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16 Viral Pics That Are Seriously Wicked Cool

Diply 3 Jul 2018

One of the things I love most about the internet is how other people do things for me. Take, for example, sorting through thousands of images to find the best, funniest, coolest, most amazing things.

That's what virality does. If a pic goes viral, you know it has a stamp of approval for quality from thousands of eyes. People who look at the internet every day say, "Hey, folks, you all should see this, it's awesome. Don't bother with that other junk. This is worth your time."

Just like the pics below — they went viral, so somebody must like 'em!

1. Ever wondered what would happen if you drove over a road that hadn't been properly sealed first?

Reddit | hn_ns

It's pretty bad — and, of course, way better if it happens to someone else.

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2. For his wedding, one guy went for Groom of the Year by giving his groomsmen custom-made personalized Bobbleheads.

Reddit | SausageJokesAreWurst

At least if the marriage doesn't work out, he'll have some awesome, appreciative buddies at his back.

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3. Did you know you can feed a bee by hand?

Reddit | ShiftKeyOnBus

Good news, bumblebees typically only sting if they're provoked, and feeding has to be the opposite of provocation, right? I mean, that's how it works for me.

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4. Is this the Monday-est thing to ever happen?

Reddit | jerkno1

Like, even if your umbrella detached itself and flew off like a frightened flying saucer on a Thursday, this is so typically Monday you'd have to start your week over.

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5. Somebody decided to build a tiny little church scene on top of a street lamp.

Reddit | Majkl440__

You have to be in a pretty specific spot to see it, obviously, so it's weird, but still pretty cool.

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6. So, apparently you can buy garlic that doesn't come in cloves?

Reddit | vseznayka

Solo garlic, or pearl garlic, is apparently more common in Asia, and has a slightly milder flavor. Sure looks like it would make an awesome loaf of garlic bread though, amirite?

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7. Speaking of odd plants, this "limon" grew about as perfectly as you could hope for.

Reddit | McNifficence

I wonder why it grew in such clean, clearly divided halves rather than blended colors?

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8. When she's not socking us with Nor'easters, Mother Nature does some cool things.

Reddit | PowellO

Like forming ice around the offshoots of this little branch to make a tiny ice hand. Neat!

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9. It's not uncommon to travel around Europe and still see scars from WWII.

Reddit | ZeroFoxWereGiven

You can see how much of this building in Berlin was destroyed and reconstructed by where the bricks end.

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10. This guy's wheelchair ran out of juice, so some kind soul stopped to give him a jump.

Reddit | spig66

Who knew you could even do this? Definitely storing that info up, just in case.

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11. As this pic shows, if you put Scotch Tape over frosted glass, the glass becomes clear.

Reddit | rancendence

Not sure why, and not sure I even want to know why — it wouldn't change how cool this is.

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12. If you've ever wanted to know what bills would look like without "In God We Trust" on them, here you go.

Reddit | maxohwelly

Although coins have had the motto on them for a long, long time, paper currency didn't take it until 1957 — these singles from the 1930s show what bills look like without it.

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13. I have to imagine that few of us have RBG lights at home, so most haven't seen how they cast shadows on the wall.

Reddit | anaballer

Red, green, and blue lights make red, blue, and green shadows. Makes sense.

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14. You have to hope traffic came to a stop for these caterpillars marching in file across a street.

Reddit | Bubba--Gump-Inc

Even if they hold things up for a while, think how hard they've worked to form a line! That's some proper queuing!

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15. When the lights and the carpet in your hotel's hallway make this kind of a design, you want to make sure your door locks are secure.

Reddit | TwineTime

Just imagine if The Shining shot a few scenes here?

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16. From the good ideas file, cardboard boxes have been shredded in such a way that they can be used for packing material.

Reddit | bunzler

Not only taking them to a new stage in the shipping cycle, but replacing plastic bubble wrap!

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