18 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About 'Bridesmaids'

Diply 16 Aug 2016

There are just some movies out there where you can watch over and over again and never get tired of. You can watch it a million times, know all the jokes but still laugh at them every single time. One of those movies is definitely Bridesmaids! I mean, how can you not get behind an all female comedy featuring some of the best female comedians in Hollywood? Plus, I'm pretty sure the movie contains one of the best scenes ever filmed: the food poisoning scene. That entire scene is comedy gold! So before you start watching the movie again and reliving the magic that is Melissa McCarthy, here are some behind-the-scenes facts about the movie!

1. Judd Apatow made the cast spend two weeks improvising with each other and a lot of it was incorporated into the movie!

The Telegraph | The Telegraph

I seriously can't believe that some of the jokes were just made up on the spot. HOW ARE PEOPLE SO TALENTED AND FUNNY?! Give some of that to the rest of us peasants, please!

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2. Melissa McCarthy nailed it when her character hit on the Air Marshall. It's because she's married to Ben Falcone in real life!

The Mirror | The Mirror
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3. Remember Annie's crazy roommates? Rebel Wilson and Matt Lucas became roommates after filming. When they were living together, they used to get complaints from neighbors for singing showtunes too loudly. 

YouTube | Ditto Greetings

The scene where they reveal they read Annie's diary still gets to me every time!

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4. Chris O'Dowd's character was supposed to be American and he even practiced with a coach to perfect the accent. But Kristen Wiig said that she fell in love with Chris' Irish accent so much that she let him keep it for the movie!

The Telegraph | The Telegraph

People always talk about English accents but DAMN! Irish accents are sexy AF.

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5. Melissa said that the food poisoning scene was the most disgusting scene to film because the vomit was made out of oatmeal and food coloring.

E! News | E! News
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6. Even though it was disgusting, Melissa said it was also the most fun she had on set! 

Cinemablographer | Cinemablographer
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7. By far, the food poisoning scene is the funniest and most memorable – but it wasn't even going to be in the movie! Judd wanted more wild and physical comedy so Kristen wrote the scene right before they filmed it!

Basement Rejects | Basement Rejects
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8. The entire scene where Helen tries to take over Annie's tribute speech to Lillian was improv! Apparently, the scene took forever to film because Kristen kept laughing!

Quotes Gram | Quotes Gram
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9. Annie tells Ted that she will take the fake George Glass to Lillian's wedding instead of him. George Glass was also the name of Jan Brady's fake boyfriend on The Brady Bunch! 

Fresh U | Fresh U
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10. The very handsome and never-aging Paul Rudd was supposed to be in the movie. He actually filmed a scene where he plays a guy who briefly dates Annie. Unfortunately it got cut, but it shows up on the DVD!

Wikipedia | Wikipedia

More Paul Rudd is always a good thing. Also, does Paul want to explain how he never ages?

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11. Jon Hamm decided not to be credited for his role in the movie because he thought that his name in the credits would make people think it was a serious movie.

The AV Club | The AV Club
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12. The director and Kristen made sure that Annie kept her bra on during her sex scenes with Ted but had her take it off during her sex scene with Nathan because it shows that she can open up emotionally and physically to Nathan and not Ted.

Fanpop | Fanpop
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13. Kristen was worried the chemistry with Chris wouldn't translate on screen so she decided to play "would you rather" with him on set to bond with him. 

The Daily Mail | The Daily Mail

Chris said in an interview that his favorite question that Kristen asked was "Would you rather have a nipple growing on the end of your nose or a tooth growing out of your cheek?"

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14. There was going to be a bachelorette party scene in Las Vegas but Judd was worried that it would be too similar to The Hangover. 

Bitch Flicks | Bitch Flicks

Instead, Kristen wrote the scene where Annie has a freakout on the airplane as a way to prevent the wedding party from reaching Vegas and it ended up being one of the funniest scenes in the movie! Forget Vegas, I'm all about Annie's drunken freakout!

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15. Maya Rudolph was pregnant with her third child during the filming of the movie so the wardrobe department put her in clothes that had belts to distract from her growing belly!

The Improper | The Improper
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16. The house used for the bridal shower is actually the same house in Scary Movie 2!

Sandon Hall | Sandon Hall
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17. Bridesmaids is Judd's most successful movie. It was the first movie of his to receive Academy Award nominations!

Collider | Collider


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18. Melissa said in an interview that she based the look of Megan on Guy Fieri. 

Crushable | Crushable

Honestly, more people should base their look on Guy Fieri.

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