The Cast Of 'Black Panther' Is Owning The Oscars Red Carpet, And We Weren't Ready For It

Diply 5 Mar 2018

Guys, we need to take a moment to talk about how good the cast of Black Panther looked on the Oscars red carpet because every single one of them crushed it.

Social media cannot handle these gorgeous human beings right now, and honestly, neither can I.

Just look at Chadwick Boseman working that red carpet like the snack that he is. 

Twitter | @ohmxrvel

Oh. My. God.

Our king is serving up one of the hottest red carpet looks in Academy Awards history, and people are here for it.

There should be a camera on him at all times because I can't get enough.

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Daniel Kaluuya in that velvet tux jacket is my aesthetic. 

Twitter | @jakeisbaetho

Has there ever been a more gorgeous cast? I am in love with this look.

Daniel Kaluuya starred in Get Out as well as Black Panther, and he should really star in every single movie from now on.

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This photo of Lupita Nyong'o, Winston Duke, and Danai Gurira just cleared my skin, cleaned my house, and did my taxes. 

Twitter | @TatianaKing

This trio is iconic.

I can't believe that the cast of Black Panther just invented red carpet fashion right in front of our eyes. I mean, just look at Winston's scarf!

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We are all so incredibly blessed to live at the same time as Black Panther. 

Twitter | @MARVEL0KI

The cast of Black Panther showed up on the red carpet with one goal: slay.

Literally every single one of these photos belong in a museum, and I will accept nothing less.

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