20 Pics Where The Backstory Gives Us Hope

Father and son look at a mural depicting them
reddit | tomtom303

There's a lot of doom and gloom and general negativity online. After all, it's often easier to find images of someone failing than someone succeeding.

But sometimes, you just need a little bit of positivity from the online world. If that sounds like you, you definitely came to the right place.

"I have wanted to be a dad for years. Can’t tell anyone yet and I feel like I might explode."

Positive pregnancy test
reddit | fairteezy

It isn't always easy for a couple to get pregnant, and the joy at finally seeing that positive result on a pregnancy test cannot be overstated.

"Dad is 91 today. In case any fans of his are wondering...yes, he still reads his newspaper lying on the floor like a kid reading a comic."

Old man lying on the floor reading a newspaper.
reddit | colorfulsoul_

Aging can be brutal, but seeing a 91 (!) year-old man continuing to do what he's always done gives me some kind of hope.

"Man's best friend."

Photos of a man with his dog, from puppy to adult
reddit | Hf8uz

Even though we might not change a lot from year to year, our pets certainly do. It's touching to see them grow up — but also kind of not grow up, you know?

"Young Ukrainian refugee boy reunited with his kitty that he had lost while waiting to cross the Polish-Ukrainian border."

A boy hugging his cat
reddit | QuirkyQuarQ

There's something about this photo, whether it's the boy trying to hold back tears or the tight grip he has on his kitty, that's really moving.

"I'm so happy to be on the upper end of my battle with addiction with more wisdom and self-love than ever."

Progress photos showing recovery from addiction
reddit | amethyst_dep

The path to recovery isn't always a linear path, but it's good to know that she's trending in the right direction, even after a setback.

"I can't wait to meet my new extended family from Ukraine."

Beds made in preparation for Ukrainian refugees
reddit | titatyy

Ukrainians need a lot of help these days, and judging from photos like these, the international community is more than willing to step up

"5 months ago I posted that I got my teeth pulled and got dentures. Today, I have my real dentures and I feel amazing!"

A man wearing new dentures
reddit | VernalPathOG

It's hard to imagine what it must feel like to go from a mouth full of broken teeth to a pristine set of dentures.

"I had an absolutely horrible year. Today I got a brand new microwave. It's probably a bit sad that this is the highlight of my year but getting up set up and using it for the first time made me really happy."

A new microwave
reddit | AnimeDreama

Some of us might buy a new microwave and not think much of it, but to others, it could be everything. Sometimes, it's all about the small things.

"I don’t have much but today I made enough to buy my girlfriend some of her favorites for her birthday, I’m so excited."

An array of junk food as a birthday present
reddit | BigBraveApe

Seeing this array of amazing food, I kind of wish it was my birthday and I was the girlfriend.

"Lost 150lbs, got a new pup, got married and hiked in the mountains for the first time. Yeah, things are going well right now."

Before and after photos showing man's weight loss
reddit | Specific_Bass_9277

Weight loss is a hard journey to get started on, but once you get going, the progress can come fast. Props to this guy for living his best life.

"First person in my family to buy a house. First time not living in an apartment after 37 years. So, so happy."

Man in front of his first house
reddit | Ragiv13

Anyone who's ever scrimped and saved to buy a house after spending years in the rental market know what a massive change it is.

"Just got my first job as a teacher at my son’s middle school. Our first day!"

A mother and her son
reddit | Laura7777

It's lovely that they'll be at the same school. It looks like there will be some nerves on both sides, but at least they have each other.

"Got paid for the first time ever tonight to do the one thing I truly love; stand up comedy. This is the happiest day of my life!!!"

Man doing standup comedy
reddit | UCDLaCrosse

This guy is making money doing what he loves, which is kind of the key to happiness according to my high school guidance counsellor.

"I've been hating myself for my whole life. I was obsessed with Asian beauty standards that I can never reach. And today, I stopped all the stupid diet in which I starved myself and I stopped hating myself. Today I wore my first croptop ever and feel like I'm the prettiest girl in this world."

Woman wearing a crop top
reddit | potatolovesfoxes

Sometimes you just need to drown out the background static, step out of the shadows and be yourself.

"I got full custody of my son seven years ago and this week we finally got our own place together!"

Father and son
reddit | mrcoldpiece

From the sounds of it, this father and son have been traveling along a rocky path, but things are getting better.

"Someone voluntarily restored Buster Keaton's headstone. I have something in my eye."

Before and after images showing restoration of Buster Keaton's tombstone
twitter | @JimLNeibaur

Cleaning up tombstones in a cemetery somehow seems like one of the most selfless things a person could do.

"The moment I saw my beautiful wife in her wedding dress. She took my breath away."

Man seeing his wife in wedding dress for the first time
reddit | merlinmaniac

Beautiful reaction photos like this are exactly why you don't want to cheap out on the photographer for your wedding.

"After months out of work I got a job. Two jobs. Worked 42-43 hours in three days. It's not a lot but it's honest work. Mental health is getting a lot better."

A Subway employee
reddit | InvertedReflexes

When you're in a rough place, desperately seeking a job, it's so gratifying to finally be hired and have a sense of routine (and a regular paycheck) once again.

"The end of my journey - me and my sister reunited with our father."

Ukrainian family reunited after fleeing the country
reddit | Olya_roo

We're going to see lots of photos like this, showing Ukrainians as they flee the conflict in their home country. Somehow, some way, this family found each other again.

"Father and son looking at 'Father and Son' mural I painted of them."

Father and son look at a mural depicting them
reddit | tomtom303

If I saw a giant mural featuring me and my son on the side of a building, I'd probably stop and take it all in just like they're doing.

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