20 Relatable Tweets That Have Us Nodding Awkwardly In Agreement

Ashley Hunte
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Unsplash | Brett Jordan

It's funny how we've all had some pretty similar experiences in life. Like, sometimes you might think an attitude or event is specific to you, and then you see a viral tweet about it and realize that we're all going through the same thing.

So yeah. These Tweets are pretty relatable if I do say so myself. No wonder they got so many likes.

Forgive but don't forget. Also, don't forgive.

You might be the kind of person that doesn't like to hold a grudge, but you've definitely held one or two before. It's human nature to not want to forgive or forget.

I have must do speak like that now.

Even the most eloquent person in the world has rambled before. And that's perfectly okay. We don't have to make sense all of the time. Just when it's important, probably.

I enjoy the finer things in life.

I've secretly always wanted to go to a bar and buy a round for everyone, but that's kind of beyond my means. So I'll stick to opening a tab at McDonald's for now.

If you aren't doing this by 30, you aren't living.

Just kidding, it's the plot of Parasite. But somehow, I still found this tweet strangely relatable? I'm not sure if it's because it's so funny, or because I just really liked Parasite.

9-5, more like never-never.

As much as we may complain about the monotony of a 9-5 job, that kind of stability isn't all bad. Plus, at least it makes the weekends seem all the better.

I wouldn't mind sitting around eating peanut butter all week, though.

Everyone has that one thing.

Maybe you're the Pokémon trainer in that screenshot, or maybe you have some other thing you really love. Either way, you'd probably find it hard not to relate.

Every. Single. Time.

I may be a slow walker myself, but if somebody is walking slower than me, I take it as a personal insult. Don't walk so slowly while taking up the whole sidewalk!

Small victories are still victories.

This hits home if you had phone/email anxiety in your youth. Answering your email once and then never looking at it again? Super relatable.

Some people need this reminder.

I'm not gonna lie, I kind of wish I had a rug like this. People are really out there taking the bus or sitting at a mall food court, and then coming into your house and trying to sit on your bed.

Moral of the movie: school kills.

Of course, there are plenty of actually takeaways from Midsommar that you probably shouldn't ignore, but the idea that a dissertation can and will kill you is strangely accurate.

It could honestly go either way.

If you're in your late 20s or early 30s, then you probably know people who got married and have kids. Maybe you're that person. Or maybe you're about to go to a bar and buy everyone shots. It could literally go either way at that point.

We all want something different out of life.

Let's face it though. There are some parents who are also annoying online. I guess some people really can have it all.

In other words, I'm tired.

If only all adversity made us stronger. Why is it that sometimes something bad happens and all we do is cower in a corner? What's up with that?

I'm actually on an accelerated timeline.

This is relatable for pretty much every bad thing you ever have to go through. And yes, it includes two years of a global pandemic.

"OMG... take that back!"

This is such a frightening insult because you see it happen all the time. Celebrities people love start talking about NFTs, and they know as little about them as the rest of us!

Time to obsess over a single mistake forever.

If you've ever accidentally been awkward (and let's face it, you have), or rude even, then you're probably still obsessing over it. Even if it happened, like, eight years ago.

Our phones are as delicate as we are.

Weirdly enough, this incredibly relatable thing that I've totally done to my phone before weirdly describes me. Too much pressure and I'm a mess.

Call it what you want.

If we're being real, everyone has a red flag or two. I don't think calling them fun facts is going to help that much, but at least it's funny.

Good vibes only? Aww jeez.

Being negative all the time is kind of exhausting. But being positive all the time is also pretty exhausting. Maybe we need to be haters some of the time.

The rules of the road can be tricky.

This is actually pretty relatable. But so is stopping at a four way and the person who got there after you goes, so you honk your horn. It's really going to be one or the other.