20 People Who Had Something Pretty Cool To Share With The World

A man posing in front of his new tools
reddit | EveryXtakeYouCanMake

Do you ever feel the need to share something with the world? It could be a physical object, a memory, a story, or something else. But in any event, some things just need to be shared.

Thanks to the magic of the internet, we can share some of these special things with the wider world.

"My father and I carrying the 1984 Olympic torch."

A father and son carrying the 1984 Olympic torch
reddit | Ectobatic

It was before my time, but it seems like American patriotism reached an all-time zenith with the 1984 Olympics. This pic is a perfect encapsulation of the moment.

"My prescription glasses lenses are so thick when fitted to these vintage aviator frames."

Glasses with very thick lenses
reddit | p1ng74

You hear about Coke bottle lenses sometimes, but rarely do you ever see lenses this thick in the wild. The frames almost seem too small.

"2 years ago I posted a photo here that my grandfather had taken of The Three Stooges in Yellowstone. Yesterday a Yellowstone librarian messaged me on Reddit with more photos of my grandfather with The Three Stooges that we had never seen before. He’s the park ranger in the middle. 1969."

The Three Stooges at Yellowstone in 1969
reddit | CaptainOutstanding

The Three Stooges underwent some personnel changes over the years, but it's incredible how many decades they managed to stick around in mainstream pop culture.

"Tofu looks so happy."

A recently adopted shelter dog
reddit | colorfulsoul_

Everyone wants to adopt an adorable puppy or kitten, but it's the older shelter pets who really need a home. Good on this person for adopting little Tofu!

"I buy honey from backroad beekeeper stands. This one was on a Georgia dirt road."

A beekeeper's box with different types of honey
reddit | ratadeacero

Amazon has basically killed all small businesses, so seeing stuff like this warms your heart. I wish we could buy everything from rustic roadside boxes.

"High-rise installer on one of the largest bridges in the world, the Harbour Bridge, Sydney, 1971. The installer's name is Paul Hogan, in 15 years he will be known as 'Crocodile' Dundee."

Paul Hogan, better known as Crocodile Dundee, installing a bridge
reddit | MinerHills

It's wild to think that this bridge builder would be one of the most recognizable stars in the world in a little over a decade.

"This amazing photo was from a 16 y/o girl who snuck her camera into a Queen concert in 1978."

Freddie Mercury at a Queen concert in 1978
reddit | eZiioFTW

You'd think a photo taken with a smuggled camera in 1978 would look awful, but this is perfect. It could almost be a movie poster.

"With my son's autism, there is a lot of repetition. He has snuggled the same way for 19 years."

A man snuggling with his autistic son as a baby and as a 19-year-old
reddit | Timfrostyo

Parents will tell you that some things never change, and these touching photos are just proof of that.

"Me and my sister after 3 days' ride, hoping to cross to Poland tomorrow."

Ukrainian refugees hoping to cross into Poland
reddit | Olya_roo

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has led to a massive humanitarian crisis as refugees seek safety in neighboring countries.

"My dad and his beloved pet duck that he raised from an egg. 1994."

A 1994 photo of a man and his pet duck
reddit | mentholnasalspray

I want more backstory on this guy and his bowtie-wearing duck companion, but perhaps some things are better off if they're mysterious.

"Seeing my husband the day after donating 68% of my liver to him."

Husband and wife reunited after a liver transplant
reddit | anxietygirl13

It's hard to even imagine going through a procedure like this, but seeing your loving partner once it's all done would certainly help.

"Just retired after 42 years as an obstetrical nurse, at the same hospital. Here I am at the start (1979) and end of my career!"

Comparison shot showing nurse at the beginning and end of her career
reddit | nankie

It's been a long journey for this nurse, but she's finally ready for retirement. Happy trails! I hope she enjoys her well-deserved break.

"Rainy day in Ireland."

Sheep crowding inside a bus shelter on a rainy day
reddit | PreliminaryThoughts

I guess sheep and humans aren't all that different. We're all just looking for a dry place to wait out the rain.

"Making door trim and found a hunter's long lost bullet."

Wood with a bullet lodged in it
reddit | Dovetrail

This must happen somewhat regularly. After all, trees are constantly being cut down, and there's no telling what's lodged inside them.

"After beating cancer, a ten-year old boy had only one wish. He wanted to meet President Jimmy Carter. The President gladly agreed. This is what happened."

A 10-year-old who's beaten cancer hugging Jimmy Carter
reddit | Beautiful_Facade

Jimmy Carter has lived an incredible life, and judging from this photo, he's inspiring young people to this day.

"My 82 year old grandad sends me a valentines card every year. His writing is getting worse because of his tremor, but he always insists on writing it himself."

A Valentine's card written by someone with hand tremors
reddit | lucwhy

As someone who spends his days on the internet looking for engaging content, I'm not easily moved. But right now, I think I have something in my eye.

"Wholesome date."

A dog being served a fancy dinner
reddit | roCky3131

This is why pets are so important. They're constant companions, loyal friends who always think you're the best, no matter what else might be happening in your life.

"My wife’s breast milk has changed colour while adapting to my daughter's illness."

Two different colors of breast milk
reddit | Wood-Yew-Kindling

I don't know the biological processes that must be at work here, but it's still pretty cool to see.

"My 10 year progress pic to becoming an RN."

ID patches showing upward job progression
reddit | MoveAfterCompletion

This is why we should never throw out old ID cards. They can help us track our journey over the years.

"1 year ago, thieves stole all ($3k worth) of my tools that I used to teach a free class to teens on how to R&R engines. Redditors and Craftsman came together and donated about $18k and tools. These tools allowed me to get hired by someone and now I'm out of poverty."

A man posing in front of his new tools
reddit | EveryXtakeYouCanMake

It's great to see this guy back on his feet after such an unfortunate setback. Here's hoping it's all smooth sailing from here on out.