20 Pics Where Weird Is An Understatement

Ashley Hunte
Two people standing in an outdoor setting. Their heads and faces are completely covered with spandex cloths that have holes for their eyes, nostrils, and mouths.
Reddit | bonydogfarts

Looking at weird pictures on the internet is a choice, that's for sure. But I feel like there's a difference between weird and weird, if that makes sense.

Some pics are just a little strange, and have you scratching your head a little. Others can't really be described as weird, if only because that would be underselling it. This list is full of the latter.

I'm trying so hard to describe this, but I can't.

Three tubs of Neapolitan ice cream. The different flavours in each were scooped out, and placed in tubs with the same flavours, so that there's one tub of strawberry, one of chocolate, and one of vanilla.
Reddit | lane-walker

I don't understand why you'd put all the Neapolitan flavors into different tubs, and not just buy the individual flavors. So much effort, just for this painful picture.

If you squint, it kind of looks okay.

A road in which the division line is painted crookedly.
Reddit | Quick_Queen_

I don't get how painting the lines on a road can go so wrong. Hopefully the person who did this never goes near another motor vehicle again.

It's called killing two birds with one stone.

The inside of a running shower. On a shelf next to the showerhead sits a can of beer, several chicken nuggets, and open packets of dipping sauce.
Reddit | hl3official

I feel like the reason why people don't usually eat in the shower is the fact that you're going to get your food all soggy.

Yeah, I'd probably wait until the next rest stop.

A large, strange looking bird standing in the middle of a public washroom.
Reddit | tributerguy11

Imagine you're on a road trip and you really have to go to the bathroom, only to pull up to a rest stop and find this in the middle of the room. I have a feeling you'd probably back out and forget about peeing.

"Antique two face wax doll."

A doll with two faces on its head, turned so that both faces are at least partially visible.
Reddit | FlippyFlippenstein

Wow, I really hate that. Most antique dolls are nothing but pure strangeness, though. I'm actually convinced they're all cursed.

The rare and elusive double toilet.

Two toilets installed side by side in a bathroom stall.
Reddit | gibsterminator

I'm not really sure why this has to exist. Do you think... do you think there are people out there who used those toilets? Like, at the same time? I'm not sure I want to know the answer to that.

This weird, giant backpack.

A man carrying a blue JanSport backpack that is bigger than him.
Reddit | SquirlBalls89

I feel like this is the kind of backpack people wish they could bring with them when they go hiking. But the only question is, what the heck do you have in there?

"Might need to call a beekeeper."

A motor scooter on a dirt path near a muddy and grassy ravine. The front console of the scooter is covered in a horde of bees.
Reddit | thienbucon

Bees tend to swarm in the most random of places. I've never seen them take over a bike before, though. This is, uh, well, concerning to say the least.

I think I'm going to be sick...

A McDonald's French fry container filled with ketchup, and a small ketchup cup filled with fries.
Reddit | EarFap

This should be illegal. Like, I'm not even going to try to make sense of it because that sheer amount of ketchup doesn't need an explanation. Just do the world a favor and get rid of it.

He moved out of his pineapple, and into our nightmares.

A chocolate SpongeBob SquarePants with terrifying blue eyes.
Reddit | DriedFish101

I want to say that SpongeBob would look a lot more normal with regular eyes, but I don't even think that's the case.

Suddenly, I can hear the "Jaws" theme playing.

Two images of a cat trying to bite a chocolate muffin from underneath a glass table.
Reddit | kocakmucaht

If I were that muffin (cupcake?), I'd be absolutely terrified. But as a person looking at this from afar, this is somehow both puzzling and hilarious.

The tree demands sacrifices!

Several stuffed animals strewn about in a tree that has no leaves.
Reddit | kremod

Okay, but seriously. Should I even bother wondering why those stuffed animals are up there? Probably not. I should just accept the fact that there are weird things out there, and there's nothing I can do about it.

"Having a straightforward plumbing job done. Within two minutes of starting the guy on the backhoe 'got a little too close.' I’m sure it’ll buff right out…"

Several bricks of a basement wall that have been pushed inward.
Reddit | goawaybub

For a second I was concerned that this wall was pretty weak, but then I remembered that backhoes are actually huge. Still, imagine this happening to your house. It's as strange as it is aggravating.

When your aesthetics don't always match up:

A Disney princess CRT TV with a built in VCR. A VHS box for Saw sits in front of it, and the reverse bear trap scene from the movie plays on the screen.
Reddit | helloitscrash

Funny enough, I'm not even going to judge somebody watching Saw on a Disney princess CRT TV. But seeing that Saw VHS case made me realize how old the franchise actually is, and now I'm really not okay.

Introducing McDonald's newest menu item:

A person holding a burger container that's holding soft serve ice cream in between two buns.
Reddit | TaycoFlayco

You've heard of an ice cream sandwich, now get ready for the ice cream burger!

No but seriously, what am I looking at right now?

This cow is sick of jumping through hoops!

A cow standing in a snowy field; a tire fits right around its torso.
Reddit | avantgardengnome

This cow is probably looking back at all its life choices right about now. Like, how does one get themselves stuck inside a tire, human, bovine, or otherwise?

No words, just this:

A green humanoid statue sitting on a tarp-covered chair in a shed.
Reddit | ThoughtPolice2909

I've seen a lot of really weird stuff today. But this is probably the one thing I can't even begin to describe. This is it. This is the picture that beats me.

It's been a good run, everyone.

"The Facekini."

Two people standing in an outdoor setting. Their heads and faces are completely covered with spandex cloths that have holes for their eyes, nostrils, and mouths.
Reddit | bondogfarts

I know that balaclavas and ski masks have been becoming trendy over the past little while, but this might be taking that concept too far. Nothing about those facekinis look comfortable.

"What the duck?"

A picture taken through a car, showing a large wooden duck statue being towed down the highway by an SUV.
Reddit | IPlayMyMusicInTheSun

I don't have much to say about this duck that hasn't already been said. Mostly, I also want to say "what the duck?" But I feel like we've already covered that.

I'm sorry, what's been coming out of it?

A gas pump with a sign on it that says, "DO NOT USE THIS PUMP!!!!!! MILK HAS BEEN COMING OUT OF IT."
Reddit | Riyeko

I have a lot of questions about this, and they all have to do with how milk got into the pump. If we're lucky, though, this is just a fake sign someone put up as a prank.