21+ Weird Pics That Sneak Some Info In, Too

Diply 11 Oct 2018

One of the most interesting things that can happen in life is learning without even realizing that you're learning. Sometimes you pick up information totally absentmindedly and find it sticking to you later, like you sat on an information-coated lollipop.

And one of the best, yet least expected ways to get that info stuck to you is with weird, random pics. We have a wonderfully weird, wide variety of pics here that you just might pick a few things up from. Hey, you never know.

1. Funny enough, this is one picture of two rooms right next to each other at the exact same time of day.

Reddit | an-angry-bee

But for all we know, there could be any number of things outside affecting the quality of light coming in. Still, it's an interesting difference.

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2. At first glance, you hardly even notice that the pole in front of this photo has been painted to blend in with the photo.

Reddit | ManBehindJulioOcho

Which is a testament to the skill of the pole's painter.

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3. Shadows aren't usually the most interesting things, until you see all the separate shadows cast by this LED light.

Reddit | Nickcholoas

That would be 14 shadows, one for each of the 14 LED bulbs.

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4. Big props to the bricklayers on this job, who gave this building a pretty incredible wood-grain look. 

Reddit | bobber1101

I don't want to imagine how time consuming it must have been, but it worked out wonderfully in the end.

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5. Of all the patterns you expect to see in nature, would you ever think a squash would develop its own pixelated camouflage?

Reddit | Digitalanthill

Wonder what threats this squash needed to hide from.

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6. Not that most of us have any reason to, but if you look at bananas under a UV light, their spots glow.

Reddit | fenhelix

Rest assured, however, that plenty of research has been done on what bananas look like under UV light.

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7. Microscopes are great and all, but have you ever seen one that you can share with four other people?

Reddit | RealWorldJunkie

Wish my high school had had one of these for group projects in science class.

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8. All signs here point to a squirrel having fallen off the roof before scampering away.

Reddit | etymologynerd

The evidence is pretty compelling, you have to admit. But boy, do I wish there was a video.

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9. "I took this picture with the sun at my back, so it cast my shadow thru the smoke and out into the trees," wrote Reddit user Loganflash250.

Reddit | Loganflash250

Now to turn it into an alien abduction horror movie poster, amirite?

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10. Tourmaline comes in a wide variety of colors, so it was probably only a matter of time before one that resembles a slice of watermelon turned up. 

Reddit | samship_

I doubt it's anywhere near as enjoyable to munch on, however.

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11. It's reasonable to think porcelain would be one uniform color throughout, right? But this chunk of porcelain shows it isn't after being subjected to a sandblaster.

Reddit | Proteon

And it's still quite gorgeous.

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12. Back before everybody carried around cameras, it wasn't uncommon to buy a disposable camera that would have been made on an assembly line like this.

Reddit | EnglishThesaurus

Yeah, one of the workers accidentally took a pic of the assembly line, and the camera shipped with the photo still on it.

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13. Someone wove the trees along this nature trail into a tunnel.

Reddit | VitriolicDiatribe

Fun fact: There is a word for weaving and interlocking plants, and it's pleaching. Who would've thought?

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14. In Europe, you can get yourself a zero Euro note.

Reddit | chrisbasmaci

It's a souvenir, obviously — "souvenir" is printed on the lower right corner — and even though it's worth zero Euros, it still costs 2.5 Euros.

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15. Years worth of paint layers built up on a sign-maker's saw horse before it became too heavy to move, so it had to be cut down, leaving this beautiful cross-section.

Reddit | mikespo12

You could almost sell that on its own!

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16. You know how there's the Apple logo on the back of a Macbook? Well, if you put a lamp behind it, the logo will shine through the screen.

Reddit | EnderElemental

The more you know, amirite?

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17. Oil and water don't mix well, but when rain hits an oil slick on a driveway, it can create something profoundly beautiful all the same.

Reddit | LadyKingsella

You could frame that pic and put it on your wall.

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18. So, I've peeled many a potato in my life, but I've never seen a spud with such a lifelike eye.

Reddit | docccrusher

Seriously, I'm not sure I could mash a potato that looks back at me.

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19. File this under "things I can't believe I've never noticed before": the "up" and "dn" text on a keyboard are the same, just rotated 180 degrees.

Reddit | ShinkouKaze

Well, I guess it's not every keyboard, so at least there's that.

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20. On a foggy night, this digital billboard decided to have an error, making it look like the sky failed to load.

Reddit | Felliniesque

Mind you, of all the things that could crash on a foggy night, this was a best case scenario.

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21. The white lines painted on this trail are actually there for a good reason, pointing out all the tripping hazards that line the ground.

Reddit | vagunowner94

Whether it was done to be nice or to avoid a lawsuit, it's welcome either way.

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22. Some restaurants — really, the finest restaurants — will fold takeout bags in such a way that they make their own handle.

Reddit | mugen_spiegel

That kind of attention to detail speaks volumes.

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23. If you think that covering a can of soda with cling wrap will keep it fresh, here's proof otherwise.

Reddit | midterm360

It's still going to fizz and release gas, so at least you end up with a neat bubble the next morning.

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24. Things I'm mildly curious about using: a bar of felted soap.

Reddit | GamingDemon23

The idea being that you get the soap and a gentle scrubber in one piece, which sounds efficient, if nothing else.

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