Weather Any Storm With These 13+ Emergency Hacks

Diply 12 Sep 2018

They say that nobody plans to fail; they fail to plan. Although communities usually come together in tough situations, you can't always rely on the kindness of strangers, so you might have to do the heavy lifting yourself. And planning ahead is the key to making it through an emergency as safely as possible.

And when planning fails, you might have to make a few things up as you go. So, here are a few preparation tips and a few hacks that should help you get through the worst as smoothly as possible.

1. With storms you can see coming, like hurricanes, step one should be stockpiling fresh water.

Facebook | Gold Hill Volunteer Fire Department

Clean your tub really well and fill it up, as well as filling all the available containers you have on hand.

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2. In a pinch, you can prevent leaks from draining your tub by using your shower curtain as a liner.

Facebook | Baleegh Rahman

Mind you, if it's dirty, you might not want to use that water for drinking. It should be good for flushing the toilet, if nothing else.

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3. Speaking of flushing toilets, if you fill a two-liter bottle with water and stick in the tank, you'll use less water with each flush.

Facebook | Scott Reece

Which can help your supply of fresh water last a little bit longer.

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4. It's definitely best to evacuate, but if you have to stay behind, or your car does, strapping some couch cushions to the windows might just save you some damage.

Facebook | Becky Garcia

Couldn't hurt, right?

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5. If you do evacuate, freeze a cup of water before you go, place a coin on top, and put it in your freezer.

Facebook | Lisa Shane Bergman

If the coin is inside the ice when you get back, you know your freezer failed at some point and your food defrosted.

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6. Power a car phone charger by connecting it to a 9V battery with a pen spring. 

Facebook | Nicole Santon

Whether you hold it all together with zip ties or duct tape is up to you.

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7. Stores probably won't be open, so if you find yourself without the right kind of batteries, you might have a workaround.

Facebook | Clear Choice USA of Southwest Florida

You can at least make AAA batteries work in place of AAs using a bit of aluminum foil.

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8. When the power goes out, you can make your own light even if you don't have candles.

Facebook | Kathryn Barrett

With the paper acting as a wick, a crayon will burn for about a half an hour.

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9. If you don't have candles or crayons, you can make a lantern out of a water bottle and head lamp.

Reddit | SwitchItOffandOn

The bigger the water bottle, the better the lantern.

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10. For a much simpler way to get more light in a room, aim a flashlight at a mirror.

Facebook | Sean Hunting

It'll scatter the light, amplifying the power of even a little handheld flashlight.

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11. Fill Ziploc bags 3/4 of the way with water — as many of them as you can — and freeze them.

Facebook | Gold Hill Volunteer Fire Department

They'll make excellent ice packs to keep all your perishable food cold, and it's just more water when it melts.

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12. Filling your washing machine's tub with ice turns it into an amazing drink cooler.

Facebook | U.S. First Responders Association

Just be sure to disconnect the supply lines in case nasty water or sewage backs up.

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13. If you don't have sandbags and you're worried about rising waters, try filling some garbage bags with water and hanging them in front of your door.

Facebook | Gold Hill Volunteer Fire Department

Has to be better than nothing!

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14. Our four-legged friends still need places to do their business, so you can set up an alternate spot for them inside using sod and a kiddie pool.

Facebook | Patriot K-Nine Dog Training, LLC.

Maybe set it up in the garage, if that's an option.

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15. This might seem a bit extreme, but considering the number of dogs that get separated from their owners in disastrous situations, it's not an awful idea.

Facebook | Paige Wojtowicz

Writing on your dog will seem well worth it if it keeps you together!

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16. If you have to worry about horses, braid a cow ear tag with contact info written on it into their manes.

Facebook | Gold Hill Volunteer Fire Department

If they find themselves on the loose after the storm, someone will be able to get in touch with you.

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