21+ Wild Pics That Make More Sense Than They Seem

Diply 12 Oct 2018

It seems that the world has more mysteries than we have people to solve them, but fortunately, that doesn't discourage people from trying.

Although, it often helps when the things that make us stare in bewilderment are as common as a housefly to somebody else. But even when the mystery isn't quite that simple, the clever detectives of Reddit will still go to some pretty impressive lengths to satisfy our curiosity.

And so, here are some of their great triumphs in making the mysterious understandable.

1. It's hard to be exact when a flying object is this unclear, but the point is that this is way more likely to be a drone than an alien.

Reddit | atroxidy

So far, the best guess seems to be a particular egg-shaped drone, but again, it's a little hard to tell without getting a closer look.

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2. This sign, found in a hospital, becomes a lot easier to understand if you understand sign language.

Reddit | wutitdue

And those who do would probably be relieved to see it because it means that a sign language interpreter is available on-site.

So yeah, no secret societies here.

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3. These cool-looking growths appeared in the New Jersey Pine Barrens, and it didn't take long before someone gave us their name.

Reddit | Agamidae214

They're called orange coral fungus and just like their relative, the golden spindles, they have a pretty awesome resemblance to tongues of fire.

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4. There's a pretty good reason that these chairs have weird, spiny sticks on them.

Reddit | TurkayBurger

That's because they happen to be the furniture of England's historic Haddon Hall and those sticks, which are called teasels, are there to ensure that nobody wrecks any of the antiques by sitting on them.

Without them, this would just be another case where we can't have nice things.

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5. Not to worry, this massive circle is a lot less creepy than it looks.

Reddit | augusteighteen

Sorry to disappoint anyone looking for underground bunkers, but this is just a big storage tank for drinking water. More detailed maps of this area have a way of taking away the mystery.

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6. Sadly, this truck isn't here because somebody found the world's most legendary ramp.

Uncharted101 | Uncharted101

It actually comes from Mark Madson of Lincoln, Wisconsin. His son wanted him to make a tree house, and he had a lot of vehicles lying around, so he decided that one of them had been on the ground for too long.

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7. Yes, it is actually possible for earthworms to end up this impressively long.

Reddit | KyserSoze94

But that depends on what species of worm is kicking around in a given area. This one would probably beat Britain's largest worm, which was 16 inches long, but some South American worms can grow to three feet in length.

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8. This may look like someone's strange art experiment, but it actually has a practical use.

Reddit | littlemeowcat

According to one Redditor who's built something similar, the cardboard is there to make sure any pets don't scratch at the door. But since a clever pet can just fold the cardboard, the golf clubs are there to keep it in place.

So we started off confused and ended up solving an everyday problem.

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9. This person thought they found a fossil, and it turns out they were right! 

Reddit | i_speak_astronomy

But unlike a lot of fossils people have unearthed, we could actually meet a live one of these now if we wanted to. That's because this was once a common sea urchin.

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10. This object's finder figured out how to charge it, but that's not so helpful when you have no idea what it does.

Reddit | ArtieAzulra

Fortunately, somebody stepped in to tell them that this is actually a Pokémon Go catcher that includes an "auto-catch" function to grab them without any input from the wearer.

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11. If this person thought they had found an unexploded bomb, they might be relieved to learn they were only half-right.

Reddit | johninfairview

This is actually a practice bomb used to train pilots, which means that as a worst-case scenario, the only thing that should come out of it is a bunch of smoke or a flare.

The one who identified it still recommended contacting the National Guard, though.

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12. If you've ever driven by one of these and wondered what it is, I'm happy to say you can finally get your answer.

Reddit | rrrrreeeeeddddd

This rig is known as a VORTAC station and its job is to send out pulses to passing aircraft so they can figure out where they are.

Unsurprisingly, this one was near an airport.

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13. Some of the internet's detectives are so good that not even a seemingly random box of scraps can stay mysterious for long.

Reddit | roadsterbob

Not only did one sharp-eyed Redditor notice that these were accessories for a sewing machine, but another one even narrowed it down to the Singer brand.

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14. This one is obviously an ax, but the person who found it was actually curious about what it says on the blade.

Reddit | CarbyCarberson

Apparently, it says "forged steel," and that was all the evidence Reddit needed to figure out this was once a fire ax.

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15. Unfortunately, these bugs prove that solving the mystery doesn't always mean you end up with good news.

Reddit | beesareblue

Not only did this poor soul find maggots in their house, but one Redditor also let them know that if the bathroom isn't dirty, they're either there because of a sewage leak or an animal trapped somewhere in the house.

Well, at least another one told them they could use white vinegar to get rid of the pests.

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16. If you can't understand this sign, then it's not your job to deal with it. Still, it's nice to know what it means anyway.

Reddit | PK32020

The symbol means that this telephone pole has experienced enough wear and tear that it needs to be replaced. And the fact that the sign is red means that it's a priority pole that needs to be taken away quickly.

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17. Yeah, one look at this shirt is enough to make most of us think, "Are these guys supposed to be from something or what?"

Reddit | sovietredfox

And it turns out they are. If you were a big fan of drawing in the early '80s, you might recognize these as the Ready-To-Use illustrations of men's heads.

I wasn't born yet, so I'm just glad somebody cleared that up.

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18. This instrument's owner was gearing up to learn how to play it, but it's kind of hard to do that when you don't know what it is.

Reddit | thekippersnack

Fortunately, it wasn't long before they learned that this is called a dulcimer and that it's apparently a pretty popular instrument in Appalachia.

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19. All that the person who found this knew about it was that it was hard and slimy.

Reddit | tastycakea

Fortunately, they ended up with more than that nightmarish description when they learned that this is a mantis egg case. Apparently, a lot of people come to Reddit to ask what this is.

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20. When the photographer found this, all they could say was that it had flies on it.

Reddit | daslight

But the first thing that most people would notice about it is the smell because this is known as a stinkhorn mushroom. They come in all shapes and sizes, but they all have that...lovely trait in common.

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21. This doll turned up in a thrift store, but a lot apparently happened to it before it got there.

Reddit | Eleagl

One Redditor figured out that this is an Oliver Oken doll from Hannah Montana that somebody repainted, but that's about as far as the explanation goes.

I guess he was secretly a superhero all along?

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22. Although this mystery hasn't technically been solved yet, Redditors seem to agree on what happened to this lock. 

Twitter | @scixpmas

As far as they can tell, somebody sprayed graphite lubricant on it to make it easier to force something into the lock that doesn't belong there.

So yes, there's a chance that somebody tried to break in.

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23. Believe it or not, this is actually a full-sized truck.

Reddit | yaboymilky

But when it's the star of a panoramic shot like this one, the camera can end up making it look like some kid's power wheels. It's like looking at the world through a funhouse mirror.

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24. Now that we've learned what's actually going on in these weird photos, let's take a moment to appreciate the internet-detectives responsible.

Getty Images | Johner Images

Bit by bit, they're helping to make the world a little less confusing. And if there was ever a time we needed that to happen, it's now.

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