17. Too Trend-Conscious 

It's pretty much impossible to stay on top of every single trend unless you have an infinite amount of time and infinite budget. Don't get too caught up in buying all of the latest trends. They're constantly changing anyway, so just wear what feels right!

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18. One Season Wonders 

Don't restrict certain items to certain seasons, just know how to re-purpose them! Shorts can look impossibly chic during the winter months, especially when paired with tights! 

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19. Avoiding Print Mixing 

There's absolutely no valid rule that says you can't mix prints. Stripes and florals? Great. Stripes and plaid? Even better. Fashion is all about experimentation!

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20. Following The "Rules"

The most important rule when it comes to dressing yourself is to not take the rules too seriously. The whole "don't wear white after Labor Day" is one that I'll never follow. Don't like any of the tips on this list? That's totally fine! Fashion is about self-expression, so do whatever feels right for you. 

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