12+ Youtube Drama Moments We're Still Not Over

Diply 26 Oct 2018

Youtube drama is literally the best drama. Why? Well, sweet children, it's truly the simple fact that the receipts from any feud are available for the public to enjoy. Social media stars have their whole lives on Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube, so the drama is truly ours for the taking...and my grubby li'l hands can't wait to get a hold of it!

1. Remember when Trisha Paytas called out the super popular vlog channel The Ace Family for this controversial Youtube thumbnail?

Starcasm | Starcasm

The Ace family claimed to have been robbed in their lavish California home this past August, and made sure to vlog their experience.

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However, Youtube Mukbang queen Trisha Paytas questioned the legitimacy of the family's story on her Instagram, and made it clear she didn't approve of their thumbnail.

Youtube | FamousPosts

She claimed that it was ridiculous to think that someone would pose for a photo and begin recording a video right after discovering that their house had been broken into. She has since apologized for the comments and says she remains a fan of the family.

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2. Remember when Zoella sold her mostly underage fans a super expensive Advent calendar, only to give them things one could easily buy at the dollar store?

Twitter | @poundland

You know it's bad when you get dragged by Poundland's Twitter account, lol.

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3. Remember when grav3yardgirl made a 30 minute rant video addressing the tragic fact that her local Starbucks had to stop giving her four free refills a day due to a policy violation?

Youtube | Blinding End

The millionaire Youtuber was upset about their "lack of loyalty," despite being part of their Starbucks loyalty program (which I personally stan with my life).

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4. Remeber Tanacon? LOL.

Youtube | Shane Dawson

Tanacon, a conference for fans of YouTubers and influencers, was arguably one of the biggest fails the internet has ever seen. With thousands of fans being told to wait in the blistering LA heat with no actual schedule or permits, and only enough room at the venue for 1,000... It was a disaster to say the least.

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5. Remember when Youtube sensation Emma Chamberlain released her much anticipated merch line only to have fans saying, "Sis... what is you doin'?"

Youtube | Sincere

Her merch included three scrunchies for $25.00 and a spaghetti-strap tank for $40.00...

That's all.

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6. Remember this video by Mua Blacswan (that was released back in January) that's just finally getting its much deserved attention this month?

Youtube | MUA Blacswan

In it, the beautiful and successful makeup artist shares her story about her party with Cardi... and it doesn't sound all that great. Definitely worth the watch.

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7. Remember when Liza and David broke up and literally sent the internet into a tailspin?

Youtube | David Dobrek

Such a sad time for the YouTube world.

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8. Remember when Colleen Ballinger, aka Miranda Sings (RIP Miranda Sings), announced that she was pregnant and then made a video telling all her cool Youtube friends?!

Youtube | Colleen Ballinger

Remember when we all cried?

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9. Remember when Kylie finally announced her pregnancy and left us all in shambles?

Youtube | Kylie Jenner

Regardless of your feelings about Kylie, this was the most magical video ever created and I'm crying all over again.

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10. Remember when Shane Dawson finished this intense series about controversial YouTuber Jake Paul?

Youtube | Shane Dawson

This has been one of Shane's most dramatic and talked about career moves by far.

Fans are still so confused and emotionally conflicted about the whole ordeal!

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Most fans weren't impressed with Shane highlighting such a controversial Youtuber.

Twitter | @achangeofheart_

But regardless of how you feel about either of these dudes, the series was pretty entertaining and... eye opening?

Still not a Jake Pauler, though. Lol.

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11. Remember when formerly relevant British YouTuber Alfie Deyes did a "challenge" video where he lived off of one British pound for a day?

Youtube | Louis Farah

Many people found the video offensive and incredibly out of touch as this "challenge" is many people's reality.

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12. Remember when the whole beauty community fell to shambles?

Youtube | Tea Spill

More specifically, when all of this Jacyln Hill + Morphe drama finally came to a head and got all the beauty gurus out, ready to talk MAD shiz, lol.

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13. Remember when Eden The Doll's boyfriend cheated on her during a business trip SHE brought him to?

Youtube | Eden The Doll

The details of the affair are shocking and upsetting, and they prove that fame really can get to people's heads.

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14. And finally, our queen and savior Trisha Paytas' video just straight up calling out YouTubers and their fake apologies, specifically Laura Lee.

Youtube | blndsundoll4mj

How about we all just agree to be decent people in 2019, kk?

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