20 Funny People Who Were Pitched The Joke And Hit A Home Run

Ashley Hunte
Black man laughing.
Unsplash | Brian Lundquist

There are some times when you're presented with an opportunity to make a funny joke. And sure, we may not all have what it takes to tell that joke with finesse, but that doesn't mean you should let the opportunity pass you by.

The people who made these jokes saw their chance and took it. And it totally worked out for them.

"My dad got an email from Amazon…"

A screenshot showing an Amazon delivery photo, which has a dog aggressively looking through a glass door at the photographer.
reddit | PunkinMan

A part of me feels like the Amazon delivery guy decided that this was the best picture they could take. And you know what? It was a pretty good call.

"A load of bricks."

A checklist on the side of a Lowe's moving box, which includes "A load of bricks."
reddit | trustjosephs

Reddit user SnowballinHell247 took the joke even further in their comment:

"I moved so many boxes of bricks the last time I moved. If only I’d had this checklist!

I kept opening box after box, looking for kitchen stuff. Only bricks!"

"This is one of the reasons I worry less about my manual vehicle being stolen these days."

A valet sign with a smaller sign on top of it saying they don't accept stick shift vehicles.
reddit | lovingtate

Plot twist: the valet can drive stick, but doesn't like doing it because they'd have to interact with people who drive stick.

"What my MIL put up after an accident happened."

A wall with a small hole broken into it. Next to the hole, a laminated picture of the Kool-Aid Man
reddit | ninaunst

This is honestly the funniest thing I've seen all day. This is how you take a situation that's less than ideal, and turn it into something a lot less serious.

A high-end car in an average car's body.

A Toyota Camry with metal letters over the logo that spell out Tesla.
reddit | ImBrandy

To be honest, this would be so much funnier if the car happened to be a Prius. But as it is, this is still a pretty hilarious car.

How to get people into your bar:

A chalk sign for a bar that reads, "The liver is evil & must be punished."
reddit | Doc-in-a-box

Now that's what I'd call truth in advertising. Sure, drinking too much alcohol is bad for the liver. But do our livers deserve it? No, but at least you know what you're getting into.

"This is pinned above my dad’s computer to remind him not to call coworkers stupid."

A sign posted on a wall above a laptop that reads, "Do not talk during meetings! Do not share your opinion! Agreement statements are acceptable!"
reddit | CallMeMoronic

I can't tell if the dad is joking about this or not. Either way, I think we can all relate to having to deal with frustrating coworkers in our jobs.

"A fork in the road."

A large fork at the side of a street.
reddit | Thethiccboi722

According to the comment section for this post, this large, literal fork in the road, is in Oregon. I have to say, I'm incredibly impressed right now.

You've heard of the lighter, now get ready for...

A lighter top stuck in a concrete block approximately 4 inches by 4 inches in size.
reddit | MarijuanaBagels

"The heavier."

This honestly caused me physical pain. Not because it's a bad pun. It's the exact opposite, actually. Like, the pun is so good, it hurts.

"Businesses need our help."

A comic showing a store called Half Foods next to a Whole Foods that's about to open. Text on the bottom reads, "well, we had a good run."
reddit | elvishpresley

As much as it sucks to see small stores go out of business once bigger companies open their doors, I have to admit that this gave me a chuckle.

"Her *Exact Words* were: 'put the coffee in the airtight container.'"

A clear, airtight container with a bag of coffee beans inside of it.
reddit | Savethecat1

I mean, this technically isn't wrong. The coffee is in the container. Though, I'd hate to be this person when their partner goes to get coffee, only to discover the grounds are still in the bag.

"Well duh, I am standing right next to it."

A restaurant booth with a sign on it that reads "this table is close!!!" The word close is a typo for closed.
reddit | bennetthaselton

Yeah, this is why spellcheck is important. The table may be closed, but it's also close, apparently.

What would happen if you saw that sign when you were on the other side of the room, though?

"Having fun with my little guy's hairline."

The back of a baby's head. Googly eyes, a drawn nose and mouth, and a wig made of strings, have been placed on the head to make it look like a face.
reddit | NICUnurseinCO

It's all fun and games now, but there's a good chance this poor baby's gonna grow hair, just to get older and lose it all again.

"Shipping pies."

A Q&A for a pie company where someone asks if they ship pies, and the response is that they ship pecan with pumpkin.
reddit | duhbuhyou

I think we've uncovered a new internet fandom. The pie fandom. I'm not really sure if I'd want to know more about that, though. No lemon merengue or key lime for me, please and thank you.

"I think Jollibee knew someone from reddit would post this."

A sign next to a Wendy's for a fictional lawyer named Chris P. Poultry who asks if you've been emotionally harmed by a joyless chicken sandwich.
reddit | Webborwebbor

Wow, Jollibee is straight up legendary for this! Coming after Wendy's like that. This is exactly what it means to see an opportunity and take it.

Finally, someone who gets it.

A decal on a living room wall above a TV. It reads "Family. Friends. Farts."
reddit | ThisMeansWarm

In this life, there are two kinds of people: the ones who put those "live, laugh, love" stickers on their walls, and the people who make fun of them. The person who put this on their wall is both, somehow.

"Just got out of the shower... looked over & my door was disgusted."

A clothes hanger on a towel rack on a door.
reddit | aliens_300c

I'm sure the door isn't that shocked... maybe a little...

Still, I like the fact that the person who posted this could poke a little fun at themself.

"I'm beggin' of you please don't take my man..."

Four images of a bottle of Brolene eyedrops.
reddit | IagoESL

I love the dedication to the joke here. I wonder if the people who named Brolene thought of the song when they came up with that name.

I see what you did there...

A meme image of Harry Potter waving his wand. Text on the bottom reads, "Expensive Petroleum!"
reddit | Oztravels

Get it? Because gas prices are so high right now? Sigh...

I guess if you're going to have to recite a Harry Potter spell, this one is... actually, this one is the last one you'd want.

"Know your audience."

A Black man with a bald head who happens to be walking by a sign for a store called "Black Baldi."
reddit | Irfantastic

Is it intentional? Really impeccable timing? We may never know. But what we do know is, this is a pretty dang hilarious pic.