16 Times Walmart Was Still Full Of Surprises

Diply 4 May 2018

Walmart is one of my favorite places to go. If I'm feeling down or need some company, or even just need to get some groceries, Walmart is always the first place on my list. I think we all love Walmart, even if we don't always want to admit it.

However, I think we do need to admit that, as great as it is, it's still a weird, strange, and sometimes puzzling place.

1. One thing that I love about Walmart is that even though you usually can't find someone when you need them, they always put in the extra effort to make your visit a pleasant one. 

Reddit | MillenniumBlueFalcon

Check out this bathroom, for example. It's beautiful.

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2. I know that not everyone is a fan of Star Wars, but almost everyone should know who these guys are. 

reddit | A_Mexican_IRL

Although, maybe they totally did and thought this was a way better alternative to the stock pictures they were given to hang up.

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3. There are always going to be people who think that the rules of Walmart don't apply to them. 

Reddit | Reddit

Like this woman, who clearly does not understand the meaning of ten items or less! I have def done this, but only when I'm one or two over. I'm not a monster.

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4. Some serious words of wisdom here: If you are going to buy an article of clothing from Walmart, try it on first.

Reddit | itscostas

The rules of the outside world don't apply to Walmart, and that includes how they decide to size things.

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5. Sometimes, you just have to shake your head and wonder what it really must feel like to be a Walmart employee. 

Reddit | LeoNickle

I can't even begin to imagine some of the conversations that must go down.

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6. Do you think that they had to audition to be part of the Walmart associates choir?

Reddit | LazyFlounder

I fully appreciate team spirit, but this seems a little bit crazy, doesn't it?

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7. I think we can all agree that everyone's favorite thing to do at Walmart is people watch.

Reddit | merekisgreat

You will see all kinds of interesting things, including some people with a shoe game way stronger than yours.

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8. I have actually wondered what it would be like to work at Walmart, and part of me doesn't hate the idea.

People of Walmart | People of Walmart

But then I think about the amount of things that could probably go wrong and I reconsider.

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9. You've got to have a good sense of humor to make it anywhere in life. 

Reddit | mrjoepete

I would like to know what came first: the sign for the camo, or the joke?

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10. I would love to know how they got all those laundry baskets stacked so high. 

Reddit | Squeak_Squeakum

I know that it's physics keeping it up, but that must have been quite the sight to see.

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11. This actually took me a few minutes to figure out.

Reddit | AA0X

I was like OK, The Hobbit cast and Will Ferrell...makes sense, especially here of all places. Who am I to tell them otherwise?

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12. You gotta be really specific when it comes to selling things, because no one, myself included, likes to part with their hard-earned money.

Reddit | way_fairer

That's why it's important for Walmart to really spell things out for people, apparently.

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13. As a woman, I can say that I actually don't hate this idea.  

Reddit | dap_159

Putting the chocolate there makes it all the more inviting, and reminds me that this period too shall pass.

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14. This is literally what Walmart looks like in the minds of all the people who see it for what it is: great deals and great people watching.

Reddit | craigpierre

Seriously, though, is this what the gates to heaven look like?

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15. The tea must be hot! 

Reddit | ye_olde_j

He looks like he just got some seriously hot gossip and he's trying to plan what to say next. We always end up in weird positions when we try to focus on the tea.

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16. Above all, if you really wanted to, Walmart is a great place to make new friends.

Reddit | elr0y7

Who knows what kind of individual you will meet. I would personally love to meet a pigeon.

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