24 People Trying Real Hard To Get Away With It...Whatever 'It' Is

Diply 13 Apr 2018

The best is all you can give, and that might be true, but that doesn't mean your best is the best. I know, I'm laying down the deep truth here, and you just wanted to get into a funny article. It's okay, at least I tried.

1. Calling this a taco

Reddit | Photogenic-type

I have been known to mess up what is actually a taco and what is actually a cupcake. Easy mistake. But I at least know that this cannot be a taco, I won't let the team down again.

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2. Tried to be artsy, mostly just made a mess

Reddit | Zargaith94

If you can figure out what this place is called without looking it up, then I owe you a high five. Because I had to cheat. And I'm not proud of it.

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3. Tbh, I think this hotel is trying to make sure that no one ever finds their room

Reddit | Triton333

I have no other reason as to why they would try to make this number design work. I think it's room 8878? But I would not bet money on that guess.

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4. Listen, I know that it's the thought that counts, but did any thought actually happen during the making of this balloon?

Reddit | Porkchop_King

Or did they think that it would just go unnoticed? Totally forgetting that, at that age, the party is mostly for the adults anyway?

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5. Trying to be modern and clever, but failing at it

Reddit | JackLove

I certainly see what they're trying to do, but they wasted a lot of plastic to try and make it happen.

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6. If they wanted their ad to be memorable, at least they made that happen

Reddit | prosto_mokasin

Pretty hard to forget a child with a detached head looking oh-so chipper.

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7. They knew there was some safety law out there that made this handrail a must

Reddit | xj4me

But they're still showing a little sass by making it so darn small. Rebels.

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8. I guess coming up with a base design by yourself is just too much work

Reddit | pm_me_your_Yi_plays

If only the paint didn't chip, then it would have totally fooled me.

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9. Sorry girl, I don't know who you're trying to trick here, but this is just not a thing

Reddit | iHaveACatDog

I am so sure that you can deal with your hair down for a couple of hours.

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10. I have something that will work better than this, if only because it means you won't die from exhaust fumes

Reddit | doctorpotterwho

A TENT! Seriously, don't do this DIY tent...thing. Please. Just buy a real one.

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11. I guess they're just really keen on being able to go from land to water and back again 

Reddit | shamgar_bn

Because who has time to switch modes of transportation these days?

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12. They ordered bruschetta, and then this is what was delivered to them 

Reddit | Flyingforme

Surprisingly delivered to them by a restaurant, and not something they found in a garbage can behind a restaurant.

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13. I can't help but think that with this effort, they could have just gone to the garage and had them fixed?

Reddit | politik86

I'm sure it would be a little more expensive or whatever, but come on.

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14. Broken oven door? Meh, that's no big deal

Reddit | brammage8

Nothing is going to get between you and your oven-baked pizza. Not even safety. And certainly not anything that can be held together by a bungee cord, anyway.

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15. Why do people who are not plumbers try to get away with plumber-type things?

Reddit | ip-in-your-p

Even if it works, it makes exactly zero sense. This is why you call in the pros.

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16. The attempt was made, but the internet is full of Photoshop detectives

Instagram | Instagram

And having your phone defy physics is one sure way to make the world know that your booty is 'shopped.

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17. I have always thought that sports fans were the most crazy of all people and I think this proves it

Reddit | NapkinTheBatDad

Because you just know those seats will sell.

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18. They would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for it being literal duct tape

Reddit | Cammz05

Just because the color matches, doesn't mean it's a good match.

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19. I guess if it works, it works...but that doesn't look like it should work

Reddit | Kungfudanny

Because those are zip ties???? And I don't think they should be used for, you know, tying pieces of a vehicle together.

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20. Yes, yes, they do. But you keep trying, and that's all that matters

Instagram | Instagram

Sometimes humor isn't your strongpoint, but looking straight-up exhausted at all hours is. And that's okay!

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21. Stop trying to make lizard walks happen, they aren't going to happen. Gosh. 

Reddit | NJL1228

I appreciate that you're trying to make sure your scaly BFF gets cardio, but you have to know this is weird.

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22. As someone who is allergic to peanut butter, I'm into these

Reddit | alexbchillin

But as someone who knows the sole purpose of these is the peanut butter, I know that they're wrong. And no one will let them forget it.

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23. Whoever packed this up was so, so close to pulling off a delicious frozen pizza for all to enjoy

Reddit | CF_Gamebreaker

But they missed one small, yet important, step.

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24. I think I can say with certainty that if you think that's what this means, then you should be off kids for a long, long time 

Instagram | @blockbusterbanter

And that's all I have to say about that.

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