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People Are Having Strong Reactions To Star-Lord, And We're Screaming

Diply 2 May 2018

If you have yet to see Avengers: Infinity War, then dear god, stop reading right this minute unless you want to ruin the movie for yourself.

If you have seen the film, then you likely have some strong feels when it comes Star-Lord's actions, and I really just can't.

Warning! Spoilers Ahead!

We've been shipping Star-Lord (aka Peter Quill) and Gamora ever since Guardians of the Galaxy because they made us believe in love again. 

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That love makes everything that happened in Infinity War that much more devastating, and we're still crying about it.

After Thanos kidnapped Gamora and forced her to reveal the location of the Soul Stone, that's when things got real.

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We thought we reached maximum shook levels when we saw that Red Skull was still kicking it on Vormir, but we were not ready. 

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I'm pretty sure I heard a collective, "NO!" in the theater when Red Skull revealed that Thanos had to sacrifice the one he loved most. We all know what was about to go down...except Gamora.

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Cut to Titan when the team had just about wiggled the gauntlet off of Thanos' arm. That's when Nebula figured out the reason Thanos was in mourning, and Star-Lord just could not deal with losing Gamora.  

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Neither could we, but we were in a theater eating our feels with popcorn. Star-Lord was facing a crucial moment where he needed to focus, and he couldn't do that.

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Peter losing it resulted in Thanos overpowering the heroes, nabbing the Time Stone, and heading off on his merry way. Fans had some very harsh things to say to Mr. Lord. 

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In the words of Andy Dwyer, "My bad."

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This seems like a classic Andy screw-up, and if it was Andy facing off with Thanos, we could probably forgive him.

I don't know if we can forgive Star-Lord for screwing up that bad.

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We'd like to personally thank everyone involved who tried to save the universe. You will all receive a nice gift basket for your efforts. Except you, Peter. You know what you did. 

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Some fans made some pretty accurate comparisons, and we definitely agree with this one in particular. 

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Star-Lord would get super testy at the exact wrong moment, ruining the night for everyone involved.

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Everyone in the theater was internally screaming at Star-Lord to chill out and stick to the plan. Shockingly, there are fans who are defending Star-Lord, and I guess we should hear them out. 

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Let's drag Star-Lord one more time, because he didn't listen to his own advice. He told Drax to cool it because it wasn't the right time to attack Thanos out of revenge. But he did it. 

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Anyways, there are fans out there who are ready to protect and defend Peter Quill to the ends of the universe. 

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He is a precious gem who we shouldn't go after all at once. Also, let's not forget he was one of the many who dusted away.

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This tweeter makes a very good point. Peter has lost his mother, his real father, and his father-figure. Losing his love was pretty much the last straw, and it broke him — hard. 

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Also, let's not forget that Dr. Strange saw the one outcome where they are victorious, and this might be part of the plan.  

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Furthermore, some people have theories when it comes to Gamora being resurrected.

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This theory is giving me a little bit of hope about the whole thing. 

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The bummer is that we have to wait until 2019 to see Avengers 4 before we get any answers.

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This one is a bit of a stretch, but we're all grasping at straws for any clue that Gamora won't stay dead. 

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We're just choosing not to believe that her death is one that will be permanent.

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Regardless of all of these theories, we still need one very important question answered: Why is Gamora?

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If you didn't laugh during this scene, then you're just as cold as Thanos.

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We're just going to be over here in our corner of denial, hoping that we haven't seen the last of our fierce warrior.


Don't try to tell us otherwise — we're just not going to listen.

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