20 Classic Films That People Think Don't Get The Attention They Deserve

A still from the film 'Pleasantville
IMDB | New Line Cinema, Inc.

"What's a movie you love that you swear no one ever talks about like the world has forgotten it?"

My goodness, the wording of that question on r/AskReddit is clunky. But within it lies an interesting question: what movies are overlooked? Are there hidden gems that deserve more attention?

Read through the answers and you just might find your new favorite.

Secret Garden

A still from the film 'The Secret Garden
IMDb | Warner Bros.

"I loved this book and movie so much, it reminds of my mom, who grew up in England during WW2 and loved it before I did. I tried to pass it on to my daughter but she doesn’t find it as charming as I or my mom did. The Secret Garden has a special place in my heart."


Grosse Pointe Blank

Still from the film 'Grosse Pointe Blank'
IMDb | Buena Vista Pictures

"This movie came out the summer after I graduated from high school. When we hit our 10 year reunion (which I could not attend because I was on my honeymoon), I remember doing the 'ten years!' thing with my best friend. Now she's helping plan our 25th reunion 😭

But that movie is perfect. Every few years I'll rewatch it and remember how much I love it."


The Gods Must Be Crazy

A still from the film 'The Gods Must Be Crazy'
IMDb | 20th Century Fox

"An African comedian opened one of the very first comedy shows I ever went to and he had a line that was something like, 'we have to deal with famine, wild animals, Coke bottles falling out of the sky...'

I'll never forget it."


Enemy Mine

Enemy Mine, Lou Gossett Jr., Dennis Quaid
IMDb | Twentieth Century Fox

"Apparently during the production some dumbass studio exec couldn't understand the title, and that's why there's a literal mine included in the movie. Awesome movie, and a great exploration of how the 'badguys' are people with feelings and lives of their own."



A still from the film 'Evolution'
IMDb | DreamWorks Pictures

"The love of this movie is something my fiance and I bonded over when we first got together. We still quote it regularly."


The Cutting Edge

A still from the film 'The Cutting Edge'
IMDb | Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

"One of my favorite 'opposites attract', 'enemies to lovers' movies! They had so much chemistry. The sequels were cringey pale imitations sadly."


Flight of the Navigator

Still from the film 'Flight of the Navigator'
IMDb | Buena Vista Pictures

"Reading the name instantly transports me back to my youth when things were simple and more loved ones were still living. The films holds a very dear place in my heart and fostered a lifelong appreciation for space and science-fiction."


Strange Brew

Still from the film 'Strange Brew'
IMDb | MGM/UA Entertainment Co.

"So one of the best memories of my teen years was watching this movie on HBO with my best friend Johnny at his house in the summer of 1984. We probably watched it a dozen times that season, to the point that everyone was a hoser and needed to take off, eh. I should add that we lived near Niagara Falls NY so we encountered Canadians frequently so it was even funnier to us, especially considering the use of eh was heavily in vogue then."


Fly Away Home

Still from the film 'Fly Away Home'
IMDb | Sony Pictures Releasing

"The ad for it was at the start of just about every Disney VHS for awhile there, they really pushed it and then it seems like no one saw it. It’s a really cute movie! I wish Disney did more stuff like that nowadays."


Secondhand Lions

Still from the film 'Secondhand Lions'
IMDb | New Line Cinema

"111 minutes later there wasn't a dry eye in the room. We all walked away having added a movie to our top ten. Without shame I will to this day tell people what a great movie that is."


Zathura: A Space Adventure

Still from the film 'Zathura: A Space Adventure'
IMDb | Sony Pictures Releasing

"If you haven't seen it, it's like Jumanji but in space, it's made by the same creator, if you have seen it, tell me I'm not alone."


So I Married an Axe Murderer

Still from the film 'So I Married an Axe Murderer'
IMDb | TriStar Pictures

"My family constantly quotes this movie. I used to think my dad was the funniest person in the world until I saw So I Married an Axe Murderer and found out he stole all of his jokes from it."



Still from the film 'Balto'
IMDb | Universal Pictures

"When people started talking about The Swan Princess again randomly, I assumed Balto would be next as they were two of my favorites as a kid. Yet when I mentioned it to my friends and such, no one recalled it."


Mouse Hunt

Still from the film 'Mouse Hunt'
IMDb | DreamWorks Pictures

"I remember watching it as a kid and not really interpreting it as comedy, it was just kind of a relentless mouse. I watched it last year and thought it was quite good, but I think I found it scary as a kid because of that funeral scene and the sort of drab black and grey aesthetic of the movie."



Still from the film 'Robots'
IMDB | 20th Century Fox

"It’s surprising since it’s got a pretty all star cast, Ewan McGregor, Robin Williams, Halle Berry, Amanda Bynes, and Mel Brooks to name a few."


Batteries Not Included

Still from the film 'Batteries Not Included'
IMDb | Universal Pictures

"It's a cute little 80s movie about some alien robots who took up residence in this old apartment complex and when the residents are threatened with eviction so the place could be torn down, the robots help the tenants and the tenants help the robot aliens. Anyways, I enjoyed it."


Thank You For Smoking

Still from the film 'Thank You For Smoking'
IMDb | Fox Searchlight Pictures

"I talk about it all the time. I write for indie games and the 'Thank God we invented the whatever device' concept has stopped lazy writing on more than one occasion!"


A Fish Called Wanda

jamie lee curtis, kevin kline
IMDb | Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios

"I don't know anyone irl, under the age of 40, that knows this movie! It's one of the funniest movies ever. My favorite Kevin Kline movie, hand down!"


Drop Dead Gorgeous

A still from the film 'Drop Dead Gorgeous'
IMDb | New Line Cinema

"Hugely underrated movie. I love mockumentariies so obviously I enjoy Christopher Guest's work. Drop Dead Gorgeous has the same feel of those movies."



A still from the film 'Pleasantville'
IMDb | New Line Cinema, Inc.

"That's one of those movies I force other people to watch often. I've rarely met anyone outside of my family who's seen it and people are always shocked to find out it exists when they see how stacked the cast is."


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