12+ Unique Barbecue Recipes That'll Even Impress Your Toughest Guests

Diply 29 Jun 2018

Thinking about barbecued food makes me seriously hungry.

You may not know this, but there's a lot more that a barbecue can do than the occasional steak and burger. For one, have you ever considered barbecuing fruit or salad? Because I'm here to tell you that you can!

Here are some unique recipes you may have never heard of to try on your next big barbecue day.

1. Pineapple is a tasty fruit, but have you tried it inside a burger? Also tasty! 

YouTube | Mother's BBQ

Make a sweet Hawaiian burger using grilled pineapple and delicious flavoring! Follow the simple steps from Mother's BBQ to make your pineapple burger for your next dinner with friends.

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2. Who said grilled foods are only for dinner? Surprise! Breakfast can be made on the barbecue, too! 

Epicurious | Epicurious

In about five minutes, you can have some delicious French toast like this one featured in Epicurious. It's a simple recipe with bread, egg, vanilla extract, and a few other little things.

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3. Here is quickie recipe for some 10-minute delicious fries.

The Perfect Portion | The Perfect Portion

In my opinion, there will never be anything wrong with french fries, especially sweet potato fries. The Perfect Portion just cut the potatoes into large wedges, covered them with oil, and sprinkled some cinnamon, brown sugar, and paprika on them.

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4. We're already on a potato roll here, so how about trying grilled potato salad? 

Feasting at Home | Feasting at Home

Feasting at Home made a black garlic vinaigrette and marinated boiled potatoes in it. After, they cooked them on the barbecue for a bit of crisp and then sauced 'em up again. Deeeeeeliiiiish.

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5. Grills are also for making the ultimate appetizer to wow your friends. 

YouTube | Food In 5 Minutes

Copy this recipe from Food In 5 Minutes to make a delicious appie before you start dinner. Chicken, pepper, and onion on a skewer couldn't sound more delicious right now, amirite?

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6. Create your own homemade Yaki Onigiri, aka, a grilled rice ball! 

Epicurious | Epicurious

Epicurious says to mix warm water with Japanese rice and roll it in your hand to make an oval shape. Then, grill them over medium heat. Watch people's faces when you whip these out to snack on!

"This? Oh, it's just my homemade Yaki Onigiri."

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7. Make something a little more fancy with watermelon, cilantro, and lime. 

YouTube | The Stay At Home Chef

We've already learned that grilling fruit is a thing, so don't be afraid of this grilled watermelon recipe from The Stay At Home Chef. It's unique, healthy, and delicious.

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8. Fortunately, your barbecue can also be used for making awesome desserts. 

YouTube | Jadar Bomb

This recipe from Jadar Bomb is for something seriously delicious — grilled peaches with cinnamon-sugar butter. A peachy recipe like this is bound to make you a neighborhood fave. Pass the vanilla ice cream, please!

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9. For a recipe to impress your friends, even on a budget, try making these jalapeño popper dogs. 

YouTube | Free to Cook

This recipe from Free to Cook is a simple five minute prep and 10 minute grill. Anyone who already loves jalapeño poppers will love 'em even in hotdog form!

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10. Boiling corn is so blasé. Grill yours and make it Mexican for a flavor that pops in your mouth! 

YouTube | Ballistic BBQ

If you've never had Elote, you're in for a real treat. Dressed in butter, mayo, cilantro, queso fresco, chipotle chili powder, and lime, this recipe by Ballistic BBQ won't fail to impress your guests!

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11. Another great appetizer recipe is to make some fresh vegetable zucchini rolls. 

YouTube | Sweet Peas Saffron

For this recipe from Sweet Peas Saffron, you will need zucchini, cherry tomatoes, and bocconcini. It's like a fruit roll-up, but with vegetables — a vegetable roll up! Yum.

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12. Stuffed bell peppers are a great meal to impress any guest. They look like a lot of work, but they are actually super easy! 

YouTube | How To BBQ Right

These peppers from How To BBQ Right do take about an hour to cook, so make sure you plan ahead.

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13. We all knew avocado would be involved in this list in one way or another. Avocado is everywhere, people! 

Minimally Invasive | Minimally Invasive

It's everywhere because we love it. So try this recipe from Minimally Invasive where they grilled half of an avocado and covered it in other vegetables and seasoning. Summer fresh!

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14. These zucchini boats honestly look like they could put me into a food coma. 

Extraordinary BBQ | Extraordinary BBQ

I seriously love healthy foods that incorporate loads of veggies, and these boats from Extraordinary BBQ look too good to pass up. All you need is vegetables, seasoning, cheese, and a barbecue!

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15. Have you ever thought about baking on the barbecue? 

YouTube | Kenmore

Me neither! But this recipe for grilled peach and raspberry mini cobblers from Kenmore looks so yummy! Made in mini cast iron skillets, these are the perfect ending to an already-delicious dinner.

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16. Betchya never heard of grilled ceasar salad! 

YouTube | Diva Q BBQ

If you're a fan of a good, ol' Ceasar salad, you'll probably like this one from Diva Q BBQ, too. Who woulda thought that barbecuing lettuce could be so tasty?!

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Don't forget to pin this delicious barbecue recipe list for later! 

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