Pair of socks with an included whoopee cushion
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20 Cool Things We Didn't Even Know Existed

If you look around, the world is full of cool stuff. This cool stuff might not have a specific function and might not enrich your life, but, at the very least, it's worth a second look.

And to think, all of this stuff might have been around, just out of notice, for who knows how long. Well, no more!

"Found in local industrial park."

Metal vent with attached image of Bruce Willis in Die Hard
reddit | MetaGazon

I don't think there's a person on the planet who doesn't appreciate a good Die Hard homage, so kudos to whoever set this up. They definitely deserve to head out to the coast and have a few laughs.

"My first ever shoes (from the early 1980s) with some useful instructions on the sole."

Shoes with instructions on the sole
reddit | misterpep

These shoes should have an extra instruction: be very careful when running in these, since they have absolutely no tread.

"The back of a tag on a frying pan I just purchased."

A tag containing thyme for planting
reddit | Sgt_Lackluster

I've only come across a tag like this one time, and it didn't plant anything successfully. I'm waiting for my next chance.

"Little stone face tucked away in a corner in Sheffield."

Stone wall with a hidden face
reddit | cello-mike

I like when you see a sign that the builder went above and beyond to hide something in their work. It really shows they cared that you're paying attention.

"Outlaw soap's idea for quick, warm recycling."

A soap package saying it'll decompose, or can be burned
reddit | my1973vw

As someone who really, really likes watching fires, I don't need random soap companies to encourage my pyromania. But they're not wrong. Just remember if you're going to take their advice, do it safely.

"USA is spelled with trees in my backyard swamp (FL)."

Aerial view of a swamp, trees planted to spell 'USA'
reddit | MauTau

Why did someone do this? Well, they probably had the foresight to realize that Google Earth would be a thing someday. That's the reasonable assumption, I believe.

"Walked past this hundreds of times and never noticed."

Plaque reading "In 1832 on this spot nothing happened"
reddit | KilforeClout

I don't think of historical societies as a place for trolls to hang out, but this commemorative plaque seems to suggest otherwise.

"Sword in the Stone. England."

A sword in a stone in a pond
reddit | ggfloq3

It's nice to think that pulling the sword from the stone would bring riches, but it would probably just bring the need to get a tetanus shot, and a sudden dip in the pond.

"Bench in Hawaii really likes Cardi Bench."

Cardi B themed bench, "Cardi Bench"
reddit | Pinball_wizard135

Most adopted benches are used as memorials for someone. This one is just used as a celebration of Cardi B. To each their own, as it were.

"Portobello public pencil sharpening project."

A pencil sharpener built into a concrete barricade
reddit | areyouforrealdude

Just in case you're carrying a pencil around and need to sharpen it against rusted blades, this concrete thing has you covered. Kind of surprised this isn't at a mini-golf course, to be honest.

"On the back of a bag of nutritional yeast flakes."

Bag says "Approved by Wilber the Tiger, Tony's third cousin, removed twice"
reddit | RatTeeth

I like how this bag references Tony the Tiger and his iconic catchphrase without running afoul of copyright law. Well done.

"This sign at the pond."

A sign with upside-down letters, can be read right side up in reflection
reddit | BasterMaters

If the water was too cloudy for a reflection, you'd wonder what kind of idiot would install a sign upside-down.

"Hi there."

Bridge support with hidden giraffe drawing
reddit | Arirac

I wonder what percentage of people notice that one of these handrail supports, and one only, is a hidden giraffe. It's a pleasant surprise, so I hope it's a lot of people.

"Mosaic Mario having a nice day at the river :)"

A small mosaic of Super Mario on a wall
reddit | smallsnail89

There's something about seeing Super Mario that just makes me smile, even though I haven't played a Mario game in decades. The fact that it's done in little tiles is a great 8-bit throwback, too.

"Stayed at a Hard Rock Hotel and the comforter had little guitars barely visible."

Hard Rock Hotel comforter has guitar-themed design
reddit | Jorger707

I like it when a place is committed to its theme, but does so in a subtle way without beating you over the head with it. Here's a great example.

"Nachos for the win."

Furniture instructions with optional step: make nachos
reddit | shifoc

If you have the ingredients, you're probably going to make nachos after seeing this. If you don't have the ingredients, then you'll just start craving nachos.

"My wife told me to do a craft with our 6y/o son. 40 hours later. Paper mache."

A papier mache dragon head
reddit | GloriousBeast

When I try to do a craft with my nieces and nephews, I wind up with a bunch of construction paper glued together. I guess it isn't too different from this.

"My bag of coffee has a map inside. Excited to finish the bag and see the whole thing."

Coffee bag with a map on the inside
reddit | siggydude

This is indeed an exciting map. What could it show? The exposed part shows Bigfoot, so it's gotta be good.

"This escalator curves."

A curved escalator
reddit | The_Cometeer

I'd like to see this in action, because the concept of a curved escalator kind of blows my mind. How does it not get jammed up all the time? I seriously want to know.

"Socks with a side of Whoopee cushion."

Pair of socks with an included whoopee cushion
reddit | Cchaireazy

Socks and whoopee cushions have been confined to separate categories for too long. Finally, they've been brought together. No more having to decide which to spend your money on!