outfit exactly matched my coffee cup today."

Woman holding coffee cup that perfectly matches her shirt
reddit | Brentusfirmus

I've never had my clothing match my coffee cup, but that's probably because not many coffee cups look like heathered gray hoodies. Maybe somebody should do something about that, hint hint Starbucks.

"Back of a hornet's nest they made on a window."

Hornet nest on a window, viewed from the back
reddit | Crasz

The hornets weren't looking to give this person a look into their inner sanctum, but because they built their nest on a window, that's how things turned out.

"A vine grew around this little tree and the tree absorbed it, making it look like a snake had woven itself around the tree."

Vine wound around tree
reddit | goodytwotoes

This is beautiful. Vines will find things to climb on, so it's weird that we don't see sights like this more often.

"I was at Best Buy, and there was a puppy sleeping in one of the carts."

Puppy sleeping in a Best Buy shopping cart
reddit | therocknrollgeek

If every retail establishment had puppies in its shopping carts, it might be enough to persuade me to stop online shopping for everything.

"Colors from everyone's clothes reflected on the plane."

Clothing colors reflected onto walls of plane
reddit | semiauto7

This is a pretty cool effect. Don't ask me to explain it, please, but it's still a pleasing rainbow of reflected colors, and a nice surprise when you just want the hours of a long flight to pass by.

"Me and my sister made a huge toilet roll tower."

Toilet paper rolls made into one long tube
reddit | terrathunder13

Putting a bunch of TP rolls into each other to make one massive TP roll doesn't sound impressive, but then when you see the finished product, it's hard not to be a little bit impressed.

"My gardening tool kit came with a claw glove."

Gardening glove with claws on it
reddit | Shrimpio

Unless this gardening set was a mislabeled Freddy Krueger costume, I'm not too sure what the purpose of these claw gloves might be. Breaking up concrete-like dry dirt, possibly?

"I got three fortune cookies baked into one."

Three fortune cookies baked into one
reddit | Quickshote

I would assume this means you get three times the fortune, so let's hope the fortune is a good one and not an ominous one. Or maybe the extra two layers ARE the fortune?

"This 2-inch gray hair protruding from my forehead."

Gray hair protruding from man's forehead
reddit | w11

It's always kind of cool, and simultaneously kind of unnerving, to see a renegade hair sprout from a random area like this. Is this aging? Can we all expect more rando hairs in our futures?

"Truck converted Tesla I saw on the way home."

Tesla converted into a truck
reddit | retrotable

If you can afford not just a Tesla, but also the ability to modify a Tesla into a truck, you just might have too much money. And not enough patience to wait on the Cybertruck.

"Parent's dog on near identical rug."

Dog's coat is virtually identical to rug it's lying on
reddit | Psydreus

If this was my dog and my rug, I'd have to get rid of one (probably the rug). The tripping risk would be too great otherwise, which likely end poorly for both myself and the dog.

"Came across a typewriter for writing music."

Typewriter for writing music
reddit | tachoknight

I'd never thought of a typewriter typing out anything but letters, but I suppose something had to produce sheet music during the analogue age.

"This guy makes pizza using volcanic vents on the Volcán de Pacaya in Guatemala."

Chef using volcanic vents to bake pizza
reddit | Yellowman230

Sure, you've had stone-baked pizza before, but have you ever had pizza baked on the stones of an active volcano? You have to think it gives a nice, earthy flavor, don't you?

"USA Fanta vs UK Fanta."

Comparison of orange Fanta between the US and UK
reddit | RRR-Craigyroo

This is due to differing regulations, because the United Kingdom requires more juice in its beverages. Side note: the U.K. version looks much more delicious, and much less syrupy.

"A stop sign in my town is so old it's become a death metal band logo."

Weathered stop sign
reddit | FalconerGuitars

It's kind of fun how this kind of weathering effect makes pretty much anything look like it's written in a death metal font.

"I have been keeping a collection of the tiny balls in pen ink cartridges since middle school."

Collection of ballpoints from pens
reddit | lily_hunts

This is perhaps the most niche collection I've ever seen, and I'm totally here for it. Honestly surprised anybody would ever think to do this.

"Guy at concert taking pictures with a 3DS."

Person taking concert photos with a Nintendo 3DS
reddit | DollarBellunaire

For at least ten years, virtually every handheld electronic device has included a camera. Your smartphone camera might be better, but why not give the 3DS camera a workout from time to time?

"My roommate's remote control. It's a wild adventure, man."

Remote control with no labels on buttons
reddit | malignantpolyp

This remote is definitely operating on hard mode, but so long as you know where the volume and input buttons are, that's all you really need.

"I can grab my left arm with my left hand."

Wrist flexibility enables person to grab left arm with left hand
reddit | CanShredder2000

I thought this was a picture of a horrible injury, but it turns out it's just a picture of a horribly flexible wrist.