20+ Wild Pics That Are Full Of Wonder And Mystery

Diply 20 Oct 2018

I don't know about you folks, but I've often found that the hardest sights to explain aren't the ones that look hard to explain. Like, you could see a giant flower that smells like rotting meat and a two-minute Google search will tell you that it smells that way to attract bugs.

Meanwhile, a simple statue of a kid riding a dinosaur can lead you down a rabbit hole that just ends up going nowhere. Somebody had to build it for some reason, but good luck finding that out.

With that in mind, don't be surprised if we don't find all the answers behind these pictures today. But our curiosity loves unanswered questions, right?

1. Well, I guess we have all the proof we need that Robin Hood's tournament-winning shot is actually possible.

Reddit | Reddit

Sadly, the original arrow wasn't actually on the bull's eye, but it was close enough for this shot to still be impressive.

Imagine pulling this off only to hit an arrow that didn't get any points. That would be one tragic oops.

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2. We're often told to look before we leap and that goes double if your area is known for these curious critters.

Reddit | teacherPorfirio-

An alligator doesn't like it any more than we do when someone does a cannonball next to it, and its teeth are a lot sharper than ours.

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3. All this bizarre creation needs now is a mechanical bird to go with it.

Reddit | oli3

And it's just as well if they do add one, because this'll probably be much safer for that than a real bird. This birdhouse looks sharp, but it probably feels even sharper.

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4. This is a Persian carpet flower and based on the family it comes from, it's probably much nicer to look at than it is to smell.

Reddit | marvinHentz

Granted, we'd feel differently if we were flies, but rotting meat doesn't make a good potpourri.

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5. This may not be so fun for whoever's trying to listen to this station, but the rest of us are certainly getting a show.

Reddit | Mynameactuallyjeff

If thunderstorms were always just plain impressive like this one, I wouldn't grumble so much about them waking me up.

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6. Your imagination won't have to picture what's in the creepy jar room for long.

Reddit | NascentIntimation

Well, besides jars, obviously. It turns out this is just where a university's biology department keeps all its specimens. That sign is probably still accurate, though.

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7. It's a little hard to tell, but that's what a space shuttle looks like as it punches through the clouds.

Reddit | yesplease151

More specifically, that's the space shuttle Endeavor, and it was on its way to link up with the International Space Station.

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8. This is the Kailasa Temple in India and it's about as solid as it gets.

Reddit | commonvanilla

That's because the entire temple was carved from a single rock, which is equally mind-blowing when you think about its size and the level of detail in it.

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9. This may look like the potato chip companies found a way to pack even more air into these bags, but this time, it's not their fault.

Reddit | MrEggysMC

It turns out that this is just what happens when you store chip bags at a really high elevation. If the seals on these bags were a little weaker, they'd explode.

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10. Personally, I'd find it pretty hard to complain about those punk kids spraying my wall if they left this little guy behind.

Reddit | Shandere

Sure, the downside would be that people would keep asking what this is and I wouldn't know the answer, but it would be worth it.

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11. Well, well, well, it seems like this doll head ended up with the right kind of dirt to give it a hairstyle.

Reddit | uttertrashguy

Every human who sees this might recoil in horror and walk away, but at least the grass seems comfortable around it.

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12. The sap running from this tree just might be as sinister as it looks.

Reddit | TheLilChicken

That's because this sap tends to run from the black-sap poisonwood tree, which is loaded with the same active chemical in poison ivy that causes nasty burning rashes when you touch it.

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13. It's a little hard to tell what these people are digging up, but it might spring to mind if you've seen an Ice Age movie recently.

Reddit | JM-Rie

That's right, those are woolly mammoth tusks and this farmer's field in Michigan just happened to have the skull of one of them lying around.

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14. Sometimes, life just works out and an actual rainbow will appear next to a rainbow-colored building.

Reddit | AdversusAnima

And yes, that probably doesn't look like what's happening if you actually lived there, but they get a better view of the whole thing anyway.

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15. This statue makes for a pretty good landmark, but it's pretty hard to tell what inspired it.

Reddit | Winkleberry1

Unless there was some famous instance where two kids rode a crocodile in the rain that I'm blanking on, I'm guessing there are more metaphors here than I can handle.

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16. This object was made all the way back in the second century BC, but you'll probably recognize it if you play Dungeons and Dragons.

Reddit | yesplease151

Sadly, this probably wasn't made so ancient Egyptians could pretend to slay a dragon, but rather to experiment with geometry.

It was also made after Alexander the Great came to Egypt, since it's labeled with both Greek and Coptic letters.

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17. If it looks like this cloud is casting a shadow, that's exactly what's happening.

Reddit | ThisUsernameSucksToo

Cloud shadows are usually the most noticeable when the sky is clear overhead and the sun is low in the sky. When a cloud blocks the sun, it'll look like its shadow is fanning out from all directions like this.

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18. This giant sundial allows you to tell the time using your shadow.

Reddit | alteredhead

We've obviously long progressed beyond the need to do that in most situations, but it's still pretty neat when our shadows can do more than just ballpark it based on how long they are.

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19. This boulder may look like it's teetering between these houses, but it's not because of any disaster.

Reddit | tanzaniteflame

In reality, we're looking at Setenil De Las Bodegas, a town in Spain that was built into the neighboring cliffs. So this rock is more of a natural ceiling than anything to worry about.

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20. This fire in Australia is massive and looks fearsome, but it's all going according to plan.

Reddit | hypersonicelf

This is known as a prescribed burn and it's done to use up the materials that can make a bushfire spread before one actually occurs. That way, an actual bushfire is much less likely to get out of control.

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21. This burst of color happened when somebody made a collection of different powders explode and it looks pretty amazing.

Getty Images | Arthur Debat

And considering that it was likely done so this picture could be taken, we can only wonder how many times it took to get it right.

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22. This definitely looks like a random collage of three images, but the perspective just happens to separate them this perfectly.

Reddit | Phlogistoned

If you look at a zoomed-out version of this area, you can see that we're only looking a a brick building near a concrete building with some trees in the background.

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23. This beautiful, living sculpture is known as Earth Goddess and it took about 18,000 plants to make her.

Reddit | dumbFella

Most of the color comes from different leaves rather than blooming flowers, but it still takes weeks for them to grow into what you see here.

She's currently hanging out in Atlanta's Cascades Garden.

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24. Nintendo's early days as a playing card company gives a major clue into how the company got its name.

Twitter | @scixpmas

Long before they could possibly make video games, Nintendo built their business on these playing cards called hanafuda.

The cards were often used in gambling, which likely has something to do with why "nin-ten-do" roughly translates to "luck heaven hall."

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