20 Times Kids Were Cute, But Also Really, Really Dumb

Ashley Hunte
Several children standing along a muddy path while wearing coats and rain boots.
Unsplash | Ben Wicks

Let's face it, kids are kind of dumb. It's not their fault, of course; it's not like you're born knowing everything you know today. Plus, we were all dumb kids at one point, too.

So whenever we see kids doing things that make no sense whatsoever, it's super entertaining. And don't worry. These kids will grow up one day and think, "yeah, that was pretty dumb."

We all have to start somewhere.

A post explaining that someone's 10 year old cousin drew a side view picture of Timothee Chalamet, and the picture, which is poorly drawn.
reddit | AmateurConcept

You can't be too mad at this because even the best artists around probably drew like this at one point or another. But wow, the audacity of this kid to present it as a gift. How bold.

"My 4 year old was 'practicing juggling' by throwing rocks at the TV."

A television display where much of the bottom of the screen is blurred due to damage.
reddit | StrainAcceptable

Something tells me that this kid's future as a professional juggler isn't looking too bright. They might also be losing screen privileges for a while.

"Luckily, I have a digestive system of a bear."

A story in which a person describes the time when they were around 6 or 7 and they ate sand and seeds in order to try and grow a plant in their stomach.
reddit | anniejd29

The last part is killing me. The fact that they ate sand because they didn't like soil is literally too much.

I also have to applaud OP for actually wanting to grow a plant in their stomach. When I thought that was a thing, I literally avoided any kind of seed like the plague.

The H tree.

A conversation between a parent and their 6 year old daughter, who thinks the word "tree" sounds like the letter H.
reddit | superfleh

I think I might've tried a little too hard to make sense of this. But no, this poor kid is very wrong about the similarities between the word "tree" and the letter H. She'll learn one day, probably.

"My kid's answer on her math test."

A question on a test about fractions that features two images of sandwiches, one big and one small. Despite it being wrong, the answer to the question asking which quarter of a sandwich would be more between the two, a kid writes that they'd like the smaller one because they don't like that kind of sandwich.
reddit | checkyourguns

That answer is so, so wrong. And yet at the same time, so, so right. You've got to applaud her cleverness, even if it might not translate into strong math skills.

"Ah yes, the tuna of the land."

A person describing a scene they saw at the store when a kid was crying because he didn't want fish, meanwhile his mom is putting chicken in the cart.
reddit | TheTeddly

You might laugh, but this is the exact kind of strange, confusing thing I probably would've said at that exact age. Kid logic very rarely makes sense, after all.

What do you mean the movie isn't real!?

A screenshot of a YouTube comment for a scene from The Mask, where a person is talking about how his son drew a mask like it and was sad when nothing happened.
reddit | Pradius_Pie1908

I think the worst thing about growing up is realizing that movies use special effects, and the things that happen in them are very fake. It really takes the magic out of it.

"'Part of the muffin eating experience.'"

A screenshot of a Tweet where a person explains that they thought that muffin cups were part of the muffin eating experience.
reddit | H_G_Bells

I think it's the fact that they thought the wrapper was part of the muffin until they were 17 is what's getting to me here. But hey, you live and you learn.

They'll believe anything you tell them.

A kid who didn't want dinner, but whose mom said she was making a big snack instead.
reddit | Gullible-Following63

It's so funny how, if you reword something slightly, a kid will suddenly believe something they don't like (or think they don't like), is totally different now. It's actually a shame they always get older and wiser.

"Potato rolling through the halls."

A person admitting that when they were a kid, they didn't know what a tornado was and assumed it was a large potato rolling through the halls of their school.
reddit | Word-Competitive

Tornado, potato... tomato? I guess the jump between tornado and potato isn't that much of a stretch, but the mental image of people freaking out because there's a big potato rolling down the hallway is pretty entertaining at least.

"Don't drink water after eating chocolate, kids."

A screenshot of a person who was taught not to drink water after eating chocolate, only to realize years later that it was a joke they took seriously.
reddit | afterglowsky

I feel like we all have that one thing that an adult told us, that we ended up taking way too seriously. I know I believed a good amount of fibs and stories my parents and teachers used to tell me.

Boundaries? What boundaries?

A story a person is telling where his toddler asked people if they were pooping as they were on their way to a restaurant bathroom.
reddit | theguywhosteals

Don't worry, I'm sure that kid will eventually learn that most people don't like it when they get asked about their bathroom habits. Especially at restaurants... Oh man.

"She thinks I can’t see her."

A toddler's legs visible beneath coats that are hanging on a wall.
reddit | Rockk-_-

Man, being a kid really was a simpler time. Thinking you were invisible by hiding, even if your hiding spot isn't very good... if only we could all go back.

Maria and Maria: the Sequel.

A tweet where a person talks about how their kid calls twins Maria and More Maria.
reddit | Mbaalii

I can't tell if the toddler is just having a tough time pronouncing Aurelia, or if they genuinely believe that both kids are named Maria. Either way, this is comedy gold.

"My daughter not exactly inspiring confidence for her future."

A worksheet where a kid wants to be normal when she grows up because she doesn't think she could have a job.

Why does it almost feel like this kid is managing her expectations at an early age? I mean, being normal is a pretty good goal to have, but I'm not sure that's how you'd go about doing it.

Do you think she has a sibling named Wi-Fi?

A Tweet in which a parent talks about how their daughter thought a kid at camp was named Internet, when she's actually named Antoinette.
reddit | AllYouNeedIsATV

See, if the kid was, like, five, then I'd believe she was just having a hard time pronouncing Antoinette. But the fact that she straight up thought the name was Internet is hilarious... and only slightly concerning.

The old liquid diet.

A six year old asking for a corn dog as a drink.
reddit | bbeim

I bet that kid was waiting for the waiter to ask what they wanted to eat, and got really confused. Either that, or they're actually into eating food in liquid form.

"Why does my son eat burgers like he just watched a PETA video on YouTube for the first time?"

A fast food burger where bites have only been taken out of the top of the bun.
reddit | FollowThePeople

I genuinely can't tell if this kid is a super picky eater, or if he doesn't actually know how to eat a burger. Either way, this is a little terrifying.

"My daughter said she was going to hang up her pajamas for pajama day at school. This is how she put the pants on the hanger."

A pair of children's pajamas on a hanger. The pants are hanging with the hanger through the waistband.
reddit | enzo_baglioni

I need to know if this is truly how this kid thinks people hang pants on hangers. Kids are honestly so strange.

"Caring for Grandma!"

A story about a kid who dropped a phone while FaceTiming her grandma, and then asking if the grandma was okay.
reddit | Mephisto

Don't worry! I'm sure that one day, that toddler will learn that people don't live inside phones. At least you know she cares about her grandma.