20 Times Mother Nature Still Had Some Surprises In Store

Sahara dust over Swiss ski resort
reddit | footlettucenr15

Nature holds infinite possibilities: extreme conditions, jaw-dropping sights, and surprising combinations.

Humanity can try to tame nature all it wants, but at the end of the day, there's no force on Earth more powerful than Mother Nature. And nature will absolutely remind us of that in ways that, despite living through it every day, can still be genuinely surprising.

"Came home today and found this bird on my balcony chair fully equipped with nest and egg."

A bird making a nest in patio furniture
reddit | eoc1994

Sometimes, nature decides it's going to use your stuff for awhile, whether you like it or not. It looks like this patio furniture is for the birds for the next little while.

"Found this flower growing out of the floor crack in my flat."

Flower growing out of a crack in stone floor
reddit | jelleque

It's incredible how such a beautiful, vibrant flower managed to thrive in such a seemingly inhospitable area. As the saying goes, life, uh, finds a way. And there it is.

"My egg had triplets."

An egg with three yolks
reddit | presidentkangaroo

Eggs are a staple, and it's easy to forget that permutations like this are possible. If you get a triple-yolk egg, you really ought to make a wish or something.

"Giant strawberry I found."

A massive strawberry
reddit | LuigiIsYourMainBoi

I'm guessing the middle of this strawberry is white and tasteless, but size-wise, it's still a pretty impressive thing to see. You'd almost want a knife and fork to eat it.

"This lump of mud and grass that looks like an elder god porcupine."

Mud and grass that looks like a porcupine
reddit | lucky--angel

Nature is so wild that sometimes it one aspect of nature will conspire to look like another. This isn't a porcupine, but you could have fooled me.

"I found this tiny feather from my bird."

A tiny feather
reddit | aka_quinn

Small birds exist, so it stands to reason that small feathers also exist. Still, I didn't know that feathers got quite this small.

"This little bat I found."

A small bat
reddit | lucky-ugly-boy

A bat is something you don't want flying around in your house. But when you get a good look at one of the little critters, it's hard not to find them adorable.

"A few years ago I caught the fog blending almost seamlessly with the water."

Fog blending into water at the horizon line
reddit | Kubikake

The horizon line isn't always definite. Sometimes it's obscured, sometimes it's clearly defined, and then sometimes it's impossible to ascertain.

"Northern Lights in Helsinki, Finland."

The Northern Lights
reddit | Savings_Bus_4112

If you've never seen the Northern Lights, put it on your bucket list. I don't think a more jaw-dropping natural sight exists.

"A maple leaf punctured by a metal grate."

A maple leaf punctured by a metal grate
reddit | dendy_d

I love seeing what happens when nature combines with manmade objects. This leaf's decay is being helped along by the metal grate it's fallen on.

"A deer in the Bluebell Forest in Belgium."

A deer in the forest
reddit | Aliaume

If you've ever played Red Dead Redemption II, this will probably remind you of a recurring cutscene. And if you haven't played it, this is still a pretty sight that most city dwellers might think couldn't exist anymore.

"Summers in England."

A very overcast sky
reddit | Naggers123

There's overcast, then there's whatever this is. It's made even more surreal by the fact that there is still natural light coming from somewhere.

"A car with cherry blossoms."

A car covered in cherry blossoms
reddit | redmoskeeto

Cherry blossoms are incredible. They announce the arrival of spring with their delicate scent and pink hues, then they cover everything for awhile.

"The sun is making my door feel exclamatory today."

Sunlight looking like an exclamation mark
reddit | SamtheMan898

I think the sun is trying to tell this person something. There's clearly something of importance just behind this door.

"My mailbox was blown up by lightning last night."

A mailbox blown up by lightning
reddit | bytorthesnowdog

It's kind of terrifying to think that sometimes the sky just decides to send a bolt of electricity hotter than the surface of the sun in our general direction.

"When you live in Svalbard, Norway and forgot to close the window to the home office."

An interior room covered with snow
reddit | Kjakan

When you live in the Arctic Circle and forget to close your window, I think whatever happens is firmly your fault.

"A huge swarm of ground wasps moved in overnight."

Ground wasp mounds
reddit | catfun4ever

Ground wasps, true to their name, live in the ground. Here's what it looks like when things get out of hand.

"My customer’s new RAV4 that she waited 3 months for…"

Car crushed by a tree
reddit | HunterI64

Many of us have cars. Many of us live near at least one big tree. This is always a possibility, unfortunately.

"A 'perfect' snowflake fell on my jacket today."

A perfect snowflake
reddit | Rydar87

I love seeing sights like these, because they only really exist for a few seconds until the snowflake melts away. So fleeting, so beautiful.

"Sahara dust over Switzerland's ski regions."

Sahara dust over Swiss ski resort
reddit | footlettucenr15

Switzerland isn't particularly close to the Sahara, but nature has still conspired to bring the desert to the Swiss alpine region in a terribly surreal way.