Two women laughing while outside.
Unsplash | Omar Lopez

20 Funny Tweets That Are So Relatable They Physically Hurt Me

If there's one thing Twitter's good for, it's a laugh. Sure, the app may have a lot of people shouting into the void and at each other, but it also has a lot of funny content.

Like these tweets here. I think they're so funny because they're just really relatable. And I know I'm not the only one who agrees.

Because no one actually wakes up on time.

The snooze button is also unnecessarily big on actual alarm clocks. It's like they want people to hit snooze and get up too late, making them late for work or school.

We're trying out best out here.

I hate it when I think I'm onto something, either in a show or in real life, only to realize I've been dead wrong the whole time. It's kind of the worst, to be honest.

Like if you used to watch iCarly.

I mean, both this tweet and iCarly have a point.

This is somehow both incredibly deep, and incredibly silly, and I don't know how else to describe it.

New way to watch, same old problem.

In fact, streaming is somehow worse than satellite because you can start a show from the very beginning, pause in the middle, watch something else on your own time...

...And still not find anything to watch.

The voice in my head is telling you to shut your mouth.

Look. Even the nicest people have some pretty mean thoughts. But as long as they stay thoughts, they can't hurt anyone. Right?

Word for word, too.

And if it's a girl from high school, she always starts along the line of, "Hey girl! It's been a while and we should catch up! Anyway, I have this really exciting business venture..."

I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

If only we could fly off to Mars or something. Though, I'm sure if enough people lived on a different planet, we'd be having the same problems there that we do here.

They always have the best advice for everyone else.

I have way too many friends that fit this bill. If only we all loved ourselves as much as our friends love us.

You know what? It's easier!

I hate how much I relate to this one. But honestly, using speaker phone is so much easier. Sure, you may end up yelling a lot more, but that's the price of convenience.

Decisions, decisions.

I hate being around people, but I also hate being too far from civilization. So choosing between living in the middle of nowhere and living somewhere that has an abundance of coffee shops is an impossible choice. I actually just describing the suburbs?

I'm glad I'm not the only one who sees it.

Every single time I see someone write WFH, I have to sit there for a few seconds before my brain figures out what it means. I'm glad that other people also have this problem.


I swear, though, it feels like everyone's an investor these days. Like, where did they all come from? How do so many of them have the cash to just buy random houses on the spot? I need answers!

It's called being a closed book.

There was a time when most of us used social media as a diary. Nowadays, most people's subtweets are directed to Netflix because they took the Twilight movies off their platform or something.

The only healthy relationship...

I'm joking. But this tweet is still real relatable. Even your closest friend will leave you on read every now and then. But money? Money won't.

Especially if you don't have any.

Never expect me to be on time.

You can never be disappointed if you don't keep your hopes up right? Well, that definitely goes for waiting for that one friend who's always late. Just expect them to be late, and it'll all be fine.

Pretty accurate.

Good weather is literally the antidote to almost anything. It's so hard to be in a bad mood when it's so nice outside. To the point where it's kind of annoying at times.

A.K.A., the quarter life crisis.

I feel like this is less the mid-twenties crisis, and more the twenties crisis, because this hits at 22 and takes you straight to 30.

And then they forget when your birthday is.

Your parents will really tell you they love you and your siblings equally, and then go ahead and use one kid's birthdate as their phone passcode or something. I wonder how they chose which one to use...

We're not the same.

To be honest, I feel like most of us are doing both right now. Keeping track of your passwords is equally as hard as some of those words they've had on Wordle lately.

You should know the rules by now.

Even if you know your introverted friend isn't going to go to the function, invite them anyway. At least give us the decency to say no to the event we didn't want to go to in the first place!