14+ Moments No One Can Take Seriously

So, having trouble with the mother-in-law, are you? Are you in need of some good ol'-fashioned wholesome funny pictures to break the ice and finally get her to accept you as part of the family? Dear lord, I hope so, 'cause I've got very little else I can offer you, aside from some truly awful poetry I wrote when I was in high school that you could try out if all else fails!

For now though, here are 14+ hilarious pics to show your mother-in-law so that she finally accepts you!

"Roomba fell in my House last night. It somehow wrapped up its sensors in TP and headed off the edge."

Reddit | Envoy_to_the_Stars

I guess this is what happens when you make a robot with only one function and it resents that function. If you've been affected by these images of Roomba suicides (good lord, what a great post-punk band name), then there are helplines available.

"I put my son in a Halloween onesie without thinking much about it and gave myself a heart attack at 2 AM."

Reddit | LadyJane17

What kind of Halloween onesie is this that just has a pumpkin's face on your kid's butt? Surely there are better Halloween onesies out there?

"My 9 year old daughter’s idea: Human Spice Latte."

Reddit | zimmbo

As adorable as this may look, I'd keep a weather eye on that 9-year-old!

Dog And God

Reddit | m0nst3r__

And on the seventh day, God created the goodest of boys, yes he did, he created the goodest of boys, oh yes he did!

"Please pray for my dog. He just realized we’re insane"

Reddit | inkishworks

Good lord, I never knew that "unsettled doggy Batman" was the costume that I needed in my life! "Quick, Robin, to the dog basket!"

Baby Flask

Reddit | jkon731

Finally, a use for toy babies: the baby flask! By which I mean a flask that looks like a baby, not a flask for babies. That would be a bit off base I guess.

"Not very good at following directions, eh?"

Reddit | beefycrunkburrito

"What does that sign say?"

"I don't know, get a bit closer so we can read it..."

You Sure About That?

Reddit | ledgendary

That qualifies as blasphemy, Allison. Looks like you're spending eternity in hell where you will be forced to listen to Satan's terrible demo tape on repeat — he's a big fan of Reel Big Fish!

"I really need to figure out what they are doing to my son at school"

Reddit | LordAcoustic

School really does age a person, especially when they're using liquid knowledge which they inject straight into kids' heads.

*Screams In Pumpkin

Reddit | yomaishimi

If the person who carved these pumpkins doesn't win Reddit for every Halloween ever then I'll be amazed!

He's Just Trying To Cross The Road

Reddit | Radish00

Maybe use this opportunity to crack a few of your favorite "Why did the chicken cross the road" jokes with your mother-in-law. Everyone knows that mothers-in-law love poultry-orientated humor. That's just a fact.

DIY Spirituality

Reddit | BooBooBaby69

Order now to get a free "DIY Resurrection" kit with every purchase. Includes one boulder and befuddled locals.

Police Officer Wins Halloween


For a man dressed up in a supposedly funny getup, he still looks quite formidable.

"My father-in-law is a visionary with defective pumpkins."

Reddit | Hyzer_Ace91

I've only carved a pumpkin once — I managed to cut myself really badly with the knife so I haven't been allowed to do it since. People think that everything changes when you become an adult, but some things never change.

The Aftermath

Reddit | pumafab

Hot damn, I know I shouldn't say it, but I really want to try this! I know what I'm making this weekend, doubtless much to my girlfriend's horror.

"All Californians right now getting ready for ANOTHER power outage. Made the dress just to take these pictures!"

Reddit | heckkinitup

Why not finish off this wonderful, joyous journey that you and your mother-in-law have taken by sharing some memories of how she may have used one of these lamps in her youth! Actually, I'd advise against this in hindsight.

"I'm 6 months pregnant, but I didn't want to do one of the standard pregnancy costumes."

Reddit | SushiSchwinn

You know what, I naturally assumed that this was the Big Lebowski until I saw the ax, at which point I simply wondered, "Why would the Dude need an ax?" Then it hit me.

"Every last drop they can get"

Reddit | teh_coyote

Yes, they must need those donations to get the gold plating on the interior of their Jaguar F-Types polished again.

"My cat was not impressed when a fox came by."

Reddit | Agent4777

"Who does he think he is, acting all pretty like that. He thinks he's better than me, doesn't he? Well he's not!"

Extremely Precious Cargo

Reddit | centukeyfried

There is nothing funnier than a massive truck transporting something comically small. Can there be a whole gallery of photos like this?

"My poor cat got stuck in the laundry room."

Reddit | bshigem

Look at him, crying out for help and clinging on for dear life while you're taking a photo. Disgraceful.

"My mom got a scam text on her Nokia today about unauthorized Apple Pay access."

Reddit | Deibu251

Can we also talk about the fact that someone still uses a Nokia in this day and age? A pretty well kept one, too. If it isn't broke, don't replace it, right?

"Selling my camouflage gear if anyone wants to buy it."

Reddit | FinsterFun

This is like one of those optical illusions or hidden image posts. If you stare long enough, your brain starts to make the outline of a person. Maybe this is just really good camouflage.

"The decoy laptop is working."

Reddit | pixelomo

He's starting to realize though. You taking a picture of him is too suspicious... He's realized something's up.

"I work at a subway, we got this special request."

Reddit | greenpeppers100

This is such an incredible description, I think I'm gonna steal it to use next time I order food. And I am lactose intolerant.

"Sister complained how she needed to get her nails done. Meet your new nail tech: Me."

Reddit | ImAlways2Tired

I give it maybe another few months before paper nails become a genuine trend, and we'll all have this user to thank/despise.

"How I noticed that my cat was stuck in the attic."

Reddit | antpile11

That was how you noticed? There was no meowing or scratching, or the knowledge that your cat was missing?

"Tell me about your childhood."

Reddit | brenmayhew

I would say this looks like a therapist, but I don't remember it being standard procedure for them to have their bare feet out.

"For sale up the street. Seems like a good deal."

Reddit | grokm3

Almost a little too good to be true, honestly. Emissions test? Has it been safetied? Why does the front right wheel look like it's about to fall off?

"My professor gave up getting his cat off his work during office hours."

Reddit | sergio0713

Personally, I find his teaching style a lot more engaging than the professor's. He just seems a lot more dynamic and eager.

"It tastes fresher this way."

Reddit | PoonSwoogle

I was going to lament about how upsetting the photo was for me, but then I realized this person ruined a carton of milk for this gag, so it evens out.

"This park really hates litterers."

Reddit | krushaybhavsar

And it does a good job of repelling them, too. Nothing makes you feel more guilty than being bullied and shamed for your actions.

"Yes, with proper dosage"

Reddit | jcmatthews66

This explains why I only get to see all my friends' identical twins on Halloween, shortly before they go home, as I wander off to bed to lie in wait for the horrific post-Halloween hangover.

A Show Of Disrespect

Reddit | ridhan3912

Reminds me of a villain origin story. "Oh, so you all think I'm a bad guy? Fine, I'll be the bad guy, watch this!"

A Glimpse Into Your Future

Reddit | Pduclosknott

Here's a lovely, wholesome meme for your mother-in-law to enjoy. The sort of meme you'd bring home for a family dinner, and once it had left, everyone would say, "Oh, what a lovely young person, you'll have to bring them again."