Hate winter? You're not alone. Many of us literally feel sad once days start getting shorter and darker. Seasonal Affective Disorder or "SAD" can leave us feeling tired and unmotivated. Don't be left out in the cold. Here are 16 ways to combat snowmageddon and start enjoying old man winter again.


1. Take A Hike

Call up bae and brave the elements. Go for a stroll on a sunny winter day, soak up some Vitamin D, (the sunshine vitamin), and toss those winter blues away. 

2. Visit A Greenhouse

It'll feel like summer never left. Spend an afternoon amidst lush, fresh greenery and start planning your summer garden. Make it an outing with friends and bring along some summery clothes to really get into the vibe.


3. Head To The Spa

Jack Frost won't find you here. The only thing nipping at your nose will be the blackhead remover during your facial where you've decided to make your season bright with a day at the spa. 

4. Dance Like Nobody's Watching


Whirl and twirl winter away by turning up the music and unleashing your inner Molly Ringwald followed by a good helping of the Breakfast Club, especially if you're on detention.


5. Get Cooking


Satisfy those carb cravings! Plan a cookie exchange with your friends or host a dinner party. You don't need mad skills, just a snowy afternoon and a serious urge for some home-style comfort food.

6. Add Some Colour

Don't let a little snowpocalypse stand in the way of a shopping spree! Resist the urge to default to black this winter by brightening up your wardrobe with lots of cheery colours. 


7. Stay In Bed

It may be morning but you're not feeling it. It's freezing and you don't want to get up so why not hunker down and indulge in a little human hibernation by staying in bed for an extra few? 

8. Get Crafty

Baby it's cold outside and you're snowed in anyway, so why not pass the time knitting or crocheting your friends some creative winter gear while impressing them with your DIY skills?   


9. Buy Yourself Flowers

Roses are red, violets are blue, keep spirits up, with a bouquet or two. Apart from the bad rhyme, it's true, fresh flowers at home and work can make all the difference on a gloomy winter day.

10. Get Lost In A Great Book

Winter is the perfect time to get to those books piled up on your nightstand. Start a book club and discuss all things literary with great friends. 


11. Make A Snow Angel

Remember how much fun winter was as a kid? Get outside and spread your wings again. Get some snow paint and turn your snow angel into a work of art.

12. Throw A Hawaiian-Themed Party

Take back the beach! Turn up the heat and throw a luau party with your besties but take it easy on the Mai Tais. Winter already sucks enough without a hangover too.


13. Take A Vacation

Leave the kids with the grandparents and head to the beach. No babysitter? Try a staycation with the family at an indoor water park and get in on the fun. Just be sure to schedule self-care time.

14. Socialize

Winter is so wicked before you know it, you've barricaded yourself inside and become a hermit. Social isolation leads to depression so make sure to make regular plans to get out and have fun with your friends.


15. Find Time For Fido

Animals reduce stress and help us stay active. Spend some time with your trusty sidekick or get yourself a new bff to snuggle up at your feet during those cold winter nights.

16. Fake It Til You Make It

Research shows smiling whether you're feeling it or not, can improve your mood by tricking your brain into releasing feel-good hormones so fake til you make it and soon enough, it'll be summer again.


And that's just the tip of the iceberg. How do you brave the big chill?