A kitten and a puppy laying next to each other in grass.
Unsplash | Krista Mangulsone

20 Pics That Prove That Animals Are Cute, But They Are Also Jerks

It's really hard not to love animals. Pets especially, since they're so cute and they're our best friends. But they can be such jerks.

Sure, all the animals in these pics may be cute, but they're showing their rude sides, too. If they weren't so adorable, they probably wouldn't be able to get away with half of what they've done.

"The crime and the criminal."

An orange cat sitting on an orange blanket. Somewhere behind it, an overturned garbage bin sits.
Reddit | shen2niao4

That cat doesn't look remotely sorry for sending that basket down. I'd almost be impressed by how little the cat cares, if I didn't feel bad for the person who has to clean up now.


A cat sitting in a litter box. Around the litter box, litter is strewn on the floor.
Reddit | lakhuigoldstar

This cat, on the other hand, looks a little guilty. I mean, I get it; sometimes you make more of a mess than you mean to. Lucky for the cat, somebody else is going to have to clean that up.

"This photo was taken 15 minutes after cleaning it up the first time."

A cat sitting on the floor, in front of a potted plant with its soil spilled onto the ground.
Reddit | WINTERMUTE-_-

On this episode of Cats Who Make Messes, a cat made a mess. Sure, maybe it's the human's fault for thinking they could keep a plant in the same house they keep a cat. But who knows.

"Like a scene from a Horror movie. 'The Lamp Shade Massacre.'"

A lampshade with a tear in it. A cat's paw is coming out of the tear.
Reddit | Megatron_Griffin

I feel like nothing is safe when you own a cat. Even the most random things that you'd think your cat would leave alone, will actually be in danger. Like lampshades, apparently.

"Of course she had to put her paw directly in the middle of a painting before it was fully dry."

An abstract painting. Most of the paint is smooth, but one section shows a visible animal print.
Reddit | breakfell

I'd be worried about the cat tracking paint all over the house more than the painting itself. Because to be honest, the little cat paw imprint in there kind of makes it better (and it's already nice to begin with)!

"This is Kevin. Kevin likes to unroll dog poop bags across the floor. Don’t be like Kevin."

A cat sitting on the floor. Next to and behind it, a trail of dog poop bags is completely unraveled.
Reddit | RyanGlasshole

I think Kevin's just trying to help get the bags ready for the next walk. Either that, or he really hates having to share his home with a dog.

"This little asshole kicked off most of my husband's birthday cards and decided to try and eat the rest."

A black cat on top of a mantle filled with cards, trying to chew one of them.
Reddit | Esme-Weatherwaxes

The problem with living with a cat is that you don't own anything anymore. It's all the cat's property now. The quicker you learn that, the quicker you can stop being disappointed whenever something random gets destroyed.

"She has a whole farm where she can sit anywhere, yet she chooses to sit on the cat time and time again."

A small dog sitting directly on top of a cat, while outside.
Reddit | NumerousLab4852

That cat looks super unimpressed, and I can't say I blame it. The dog is being kind of rude, after all. Sure, you can sit on your human, but maybe not another animal.

"He's slowly pushing it all off the table, while pretending to sleep."

A grey cat laying on top of an unfinished puzzle, which is in turn on top of a cabinet.
Reddit | keutve

I don't know what cats have against jigsaw puzzles, but I guess this just shows that you can't be a puzzle lover and a cat lover at the same time. You have to pick one.

"Dingo Viciously Mauled by Lion."

An orange cat biting the neck of a tan dog, whose face looks shocked.
Reddit | MaryaliceDyck

I know that dog probably isn't in any real danger, but I still can't help but feel a little bad. It kind of looks like the cat and the dog aren't on the same page when it comes to playtime.

"Caught this crime on camera."

A cat in the process of biting a petal off a sunflower in a bouquet.
Reddit | tomqueefed

See, this is what I'm saying. No plant is safe when there are cats around. As long as the plants in your house are cat safe, you're going to have to accept that they're gonna have chunks taken out of 'em.

"My rescue cat ripped a hole in the brand new food bag, when the older food bag still has food in it, and her food bowl is mounded with food. Smh."

A cat in the process of ripping a large bag of cat food, which happens to be next to an identical bag that's already open.
Reddit | Orangekosher21

This cat decided that her food had to be as fresh as possible, and the stuff in the bowl just wasn't cutting it.

I find it best not to question why cats do the things they do.

"This little thief tried to steal my camera bag, but decided to chew off part of the strap instead."

A fox biting the strap on a tan bag.
Reddit | Dogdazefordaze

Foxes may be closely related to dogs, but their personalities are usually more catlike. This fox is being a jerk for no reason, which is kind of a cat move, to be honest.

"Catch of the day: The door to the cat crate."

A small white and brown puppy on a dog bed, chewing on a metal grate.
Reddit | rakosten

Cats may be jerks more often than dogs, but that doesn't mean dogs can't also be jerks. Like this little puppy, who decided that anything chewable is up for grabs.

"Kami working afterhours to find out where all the mice on the screen come from."

A tabby cat standing on top of a leaning computer monitor.
Reddit | neko_ramen

On the plus side, those monitors probably won't fall over. But it's going to be super annoying to have to readjust the screen every so often when you realize it's, like, slightly slanted.

"Yeah it's cool for you, you don't have to use the keyboard."

A bird sitting on top of a laptop. They keys of the laptop are partially picked off.
Reddit | jackhza

Unpopular opinion: I think birds are jerks. Probably bigger jerks than cats. Sure, they're cute and all. But they also like to destroy random things.

Plus, birds poop on your car, which is never cool.

"This punk stole and destroyed the cap from my olive oil bottles and doesn’t even feel a little sorry."

A hand holding a small plastic piece, extended to a cat, who's sniffing the plastic.
reddit | angusbeefcake555

That's absolutely the face of a pet that would take that piece of plastic and chew it up even more. No remorse. Just ideas for more carnage.

"Exercise is a no go in this house."

A dog sitting on top of the face of a woman in workout clothes, laying on top of a yoga mat.
Reddit | hamiltoneitdown

I don't think dogs like it when their humans try to exercise. They're all like, "how dare you try to be healthy and not pay attention to meeee."

"This goose blocking the road."

Two images showing a goose in the middle of the road, directly in front of the car from which the photos are taken.
reddit | bowenty

That goose looks like it's ready to square up. No intention of moving from that spot, either.

See, this is what I mean when I say that birds are huge jerks.

"'Seasoning' the Pan."

A cat sitting atop a cast iron pan, which is on top of a gas stove in a kitchen.
Reddit | adripps

I think the cat got confused. See, that's cast iron, not cat iron. I guess as long as the pan gets heated for a long time after the cat leaves, you won't get sick or anything.