20 Attempts That Went Catastrophically Wrong

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit
A Christmas tree stuck in the top of a larger tree.
reddit | goldquest

When was the last time you tried something new? Or did anything for the first time, even something mundane? First day at a new job maybe, or perhaps just testing out a new recipe? No matter what it is, hopefully you went confidently into it instead of doubting yourself.

As for the people in this list, well, there's no saying what was going through their heads, but no matter what it was, their first-try attempts ended catastrophically.

"Tried cooking a sweet potato in my new air fryer today..."

A yam that's charred and burning on the inside.
reddit | vo_xv

I didn't know that air fryers could even get hot enough to create homemade molten-lava rocks, or mid-burn fire logs, whatever you want to call this disaster of a sweet potato. How it didn't just catch on fire, we'll never know.

"Made pancakes for the first time, finally learnt which pan in my house is a nonstick pan."

A butchered pancake on a pan.
reddit | AstroyashSenpai69

Thankfully the original poster returned to say that they were still delicious, which is good! No pancake went to waste even if it does look a bit of a mess.

But hey, who are we to make pancakes subscribe to beauty standards in order to consider them edible?

"New guy tried to empty the fryer grease into a plastic bucket."

Grease all over a kitchen tile floor.
reddit | walskov

That looks like a decently sized kitchen, did no one see him doing this? Did no one look at a plastic bucket next to a sizzling hot vat of oil and think 'hmm, this might end badly if I don't step in'? Yes, the employee was silly for this, but so was everyone else for just watching!

"My youngest kid tried to clean my tv with the broom."

A TV with a huge crack in it.
reddit | RidinWoody

Does your child think that 'cleaning' things is whacking them with the hard end of a broom? If so, I'd have to question who he's been modeling that behavior after and why.

"The new jar of Nutella my girlfriend tried to heat in the microwave."

A molten, charred jar of Nutella smoking.
reddit | aintx

Forget baking soda and vinegar volcanos, this is the new at-home science project all the kids are raving about. Just stick a jar of Nutella in your microwave and watch it create horrid alien life, all while trying to not burn your kitchen down!

"Got a frisbee stuck in a tree and tried to get it down with a ball, it’s not our house…"

A Frisbee and a ball stuck in a tree.
reddit | Natrxl

Who invented a frisbee with a hole in the middle? That just seems like bad design. Frisbees are to be used outdoors in nature, where plenty of stick-like features could cause it to get stuck like this!


An arrow through the view of a camera.
reddit | mattymight43

"My brother-in-law was bow hunting and using his camera as a spotting scope. It was tight in the blind and instead of moving the camera he tried to shoot around it. RIP Canon."

"Tried to refill my little Tabasco bottle from the gallon jug."

A giant container of tabasco sauce that's shattered everywhere.
reddit | GoneKrogering

Never have I feared someone more than I do thinking of someone who owns a gallon size jar of Tabasco sauce, and I'm not just saying that because it looks like you just got done murdering someone.

Too far gone.

A silicone cotton swab with one of the tips missing.
reddit | Florianopolix

"Tried to save a few trees and bought a silicone 'cotton swab'. Guess who’s in urgent care because the other end is stuck in his ear?"

As someone with a notorious ear-cleaning problem, this has single-handedly convinced me to never try one of these silicone ones.

"Excited to get a gig building a greenhouse near the beach. Find out what sand fleas are."

A man showing off one leg and both arms covered in bug bites.
reddit | abbienormal28

Thanks to this post, I'm also learning what sand fleas are, and now I'm making sure to avoid any areas with sand for the rest of my life. So long, beaches, it was nice while it lasted!

"Literally my first day on the job, and I shattered a customer's window."

A shattered glass back door.
reddit | Zombiehacker595

When someone asked how they did this, OP returned with a fantastic reply, "Using a whipper snipper around the garden and I guess I clipped a small rock or something in the grass and sent it straight through the window. Boss said he hadn't seen that in 9 years and I do it first day. Yay."

"First time ever making waffles for my husband’s birthday breakfast."

reddit | A botched attempt at a waffle iron.

Okay, I have a confession to make. I also tried using a waffle iron once and it wound up just like this one. I've been ashamed ever since, and haven't even touched my waffle iron again. The waffle iron life was just not for me.

"Testing out our new printer. Left the room for 5 minutes and came back to this."

A huge printer with a roll of paper almost completely unrolled onto the floor.
reddit | thenewkelly

Wait, does this mean that it passed the test or no? I don't see any ink anywhere, but maybe it ran out a few miles ago and was working fine before then.

Mug mix-up.

A glittery mug with a photo of two people hugging on it.
reddit | WastingTime1994

"Got my mom a heat changing mug with a photo of us on it. She was so excited to try it out only to find out that the company printed some other person’s picture on the mug."

"Neighbor just tried to throw his Christmas tree from the balcony. Not sure where it should’ve landed ideally."

A Christmas tree stuck in the top of a larger tree.
reddit | goldquest

This is perfect, with time the trees will fuse together and make one hybrid super-tree that will stand strong and tall amidst the residential apartment buildings, providing green shade for all!

"My first ever homemade vanilla ice cream. Unfortunately, the recipe didn't call for 150g salt and a pinch of sugar."

A tub of homemade ice cream.
reddit | Crazy__Donkey

I'd even go as far as to say that no ice cream recipe asks for that type of sugar to salt ratio. I can't imagine what anyone would want with cold, salty vanilla paste, but maybe you can hand out some samples and see if someone knows!

"Try not to sneeze when using an eyelash curler."

An eyelash curler with a chunk of eyelashes in it.
reddit | ydw1988913

Noted. That's a frightening-looking contraption that I don't think I'd want anywhere near my delicate eyelashes in the first place, but if I'm ever subject to such a torture device, I'll be sure to keep in all my sneezes.

"Boyfriend tried to wash a down pillow..."

A washing machine full of down feathers.
reddit | splanderson

What do you even do in the face of this? Buy a whole new washing machine? The thought of cleaning it would stress me out so much that that would feel like the only option.

"Tried making croissants but the filling came out."

A tray of chocolate croissants with the chocolate melted out.
reddit | Arias-P

Collect all that filling, stick it in a bowl, and now you can have a chocolate dip sort of situation. Tear those buttery croissants up and dip away! Only once, though, be it chips or pastries, no one likes a double-dipper.

"I tried to add almond milk to my coffee this morning."

A mug with a carton of beef stock next to it.
reddit | flashmanMRP

The flavor combination this must make feels so inherently revolting that it should be illegal to imagine it. I'm so sorry you lost out on your coffee, OP, may you have gathered the strength to try again and redeem yourself.