One of the most exciting parts about giving birth is finally getting to see what your little cutie looks like, right?!

I mean, your mind can go a little crazy with curiosity over those nine long months. Sure, the sonograms and, if you're lucky, 3D ultrasound videos help to give you some idea...

...but it's just not quite the same as actually holding your little one in your arms and taking that first good look.

You created this. You carried this. 

It's the greatest feeling in the world. That first look.

These 15 cutie kids all have the fullest heads of hair ever, and it's super adorbs. 

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1. This precious little one whose blonde is better than Goldilocks'. 

He's a trendsetter in the making. 

Jasmine Ryan | Daily Mail

2. This baby who totally woke up like this. 

She's flawless. 

Facebook | David Kaplan

3. This little one who's got that bedhead look down pat already. 

So stylish.

Instagram | @yessumbeesunshine

4. This 10-month-old who has rock star hair. 

He's too cool for school. 

reddit | [deleted]