14+ Ziplock Bag Hacks That Won't Disappoint

Diply 23 Aug 2018

Even if you solely use them for their intended purpose, ziplock bags are incredible. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, you can stash practically anything in them, and they're dirt cheap.

The same goes for tinfoil and plastic wrap, but we're here to talk baggies, today!

It turns out, they can do way more than simply stash sandwiches or preserve frozen foods. So, make sure you're stocked up on these resealable baggies because these hacks are game-changers.

1. Freeze meat the smart way.

Reddit | Upstream15

Large ziplock bags are perfect for freezing ground meats in the most efficient way.

Here's how: fill a bag, flatten it with a rolling pin, and freeze. It'll not only freeze and thaw faster now that it's flat but will also help save on freezer space.

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2. I don't like sand...

Reddit | sened

A trip to the beach is basically your phone's worst nightmare. Sand has a way of scratching screens and getting into ports, and water, well, you already know that water's bad for your phone.

Putting your phone in a tightly-sealed ziplock is absolutely essential — and you should still be able to use the touchscreen through the bag!

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3. Keep kitchen messes at bay.

OSX Daily | OSX Daily

Many of us follow recipes from our phone or tablet when we're in the kitchen. Problem is, kitchens can get messy.

This tip from OSX Daily is elegant in its simplicity: encase your device in an appropriately sized baggie to protect it from wayward splashes and spills.

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4. Organize cables and electronics.

Lil Blue Boo | Lil Blue Boo

DIYer Ashley Hacksaw, better known as Lil Blue Boo, shares this great example of ziplock-based organization.

This method should help keep your cables from forming a big jumbled ball, and it's also helpful for keeping electronics with their proper cables, chargers, and documentation.

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5. Make ice cream!

Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom | Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

DIYer/blogger/mom Jamie Sanders shows us that it's possible to make ice cream without a cumbersome ice cream maker.

You'll want to visit her site for detailed instructions, but the upshot is that you just need ingredients, ziplock bags, and a whole lot of shaking.

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6. Simple, effective ice packs.

Tip Garden | Tip Garden

Jan from Tip Garden demonstrates one of the best ice packs you can make at home. Just soak a sponge with water, put it in a ziplock, and freeze.

The sponge will keep the water from getting all drippy as it melts. These are a must for any freezer!

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7. Ziplocks are basically frosting bags.

Eat, Live, Run | Eat, Live, Run

Jenna from Eat, Live, Run shows how to make ziploc bags into a complete cake-frosting system. You can go the extra mile by including a metal frosting tip, but even a standard bag with a small corner cut off will do the job fine.

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8. Turn one into a stand.

Reddit | claireadelie

Whether you're on a cross-country flight or in the back seat for a long road trip, ziplock bags are your friend when it comes to watching stuff on your phone or tablet.

A bag will easily carry the weight of your phone, and there are all sorts of ways to prop it up.

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9. Juice a pomegranate easily.

Imgur | calig

Just like tip seven, cutting the corner off of a bag yields dividends. In this case, it helps separate those endless pomegranate seeds from the delicious juice the fruit contains.

Just make sure to make your corner cut small enough to keep in the seeds for eating later.

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10. Make art projects a little less messy.

Reddit | i_make

Ziplock bags are a great way to store stuff in mugs and other receptacles without getting them dirty.

Case in point: if you're painting, line your container with a bag, then fill it with paint. Your container stays clean and after sealing the bag, your paint stays fresh.

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11. Preserve air-activated products.

Hock Gift Shop | Hock Gift Shop

If you're not going to use all of an air-activated product like hand warmers or Icy Hot patches, or if you just want to use it for a short period, you can extend its lifespan using a ziplock bag.

Just put it in a baggie, remove all of the air you can, and it should stay potent.

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12. Keep lettuce from wilting.

Six Clever Sisters | Six Clever Sisters

It's tough to know how to keep lettuce fresh sometimes. Fortunately, ziplock bags are your friend.

Six Clever Sisters demonstrates this method: after washing lettuce, place it and a paper towel in a baggie and refrigerate. The bag will keep things fresh as the paper soaks up excess moisture.

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13. Fly-proof your barbecue.

Instructables | Killer~SafeCracker

I've heard plenty of barbecue hacks, but never this!

I don't know how this wizardry works, but basically, hanging up a large freezer bag full of water, lime juice, salt, and pennies (yes, pennies) will keep pesky flies at bay.

Make sure to check out Instructables for the full details of this super clever system!

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14. Make blind cords look brand new.

Reddit | Ariar

Venetian blind cords are usually bright white but turn into a dingy beige through the course of their lives.

Since you can't exactly throw them into a laundry machine, do the next best thing: make a cleaning solution, put it in a ziplock, clip it up, and soak the cord. So simple and smart!

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15. A road trip's best friend.

Reddit | asarap

If you're going on a trip, try this one: freeze drinking water in ziplock bags, then use the frozen baggies as ice packs in your cooler. As the water melts, you can put it into bottles for ice cold drinking water as you go.

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16. Steam veggies with no mess.

My Fussy Eater | My Fussy Eater

This simple hack from My Fussy Eater's Ciara Attwell turns ziplocks into steaming bags.

Make sure to use a BPA-free and food-safe bag, fill it with veggies, and microwave it. The heat will create enough steam to soften the veggies up in minutes with no mess or cleanup.

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