30 Confusing Pics We're Struggling Not To Believe Our Eyes About

Ashley Hunte
A pole with multiple lights pointed downward and away from the camera. From this angle, they resemble pigeons.
reddit | NOCHNOY_

Do you ever look at something, get really confused, maybe rub your eyes a bit, look again, and realize that it's actually a pretty normal thing, and you were just looking at it all wrong?

Well, that's kind of what's going on with this list. It took me a good few minutes to realize what I was looking at here.

"Some say he’s still holding on to this day..."

A man lying on the floor in a tunnel, pretending to be hanging from a wall while holding onto a bike.
reddit | granular-vernacular

I'm kind of ashamed by how long it took me to realize that this guy's on the ground, and the picture was just taken at an angle. I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you already knew that, though.

"This Bodiless Budgie."

A small bird turning to eat food out of a person's fingers. The way it's standing makes it look like it has no body.
reddit | JakkuLaffet

The more you look, the more you can see the bird's body (or at least the little feet). But yeah, this one gave me a bit of a shock for just a second.

"Transparent building."

A highly reflective building that appears to be continuing the traffic from the street below and beside it.
reddit | valeranevermind

This is kind of trippy to look at. Like, I never would've thought a building could be so reflective, it looks see-through! That feels like it shouldn't be allowed to happen.

"The reflection looks like he has a full set of human teeth."

A dog inside a car. Reflections on the glass around the dog's face warps its appearance.
reddit | Squid_Contestant_69

To be honest, this whole picture is confusing me big time. Like, I know that it's just a dog, but why does that dog look so much like some kind of weird, magical deer thing?

Look! Tiny horses!

Two horses in a snowy field. From the angle the picture is taken at, the horses look tiny, like they're standing on the fence in front of them.
reddit | B-L-O-C-K-S

I'm sure if you saw those horses in real life, they'd just look like regular horses. But talk about a once in a lifetime picture! They lined up perfectly with the fence.

"My dog laying down with his head on the curb…"

A dog laying down on concrete. The angle obscures his body, making him look like just a head.
reddit | nathanddfd1234

Don't worry! That dog is perfectly fine. Even if this picture is so convincing, it looks like this dog really has no body... he does. It's fine.

"Someone forgot to render the rest of this 2D building."

A tall building in a city that looks 2D.
reddit | Clearcore

I honestly love it when buildings look flat. I don't know why. I guess because it's kind of funny when you really think about it. Like, how would that even make sense if it was real?

"The rusty rainbow."

A picture of a pipe at a confusing angle that makes it look bigger than it is.
reddit | N-Do

This one really tripped me up at first. I straight up thought this was a picture of some kind of giant pipe arch or something. Perspective can really mess you up.

One long, continuous rooftop.

Two houses with similar styled roofs. From the angle of the picture, their roofs look conjoined.
reddit | Yeouz

I think the funny thing about this is that, if the rooftops actually were attached, it wouldn't seem that abnormal. Like, it would literally just go from two buildings, to being one building.

Small arms, or regular-sized legs?

A cat sitting in an odd position that makes its hind legs look like tiny arms.
reddit | B-L-O-C-K-S

This is another one of those pictures that makes you sit and scratch your head for a split second. Like, obviously I know cats don't have arms, but those also don't look like hind legs, either.

"Being surrounded by windows means I get two more moons than you."

A window overlooking a city at night. Reflections from the windows makes it look like there are three moons.
reddit | inflation_noob

I love this because the view looks like any old city, but the sky looks like something out of a fantasy novel. I guess this is what life would be like if we had three moons.

"Floating pizza."

A pizza on a clear shelf that makes it look like it's floating.
reddit | ultraviolencebeam

As much as it actually looks like this pizza box has figured out how to levitate, it's actually just on a piece of clear plastic. I feel like I just learned a stage magician's secret...

"Cat Impaled by Fence Posts."

A cat laying beneath dowels for a fence that don't completely reach the ground.
reddit | mountain03

Even though that kitty is doing a great job at impersonating a dead body, it's perfectly fine. It's hard to see, but those posts aren't actually against the concrete.

"I sewed my cat's head on another cat's body."

The head of a grey cat whose body is obscured, as well as the body of a black and white cat whose head is obscured thanks to a blanket.
reddit | AppleNatives

I'm not even going to think about the ethics behind making cat chimeras. All I know is that I'm looking at (at least) two cute kitties who probably still have their whole bodies intact.

These chili peppers that look a little slug-like.

A semi-opaque plastic container filled with chili peppers that still have their stems.
reddit | Mother_Daikon4852

I can definitely see how someone looking into that fridge would get freaked out. I know there's no snail or slug to be found, but I'm still a little creeped out by those stems.

