16 Weirdly Interesting Things We Can't Stop Looking At

Diply 15 May 2018

People put every picture they take online, no matter how boring it is. The internet is crowded with the mundane and boring.

Luckily, there's also more interesting images than ever to make us all do a double take.

From crazy coincidences and eye-catching optical illusions to photorealistic paintings and scientific rarities, we just can't stop looking at these images.

1. That's not a photo, just a very talented oil painter making our jaws collectively drop

Reddit | outrider567

This eye-catching work of art by Young-sung Kim is called "Nothing. Life. Object." Meanwhile, we can still barely pull off a stick figure or a smiley face.

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2. That little dot is a single atom trapped in an electric field between two electrodes

Reddit | _invalidusername

Incredible picture — I can't even imagine the thought and effort that went into making this possible. Who would have thought a picture of electrodes could be so beautiful?

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3. A giant Buddha statue is hidden in a field of lavender

Reddit | gallowboob

The artist Tadao Ando surrounded his Buddha statue with a lavender field and topped with dome meant to create a womb-like atmosphere and fill with light.

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4. This photo isn't edited, God was just in a weird mood

Reddit | _jackkk

On this beautiful day the Charles River in Boston was separated by a razor-sharp line of clouds and we have no idea how.

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5. This carefully calculated trick photograph puts toy cars into perspective

Reddit | nsfwdreamer

Perspective photography, or as we call it, photoshop before photoshop, has the ability to create some very interesting tricks of the eye.

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6. This guy found the actual cliff featured on the packaging of Clif Bars. 

Reddit | angabhadubh

It would be an interesting photography project to go around the world, finding the inspiration for images used by companies.

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7. Is that a tree or a giant broccoli? Brocco-tree? 

Reddit | bdogg242

I guess if you think about it, a broccoli is like a tiny little tree, so it makes sense that they'd look similar.

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8. If you look closely, you'll notice these British people queued perfectly without guiding ropes

Reddit | genothp

People at my coffee shop can't even figure out a line when there's only five of us, but somehow hundreds of British people can queue flawlessly.

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9. Two-headed dog! Now with twice the retrieval and twice the gold!

Reddit | negativepitch

They're actually two separate dogs who are best friends and happy their owner is home, but we would kill for a two-headed dog.

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10. These two strangers wore the exact same outfit to a wedding, and on top of that they look like brothers

Reddit | drebler

The guy on the right looks like a giant version of the other guy!

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11. This larger-than-life sculpture was at the incredible Art Market Budapest 

Reddit | ethan_kahn

The art fair took place in the beautiful Budapest public square — wouldn't you love to see this on your way to work?

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12. This split lobster only occurs in one out of every 50 million

Reddit | scaulbylausis

I want to believe that somewhere out there, there's another lobster that's blue on the left and red on the right.

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13. This tree went through a breakup with itself, but luckily they got back together

Reddit | darnhecker

The process that created this beautiful piece of landscaping is called tree shaping, and it's when a gardener deliberately changes how the tree grows.

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14. Ohio State University printer rotates different students' papers so they don't get mixed up

Reddit | p50cal

I wish our office had one of these — some people aren't up to date on printer etiquette and leave stuff in there all day.

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15. I don't know what's more concerning, a giant lamp in the sky or that two of its bulbs are burnt out

Reddit | robyncracknell3

This is a neat optical illusion from the reflection inside an apartment.

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16. This glitch in the Matrix on the subway created three identical commuters

Reddit | thrashbandit

Though maybe all middle-aged white guys do look alike? You could throw most of our dads in here and continue the chain.

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