12+ Weird Pics We're Not Quite Sure About

Diply 3 Aug 2018

I've always taken pride in being weird, like a bright blue duck. However, I think it's safe to say that the photos in this article give me a run for my money (that's easy, considering I don't run at all). Go ahead and embrace the weird!

1. There are some lines that cannot be crossed. This is one of them

Reddit | deliciousredrum

I am a strong supporter of pumpkin spice things, but even I know when to reel it in. Can we please just stick to the lattes?

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2. Some people might call this art, but I really think they take crossovers too far these days

Reddit | rekt73

This statue kind of makes me think of a science experiment gone totally wrong. I honestly wouldn't be too surprised if it gave people nightmares.

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3. I think I'm actually here for this one

Craziest | Craziest

Maybe we've been wearing sweaters wrong this whole time. As weird as it looks, it's also probably pretty darn convenient. I have to start doing this now. This strategy is a game changer!

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4. Who was responsible for this travesty?

Reddit | hightechkid9

This is just as disappointing as getting a counterfeit Pokémon card back in the day. Nothing can beat the real thing when it comes to childhood breakfast cereals. Why did they go and ruin it?

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5. I think a piece of me just died

Imgur | GrimRiderJ

Don't get me wrong, I do love fries, but who would treat them so wrong? I can't imagine a world where this is okay.

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6. Well, that's one way to boil water

Reddit | Based_Koba

I never knew what to do with those energy cards anyway. They would still be useless even if you cooked them. Why bother?

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7. What if I don't want to do that?

Reddit | the_dang_boi

I think somebody should have taught this establishment the importance of placement. The sign made me lose my appetite, and I'm scared.

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8. I'm pretty sure those aren't the kind of "chicks" he wanted

Imgur | artsyfartsybananaslam

It looks like he'll get a good workout, though. Maybe it will catch on, just like baby goat yoga.

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9. I'm not really sure what they're trying to do here

Put Me Like | Put Me Like

It looks like they were trying to merge chopsticks and a fork together, but I don't know how that's going to help anyone.

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10. I think we've all been here at some point

I Am Bored | I Am Bored

Who doesn't worry when their friends get hurt? I hope the medics were nice enough to bring the tiger some updates.

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11. I honestly feel bad for the dog

Twitter | @alsboy

Not only is he dressed up like Forrest Gump, but he is also sitting next to a box that could potentially hurt him.

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12. If that were me, I'd want to spruce up my color

Reddit | CosmicKeys

I'm not really sure that it's a good thing when your hair matches a paintbrush. I'm no expert though.

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13. This bench resembles my life at the moment

Reddit | RayistaNachoPls

I wonder if anyone is going to try and fix it. Too bad it can't fix itself. Just hang in there, bench!

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14. That cat probably has more money than I do...

Odd Stuff Magazine | Odd Stuff Magazine

I bet that's only because cats are mainly concerned with tuna, toys, and things to scratch. What a simple life.

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15. I think I'll pass on this trip to Target

Reddit | 420gulliver

It doesn't look like they have much in stock, anyway. I'd like to know where this is — so I can avoid it.

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16. I'll definitely pass on the trip to the hospital that these will cause

Pinterest | Pinterest

I have never been fashionable, but I'm pretty sure this is the literal embodiment of the phrase "beauty is pain."

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