Sigh. Another day, another beauty blogger who doesn't quite understand the ramifications of their actions. Of course, by "actions," I mean tweets. This is 2018, after all.

Thankfully, the internet is always there to, erm, educate people by showing them different perspectives. It isn't the nicest teacher, but it sure is an effective one.


Meet beauty blogger and YouTuber Kristen Leanne.

Kristen has been creating beauty tutorials for four years. She has a huge following on YouTube, Instagram, and her personal beauty blog, Kristen Leanne Style.

Her unique neck tattoo has helped her to stand out in the blogosphere.

Instagram |  @kristenxleanne

Kristen often reviews makeup from major brands.

Like most beauty bloggers, Kristen receives free makeup from brands to review on her pages.

In addition, Kristen has collaborated with Urban Decay which, as any makeup lover knows, is a pretty big deal.


Recently, Kristen took a look at one of Huda Beauty's 3D Highlighter Palettes. 

The palette comes in three versions — Gold Sand, Pink Sand, and Bronze Sands — each created for varying skin tones.

Kristen decided to discuss the Bronze Sands edition, which is the darkest version of the palette.

Instagram |  @mimdiivaa

And her review was anything but glowing.

It's not as if Kristen has anything against Huda Beauty. In fact, she recently praised the brand's Desert Dusk eyeshadow palette.

But Kristen had a bone to pick with the skin tones used in Huda Beauty's 3D Highlighter ad.

YouTube |  Kristen Leanne