20 Baffling Moments That Leave Us Wondering Why, Just Why

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit
A landscape photo of a forest and a jutting rock upon which someone has spray-painted the name Jeff.
reddit | Aggravating_Flower_1

In this life, there's simply no accounting for others' actions. We can only observe as everyone around us conducts their lives as they see fit and react in kind.

Sometimes, that reaction comes in the shape of a heaping helping of disappointment and a shake of the head, the same reaction I had when looking at the pics in this list. Maybe you'll feel the same.

"Penny fell into my car charging port and I can’t get it out."

A penny that perfectly fits in, and is now stuck in, the charging port of a car.
reddit | Caitlyn_Jennerlolz

I spent too long thinking about whether or not pennies were magnetic before I went to the comments and found lots of other, far more simple suggestions, namely the 'straw and a piece of gum' one.

"Books are the same size but the statues drawing are not…"

A line up of Oscar branded books with an Oscar icon at the bottom, but they're all different sizes.
reddit | SignoreOscur0

It's the same line of books, is there no standard of quality, no integrity in this design? Did they think no one would collect this line of books? This is an affront to consumers everywhere.

"Seems like I am not getting home today, that's my garage, but that's not my car."

A white car parked in front of a garage door.
reddit | TimeBreakerSaiyan

Someone blocks you out? You block them in. If you can't get into your garage that night, they shouldn't be allowed to get out of your lot the next morning. Equivalent exchange.

"This chicken and arugula wrap was $14. That was the only piece of chicken."

A wrap that's almost entirely full of arugula with one small piece of chicken in it.
reddit | karsondude

This feels like a real underhanded way to encourage people to eat more greens, not to mention an expensive one. I'm not the type to complain at restaurants, but this would have me going back to that cashier and asking for a refund.

"This needlessly large packaging for a 20mm sized micro SD card."

Someone holding up packagine for an SD card next to someone else's forearm, showing the packaging is bigger.
reddit | GuardingxCross

"It's an anti-theft measure" I can hear you start to say through your screen. You know what else it is? Kind of annoying. Not to mention a total waste of cardboard.

"Do delivery companies even know what fragile means?"

A large package covered in tape that says 'FRAGILE' that has been extremely beaten up during delivery.
reddit | infinite_magic

Have they ever known what fragile means? I swear, I hear about more fragile packages getting run over by tanks and launched at front doors via cannon than I ever hear about then arriving safely.

"My neighbor hates his driveway and instead parks in front of our yard."

A photo of a neighborhood where a carless driveway is circled and labeled 'his driveway', while a car is also circled that's parked across the street and labeled 'my neighbor's car'.
reddit | zv101

Thank goodness these extremely thick circles were there to point out what's what. I'd be able to understand the situation from a mile away with those!

"My mum is using her brand new phone as a stand for her old phone."

A woman using a newer iPhone to prop up her older iPhone on a table.
reddit | bulletjak

This looks like something that a cartoonishly evil rich person would do in a children's show to display just how wasteful and frivolous they are, but it's real, so...not sure what that says about your mom.

"This is a wall at my friend's house..."

A corner where two brick walls meet that's not sealed at all, you can see right outside.
reddit | VIPeace

No it is not. This is two walls. With a gap that is concerningly wide, there's no calling this one wall. Even if they had just taped the corner together, it'd be a better effort than what they have going on.

"Lockers in my school."

A row of school lockers that are L shaped instead of standard bars.
reddit | Shepiko

I kinda get this one, actually. Long section to hang a coat, wide section to store books or bags, but it's still so weird to look at when you're used to conventional lockers. Maybe I just don't like change!

"The way my girlfriend eats eggs…"

A breakfast plate that has three egg yolks left, showing she are just the white parts around them.
reddit | Apollo-339

She orders over-easy eggs, the best way to order eggs by the way, and leaves out the best part? That runny yolk is the perfect dip for everything else she has on the plate still, this is blasphemous!

"I asked for 'potato salad'. They gave me 'potato' & 'salad'."

A handful of fries and another handful of cooked veggies in a takeout container.
reddit | MuvHugginInc

I get that it's not what you wanted, but a side of fries and another side of roasted veggies still sounds like a pretty good meal to me! Could have been way worse.

"[Poured] hot water in this brand new mug and the bottom fell off."

A mug with the bottom popped clean off.
reddit | deathkat4cutie

Not having to clean up shards of ceramic is nice, but it happening right as you pour water into it feels like some sort of insult-to-injury moment, so it's still worth being mad about.

Not cool, Jeff.

A landscape photo of a forest and a jutting rock upon which someone has spray-painted the name Jeff.
reddit | Aggravating_Flower_1

If you're someone who goes to natural places like this and defaces them, at least do it with some sense of creativity. Bring art into the world, y'know? Not just your first name or your initials in a heart. Be original.

"Everyone at the dinner table trying to talk over each other."

An Apple watch warning the wearer that it's too loud where they are.
reddit | AnthsFate

This sounds like a great excuse to check out of family dinner early and head on home to sweet, sweet silence, and a much smaller chance of contracting hearing damage.

"The first possible consequence from my son's public school write up."

A write up sheet where the first option for the 'consequences' section is 'Corporal Punishment ___ licks'.
reddit | Tys_Wife

People in the comments were sharing how this is not only still legal in many states, but was common practice for some teachers fairly recently. Both of those facts combined has me both furious and afraid.

"This is my bonus for passing the yearly safety parameters at work. I got peanuts."

A large bag of peanuts.
reddit | Cemeterywind666

They really went to the back of the most abandoned, decrepit storage closet in the building and pulled out whatever they could find as presents. You get a bag of peanuts, one guy gets a grease-stained belt, and another gets a mummified rat.

"Saw this gross woman on my flight today."

A woman sitting in a plane seat with her bare feat up on the back of the chair in front of her.
reddit | h-m-m_

Come on now, really? Is this how we're going to behave in this day and age? Who taught you that this was okay? If I was the person in front of her and I so much and felt her big toe against my elbow I'd unhinge my jaw and start screaming.

"Book came with the pages cut incorrectly..."

A book where all the text is chopped in half.
reddit | MaxwellHouser

This is a fun exercise in improvisation and creative thinking! You got half of the story, now you get to make up the other half, but make sure it still makes sense with that next line! This won't be tedious at all.

"Went to the bathroom. Came back to find that my GF had taken a bite out of my burrito."

A large burrito with a bite taken out of the side.
reddit | AGreenProducer

Not only did she steal a bite, she stole it in the worst possible way. This is truly demonic behavior. How are you meant to eat in peace after that? How can you look at her the same way?