Traveling can be such a headache. The prep and the packing is stressful in itself let alone the actual flying and trying not to miss your flight (I've done that before. It's not fun). These are simple tricks to make traveling so much easier and to lighten the load on your back because after all, traveling should be fun and easy, not stressful and back-breaking! Here are 12 amazing travel hacks that will make traveling a breeze (like the one you'll feel while sipping a margarita on the beach).

1. Pack properly and save tons of space

2. The day before you travel, exercise a lot to avoid jet lag

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3. To avoid tangled necklaces, thread your delicate necklaces through a straw. 

4. A lot of planes have a hook to hang your things in front of you


5. Don't let your dirty shoes touch your clean clothes. Pack them in a plastic shower cap.

6. Pack a light-weight scarf in case it gets cold


7. Keep your clothes smelling great by placing a dryer sheet at the bottom

8. Contact lens cases are good for storing makeup on the go for some makeup touch-ups on the plane


9. Hide some emergency money in a lip balm

10. Don't lose earrings by placing them in a button!


11. Left turns in the security line gets you out faster

12. Hide wine with shoes


13. Use sunglass cases as a way to store chargers

14. Protect your razor blade and your belongings by putting a clip on it.


15. Use a clip for your headphones.

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16. Pot holders are a great heat-safe case for hair tools.


17. Simultaneously have soap and a wash cloth by making this case.

18. Don't buy travel-sized toothpaste more than once. Just refill it.


19. Make travel-sized toiletries. 

20. Fill an old eyedropper with toothpaste.


21. Old medicine bottles are great for travel storage.

22. Masking tape prevents shampoo, conditioner, and other liquids from spilling.

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23. Have a dress shirt? Keep the collar stiff with a belt.

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Collage Source: 1) Shameless Traveler 2) aubree lennon / Buzzfeed 3) Francesco Mugnai