16 Weird Pics With Even Weirder Stories

Diply 17 Apr 2018

Behind every picture, there's a story waiting to be told. Well, unless it's a picture of your food, in which case it's a story nobody cares about. Unlike your last Insta upload, this collection of images is just weird enough to make you ask, "What the heck is the deal with this?" And then I tell you what the heck is up with that. You're welcome.

1. What the heck, is that a decapitated snake?

Reddit | [deleted]

Wrongo! That's a Snake Head caterpillar, which evolved this gruesome method of camouflage to avoid predators. Even weirder, there's a kind of snake that does the opposite — its tail looks like a bug, which it wriggles to lure in birds to eat.

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2. If you find yourself in the middle of a lake during a lightning storm, make sure you have a fishing rod on hand.

Reddit | BubbleBoyB

Fun fact: a man named Roy Sullivan was called the Human Lightning Rod due to being struck by lightning seven times (once while fishing) in his lifetime, the odds of which are 1 in 10^28.

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3. We all know that this happens when we spend too long in the bath or shower, but do you know why it happens?

Reddit | neeto85

It's an evolutionary trait that we picked up! "Brain fingers" form so that we can get a better grip on things that are wet or underwater. They're like super-fingerprints!

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4. Remember that time when we made jewelry out of asbestos?

Reddit | eudice

I mean, I don't personally, but I am very glad I wasn't around when it was all the rage. This is basically the modern equivalent of Cleopatra using lead-based eyeliner.

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5. This is a babirusa, a species of pig whose tusks occasionally grow into their foreheads, burrowing into their skulls and killing them. Nature is metal.

Reddit | Nyaaners

You might be wondering why they evolved like this, but in reality, nature doesn't care how you die as long as you produce offspring.

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6. This is Brooklyn Supreme, the appropriately named record holder for world's heaviest horse.

Reddit | venommnstr

He was six feet, six inches tall, weighed 3200 pounds, and probably carried the Norse god Odin into battle on more than one occasion.

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7. You wouldn't know it by looking at it, but this is a church. The Sedlec Ossuary, located in the Czech Republic, contains around 40,000 skeletons which were stored during a plague.

Imgur | oligarchy

It's also probably the inspiration for a lot of Dark Souls levels.

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8. I can't wait to see this scene adapted into Infinity War.

Reddit | Reddit

Some background: Captain America is trying to eat his shield because a supervillain shrank himself and is trying to kill Cap from the inside. The supervillain's only weakness is the metal vibranium, which is what Cap's shield is made of.

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9. Why does it seem like that egg is made of paper towel? It seems like it would break if you looked at it wrong.

Reddit | Chrischin209

This is what happens when a hen doesn't have enough calcium in its diet. It's actually perfectly edible, even if it does look a little funky.

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10. As someone who isn't a pickle eater, I found this image very disturbing.

Reddit | crash7800

Then I found out this is apparently very common in Texas, which neither surprised me nor made me feel any better about it.

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11. You might be asking, "What's this vacuum-mouthed, fat-suit wearing, six-legged horror from another dimension?"

Reddit | ThePolakKid

It's a tardigrade! They're microscopic and can survive the vacuum of space and temperatures near absolute zero. Not bad for something that's smaller than a grain of rice.

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12. Is this camera secretly a security baton, or some kind of weird selfie stick?

Reddit | tnashb

Turns out it's just a super small lens used for taking pictures of small things, like the tardigrade above.

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13. This probably doesn't look that weird at first glance, but focus on this image long enough and it'll disappear.

Reddit | GarlicoinAccount

This is called the Troxler Effect, where if you focus on one point for a long time your brain just "fills in" the rest.

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14. Ye olde tooth bling: This is the skull of a Mayan noble, who would cut gouges into their teeth and put fancy rocks in them.

Reddit | utopiawesome

Oh, and they did it without anesthetic. Next time you whine about going to the dentist, think of this.

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15. Double banana! What does it mean?

Reddit | funkyboy_321

This is pretty much what happens when two bananas grow together really close and fuse into one. They're often taken out of circulation by sorters, so seeing one in the market is really rare!

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16. Forget locking up razors, Spam theft is apparently a big deal in some places. 

Reddit | Reddit

It actually is in the state of Hawaii. They love Spam on almost everything, apparently — even sushi!

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