20 Wholesome AF Pics People Shared Online This Week

Ashley Hunte
A woman standing in front of an open van trunk that's full of boxes of food and diapers.
reddit | Feylin

While our weeks will bring us a rollercoaster of emotions — laughter, anger, grief, etc. — they'll also bring us moments that do nothing but make us smile. And to be honest, I think those moments are the best.

So this list is kinda like a celebration of the wholesome things people decided to share with the internet. They wanted to make people smile, and they succeeded!

"When grandma said, 'Let's take picture together.'"

Several people siting and posing for a photo. A dog excitedly sits in front of them.
reddit | nancy_dream

Everyone either loves taking family photos, or hates it with a burning passion. It looks like this dog is part of the former, because that little face couldn't look any more excited. So cute!

"Wee little crochet turtle I made to brighten your day."

A small turtle made out of crocheted yarn.
reddit | 4meansduck

I love this because it only exists to be cute. Sometimes, that's literally all you need; a cute little crochet turtle that's cheering you on during a busy week.

"Moo realizing we’re going to the lake."

A small dog that looks visibly excited while wearing a harness and looking out a car window.
reddit | Physical-Midnight997

To be honest, I think my favorite genre of photo has to be "dogs looking excited." There's something so infectious about a dog that's looking forward to something really fun.

Also, the name Moo is just too cute!

"I took a pic on a hike in Golden, Colorado. Say hello to Marles Barkley."

A dog sitting in front of snowy mountains.
reddit | BJ_Blazkowicz-

Because there's no such thing as too many dog photos.

I don't know if it's Marles Barkley or that breathtaking view (or both), but I literally can't stop smiling right now.

"I would definitely go to the party!"

A tweet showing a picture of an invitation for a man's 60th and his dog's 4th birthday party.
reddit | fifth_marauder25

I would absolutely also go to this party. Sixty is a pretty important milestone! And getting to celebrate your dog's birthday at the same time? Sounds like the perfect party.

I can only imagine the looks on their faces.

A story where a person talks about how he gets to address people as "doctor" when calling them back for the end of their PhD defense.
reddit | Planet0259-S

I can imagine that after years of hard work, research, and a lot of stress, that one word would feel life changing. I bet this guy gets to see a lot of smiles and happy tears.

"The moment everyone realized the baby pooped in mom's hand."

Looks of restrained laughter and shock on people's faces as a woman holds a baby in a baptism gown.
reddit | skane110

This picture perfectly encapsulates the idea that nothing ever goes according to plan. And that's perfectly okay! I bet when the baby grows up, this is going to be one hilarious story.

"A good book, after a long day."

A black and white picture of a puppy with glasses on its face, appearing to read an open book.
reddit | magellan1988

Now this is just too cute! If "dogs being excited" is my favorite genre of photo, then my second favorite is probably "dogs doing people things."

"A girl in my son's class wrote this about him today."

A page where a girl talks about her friend who she likes because he makes her laugh and pushes her on the swing.
reddit | ls22087

I think what makes this so adorable is all the misspelled words, like "laugh" (yes, that's supposed to say "laugh") and "swings." There's really nothing more pure than a friendship between kids.

"Our second dog that we officially adopted yesterday. He’s a happy boy."

A smiling dog that's sitting on a carpeted floor.
reddit | EmoDwarfUK

Adopting a dog is probably one of the best things you can ever do for yourself. Adopting a second dog? Just as good.

"I've been playing here a lot recently and a while ago a man with his dog came by watching me."

Lines hastily painted onto the ground at an outdoor basketball court.
reddit | aNdrex1337

"We were taking and I said it's a shame there aren't any markers indicating the free throw line and so on, one week later it's all there. Thank you kind stranger! I hope you come by again."

Oh wow, that was so nice!

"Sat with a cat at the beach."

A cat sitting at an outdoor table while drinking water from an overturned bottlecap.
reddit | flyingpig881

Some people think that cats are mean and standoffish, but that's not the case at all! Cats may like their alone time, but they can be really friendly, even to strangers.

"Taken at my high school: the cricket is supposed to be food, but they became friends."

A lizard in a tank, sitting with a cricket on its head.
reddit | Gentle_Loud

While I'm pretty sure that cricket is going to end up as food eventually, the idea of it becoming friends with the lizard is kinda nice. It also feels like the plot of a Pixar movie.

"You know true love when you find it."

A piece of paper that says "love is... Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles," accompanied by a child's drawing of a turtle with a sword and nun chucks(?).
reddit | crazylegsmcgraw

Sometimes, the thing you love the most in the world doesn't have to have a profound meaning, or be deep and spiritual. Sometimes you just really love the Turtles.

"Our 6yr old Golden with our 6mo old Mini-Bernadoodle."

Two dogs of varying sizes and colours sleeping on the floor in what appears to be an embrace.
reddit | CazCMA

I feel like having multiple pets is a lot like having multiple kids. They're always going to have a buddy they can play with, take naps with, and do everything else under the sun.

"I always wanted my own wood burning stove... Today I got exactly that!"

A man smiling while a wood stove burns behind him.
reddit | muckerz

I love it when we get to see people live out their dreams. Even if that dream is something like getting a wood burning stove. It makes you feel like anything is possible.

"Mother and daughter sunshine snuggles."

Two goats sitting together while having their eyes closed and appearing to smile.
reddit | botwheels1968

I feel like it might actually be impossible to have a bad day after looking at these goats. Like, they look so happy! And so cute! I don't even remember what I was stressing about today.

Always embrace your inner child.

A picture of an elderly man lying on the floor while reading a newspaper.
reddit | colorfulsoul_

I guess there are some things in life you just don't grow out of. And I'm not gonna lie, I love it. Maybe we should all be a little more like this man.

His memory still lives on.

A post explaining how a man had died years prior, but an image of him gardening is still on Google Maps.
reddit | Planet0259-S

This is honestly really touching, and sad! But at least an image of this man doing something he really loved can still exist online.

"We just delivered $9,000 in children's food in Ukraine."

A woman standing in front of an open van trunk containing countless boxes of food and packages of diapers.
reddit | Feylin

With the war that's still going on in Ukraine, it's hard to see a lot of good news coming from the country. But this is something really good! I'm sure it'll make a lot of kids smile.

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