13+ Easy DIYs To Make With Your Leftover Craft Supplies

Diply 28 Jun 2018

Who else has an abundance of things at home that they want to make things out of? I have a ridiculous about of craft supplies that just need some love, you know?

In the past, I've made a bunch of recycled DIYs out of junk I have at home, but I haven't looked at all the supplies I've accumulated recently! So, here are some great examples of ways you can use the stuff you've already got!

1. This key chain totally makes this clutch pop!

DIYS.com | DIYS.com

Why not try making your very own tassel key chain? Tassels are super trendy right now, and Meghan shared a super easy version over on DIYs.com! Trust me, you're gonna love it!

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2. Have a bunch of broken crayons around the house that you're not sure what to do with?

The OT Toolbox | The OT Toolbox

Did you know you could turn those old crayons into playdough? The team at The OT Toolbox shows us how to get it done!

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3. Playdough is cool, but did you know that you can use leftover crayons to make lipstick?

Rozie Cheeks | Rozie Cheeks

It's a super simple process that uses coconut oil and maybe some essential oils, if you're feeling creative. Rose from Rozie Cheeks shared this fun project!

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4. If you've got a bunch of leftover yarn from knitting projects, why not try making some pom-poms?

Kelly Elko | Kelly Elko

I talk about making pom-poms in pretty much every single article I ever write, so I can promise you they aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Thanks to Kelly for sharing this unique idea!

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5. We all know someone (or are that someone) with a huge stash of scrap fabric.

The Fancy Life | The Fancy Life

Leanne from The Fancy Life shares how to make an adorable mobile using your fabric scraps! I actually did this for a cousin's baby and it turned out super cute.

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6. If you've got random pipe cleaners, ribbons, and pom-poms, make some colorful sticks!

Parents.com | Yunhee Kim

Amanda shared this project on Parents.com and says that it's a great afternoon activity with the kids. It sure looks like it!

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7. Speaking of pipe cleaners, you can use leftover ones to make super cute flowers.

One Little Project | One Little Project

And I actually love that the team at One Little Project potted the flowers in a little pot. This is absolutely adorable on so many levels!

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8. Stray threads can definitely accumulate really quickly.

Elisabeth Andree | Elisabeth Andree

But what should you do with them? Elisabeth shared this really unique way to turn your loose and stray threads into a funky bowl!

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9. You can use your scrap paper and turn it into some stunning paper flowers.

Instructables | Instructables

I can't wait for paper flowers to adorn my wedding one day! Now I know how to make them, thanks to Muhaiminah.

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10. Fabric scraps can also be used to make really fun and unique jewelry.

Trinkets In Bloom | Trinkets In Bloom

Such as this 5-minute bracelet that Cathy from Trinkets In Bloom created! I need to give this one a try!

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11. If bracelets aren't your style, why not give a layered fabric scrap necklace a try?

My Cakies | My Cakies

Rubyellen from My Cakies shared this project, and I think it'd be perfect to try on a rainy day!

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12. Are you really a true crafter if you don't have a ton of beads hiding all over the place?

Happy Girly Craft | Happy Girly Craft

If you've got a bunch of mismatched beads, turn them into a boho chic necklace like Ntina did!

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13. Have a bunch of mismatched buttons kicking around the house?

Freut Cake | Freut Cake

Turning those little beauties into magnets is super easy to do! You just need some super strong glue and some little magnets! Freut Cake shared this fun and easy project for us to try!

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14. If you're like me, then you have a random supply of doilies that were left to you by your grandmothers.

Chatelaine | Chatelaine

Jessica shared a simple way to use those doilies and turn them into adorable bowls over on Chatelaine!

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15. If you've got some leftover paint and a few pieces of scrap cork, why not make some coasters?

Ladyface Blog | Ladyface Blog

It's a super easy process, and you'll save your tables from watermarks. Thanks to Becca for sharing!

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16. Confetti is one of those craft supplies that you can get excited about when you buy it, but then totally forget about.

Pentel | Pentel

Aunt Peaches shared this fun way to use confetti on a notebook with Pentel!

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