Just 20 Silly Animals Who Are Making Us Smile Today

Ashley Hunte
One dog jumping to reach a stream of water from a backyard hose, while a second dog stands in a wading pool in the background.
reddit | Clean-Laugh4131

Am I the only one out here who's kind of sick of how long the work week is? No? Good. I mean, there's nothing we can do about it, but I'm glad to know I'm not alone.

Sure, our weeks may still be long, but at least we have ways to distract ourselves and have a few chuckles before that morning meeting. Like looking at cute, silly animals!

The duality of cat.

One kitten sitting majestically on a lap, while a second kitty sits behind the first with its tongue out.
reddit | getitoffmychestpleas

I think this perfectly captures what every pet owner sees on a given day. One second, your pet's looking all cute and majestic, and the next second, your pet's looking all cute and... well, way less majestic.

"Things that nobody tells you when you adopt a cat: take a good look before you sit on your couch. Even if you can't find it, look for it among the cushions."

A small, grey kitten sleeping in between two couch cushions.
reddit | psyrenx

This cat really said, "gravity? I don't know her!" And to be honest, I'm a little impressed.

"The purr machine."

A cat staring directly at the camera with its tongue sticking out.
reddit | lizzah2211

Would it be wrong if I said this cat looks like any teenage girl taking a selfie in, like, 2010? (Don't worry, I was that teenage girl, too).


A goldfish with its mouth open in an O shape. A second fish is swimming next to it.
reddit | graydog75

It looks like the spotted fish just told the goldfish something really scandalous, and now the goldfish is in a state of utter shock. I wish I knew what they were talking about!

"Ferris Mueller was sent to distract me from asking too many questions about whatever they are summoning."

Four horses sitting in a circle-like formation. In the foreground, a fifth horse is standing by the camera, staring at it.
reddit | Temporary-Tie-233

It feels like we've stumbled upon something we aren't supposed to see. Let's all collectively pretend we don't know about this horse cult.

"Mia the FrogDog birdwatching in the backyard."

A small dog sitting with its back legs flat on turf, while its front paws are up normally.
reddit | roboticArrow

According to OP, this dog just... likes to sit like that. And to be honest, who are we to judge? Follow your bliss, little Mia!

"My wife caught our cat, Gidget, mid-yawn while snapping a pic and now she looks cartoonishly overjoyed!"

A cat mid-yawn, looking like it's smiling.
reddit | dcbluestar

I wonder if our pets know how funny they look when they yawn. Then again, they probably look at us yawning and think, "what the heck is the human doing right now?"

"Caught my dog mid sneeze."

A dog sitting on a rug, in the middle of sneezing. One eye is closed, and its mouth appears to be grimacing.
reddit | cayce_leighann

Mid-sneeze is definitely less dignified than mid-yawn. I think the same can be said for humans, too. Like, have you ever seen a picture of a person mid-sneeze that didn't look ridiculous?

"If it fits, I sits."

A cat attempting to sit in a stoneware bowl that is much too small for it.
reddit | jix333

"If I fits, I sits" may ring true in most cases, but this cat clearly doesn't fit in that bowl. You know what, though? I'm not even mad. This is hilarious, after all.

This cat knows where all the food is.

A cat standing on a kitchen counter with its tongue touching its nose.
reddit | sLXonix

Here's hoping this cat doesn't magically gain the ability to open cupboard doors, or else it's game over for the owners.

Oh well, nothing a padlock or two can't fix.

"Ever feel like you’re being watched?"

A window with blinds that are open. Through the slats in one part, a cat's eyes can be seen looking through the window.
reddit | TwiddleButton

Is it just me, or is that cat giving off some weird vibes? Like, I almost feel like it's trying to recruit OP to some weird cat cult or something.

"He wouldn’t leave me alone until I zipped him into my jacket."

A dog's head seen from the inside of a jacket that a person is wearing.
reddit | DancingPear

You may laugh, but think about it. That dog gets to be all warm and cozy, while we have to do work all day. So, who's the silly one, really?

A horse just hanging out.

Two horses with their heads sticking out of their stables. One horse's head is tilted sideways.
reddit | terryslaughter45

On the plus side, this horse looks super friendly. But I'm also getting some serious "hey MTV, welcome to my crib" vibes right now.

"He’s really cute most of the time."

A dog with its eyes half closed and its mouth wide open.
reddit | Patricio_Guapo

This dog is apparently cute most of the time, which I'm guessing includes right now, because this picture is adorable! It really makes you want to reach through your screen and pet this good boi.

"Majestic beach dogs."

Two wet dogs running along a beach shore.
reddit | thatsonecookedgoose

All I can think about right now is how both of those dogs are going to stand directly next to their human and shake all that water off. And it makes me very glad that they're nowhere near me.

"She knows she’s not suppose to ruin the plants…"

A cat sitting in a plant pot while yawning.
reddit | wolrahxxx

This cat may know she's not supposed to mess with the plants, but she clearly also doesn't care. Which, to be honest, sounds about right.

This dog has mastered the art of playing dead.

A dog sleeping on its back with its front paws crossed.
reddit | Astarkraven

So good at it, in fact, that he seems to do it while sleeping, too!

For real, though, there's nothing funnier than when dogs sleep on their back like this.

"Trying to take a serious photo with my dog like…"

A dog sitting on snow in front of trees. Its eyes are closed and its tongue is sticking out.
reddit | Ridingthewave89

Sometimes, you want a nice picture of your dog to show off to people. Sometimes, your dog just wants to mlem in peace. Next thing you know, you end up with, well, this.

"Sometimes my lips get stuck on my teefs."

A dog whose top lip is stuck above its teeth, exposing them.
reddit | ikeosaurus

I think what makes this picture so much funnier is the shocked look on this doggo's face. Don't worry, though, it'll all be fine. Mostly.

"Couple of Circus Seals."

A dog jumping to reach a stream of water from a backyard hose, while a second dog in the background stands in a small wading pool.
reddit | Clean-Laugh4131

One dog is showing off its awesome tricks, while the other one seems to be on standby. I bet they could create their own strange yet hilariously adorable circus routine if they wanted to.

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