"Splash!! Water reflection is cool."

A picture of a person roller skating, as seen through a reflection on the ground.
reddit | monumentalterror

I know that this is a picture in a reflection, but it's still really tripping me up. It looks more like a dream sequence than anything else.

"Comfy on the couch."

Two dogs lying in a leopard print blanket on a couch. Only one dog's head is visible.
reddit | princesstrunks___

Are there two dogs in that blanket? Is it just one dog with an extra pair of legs? At this point, I wouldn't be surprised with either one of those options.

"The quayside keeps fooling my eyes into seeing a pit."

A dock at a harbour that looks like a hole, rather than being raised.
reddit | Crhallan

This kind of reminds me of that spinning ballerina thing where some people might see her spinning one way and other people might see her spinning the other way. Sometimes, the dock looks raised, and other times it looks like a hole.

"A giant man."

A man standing on the prongs of a forklift that's partially raised, making him look like a giant.
reddit | Chimp711

I thought I'd have to admit to you all that I couldn't understand what's happening in this picture, but I figured it out! He's standing on the forklift prong thingies. As dangerous as that is... at least I can make sense of this picture now.

"Stunning photo of an exoplanet gas giant? No, it's a crappy picture of three wolves in Yellowstone taken through camera scope."

An image of wolves running along snow as taken through a circular lens. The shape of the lens and the distance of the photo makes it look like a planet.
reddit | genius23sarcasm

You know, if OP didn't come right out and say that was a picture of wolves in Yellowstone (which took me way too long to even find), I'd probably still be assuming it's some kind of distant planet.

"Looks like a fantasy map. Also looks like it’s lumpy or has elevation but it’s completely flat and smooth."

A dried coffee stain on a floor. The varying levels of concentration in each spot in the puddle give it the appearance of a mountainous country on a map.
reddit | omero3500

This looks like the map you'd find on the first page of any fantasy novel. The kind that you open up and just know you're in for a wild ride. I'd read that book.

"Above the clouds."

A person in full mountain climbing gear standing on a patch of snow that looks like a cloud formation, which happens to be at a high enough altitude that it lines up with actual clouds in the sky.
reddit | Throwaway86747291

Okay, I'm actually genuinely confused with this one. It's had to tell where the snow stops and the clouds begin. Maybe there are no clouds. Or, maybe there's no snow...

"Glass truck."

The back of a highly reflective cargo truck that's reflecting the grassy hill next to the road.
reddit | Teillu

Is it wrong that, instead of being mind blown about the way this truck is reflecting that grassy hill, I'm just sitting here feeling sorry for whoever has to drive behind while the sun is behind them?

"Doggie and sloth feet."

A dog sitting with a toy sloth. The hand of the sloth lines up with the dog's paw, making it look like the plush hand belongs to the dog.
reddit | Vezra-Plank

To be honest, I bet there's a dog out there with that exact coloration (except it has proper dog paws and not a plushie sloth claw on one side).

"This crab I caught has barnacles on his back that looks like eyes."

A crab with barnacles on its back that look like eyes.
reddit | okthanks1726

Is this crab a strict parent? Because it has eyes on the back of its head.

I may be an adult, but I feel like I'm about to get grounded for that joke.

What kind of centaur is this!?

A girl hugging a horse at an angle that makes it look like her legs are the horse's.
reddit | aDp20

It's not so much the fact that this person's legs almost look like they belong on the horse. It's the fact that the rest of their body is missing. I'm sure if this picture was taken at a different angle, it wouldn't look nearly as strange.

"Overreaching friend."

Profile pictures in the Facebook "people you may know" section. The arm in one person's profile matches up with the hand in the one next to it.
reddit | ercicaceres

This seems like the kind of thing a bad horror movie would try to do to make it look like the ghost is coming out of your computer. Still cool, though.

"We dare not wake the sleeping giant."

A cat sleeping on a table.
reddit | the_trev

All I can think about now is how we're lucky cats aren't actually as big as this one looks, or else we'd be in for a world of hurt. And yet, people would still try to keep them as pets...

"I thought 8 pigeons were staring at me menacingly."

Two rows of spotlights on a post.
reddit | NOCHNOY_

I knew those things weren't pigeons, but I honestly couldn't tell what they were supposed to be for the longest time. They're the backs of lights. Makes sense.

"I don't care. It's a Chihuahua shirt."

Multiple pictures of a news reporter in a white blouse, pink blazer, and necklace with three black stones. The combination of attire resembles a white Chihuahua on a pink background.
reddit | hansolo625

I'm sure when this reporter got dressed that day, she didn't set out to look like she was wearing a Chihuahua. But I'm kind of glad she did, because this is pretty funny, at least.