16 Unexpected Behind-The-Scenes Photos From Our Favorite Movies

Diply 11 May 2018

By the time a movie is all said and done, you get to see the best bits all cut together to hopefully create something entertaining.

What you don't get to see are all the on-goings behind the scenes. Stunt doubles, directors at work, actors hanging on set, and so much more.

1. Baby Driver was full of great music, and of course, amazing car chases and driving stunts.

Reddit | ElliotWalker5

But it obviously wasn't up to Ansel Elgort to actually do all the driving.

It's much more complicated than that, and this picture shows just how much work goes into getting the right shots, all while filming scenes in a moving car.

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2. This aerial view from a Star Wars scene being filmed is actually so iconic.

Reddit | randus12

The '70s were such a different time. So different that the boom mic operators could get away with wearing nothing but pink shorts, and I'm here for it.

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3. It's always cool to see what's going on behind the camera during really intense movie moments.


What I love about this moment from The Dark Knight is that Batman looks like he's wearing a Halloween costume — it looks so much cooler on-screen!

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4. How is it that Jack Nicholson — and every single person working on the set of The Shining — still look super creepy, even while the cameras aren't rolling?

Getty Images | Sunset Boulevard

I think it's just part of the reason why the whole movie has such an eerie vibe to it.

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5. The internet is full of so many good Gandalf puns, I'll just leave a few here and call it a day.

Reddit | Miraclefish

1. The Installation Wizard will now install your software
2. I have no memory of this password
3. His password is "Mellon"

I said they were good, not great.

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6. I'm actually screaming. I'll never look at Groot the same way again.

Collider | Collider

This is how they film before the CGI takes place. It looks like a totally different movie. Even Chris Pratt seems confused.

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7. I had to look at this picture three different times.

Getty Images | Bobby Bank

So that's not really Harrison Ford on the back of the motorcycle.

It's actually Harrison Ford and Shia LaBeouf's stunt doubles filming the Indiana Jones movie.

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8. Can you guess what movie this famous cottage is seen in?

Getty Images | Getty Images / Stringer

It's the set of Inglorious Basterds, believe it or not. It looks so peaceful and quiet in the movie. Who would have thought there was really so much chaos around it?

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9. It's pretty amazing that we can look back in time and get a glimpse behind-the-scenes of one of everybody's favorite musicals.

Getty Images | Bettmann

Julie Andrews just casually sitting on set, playing with her guitar before filming The Sound of Music scenes.

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10. Seeing what the Beast really looked like before all the special effects makes you really appreciate Emma Watson just that much more.

Reddit | thuginbustos

I mean, she had to keep a straight face while dancing like this. Good on her.

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11. This is a cut scene from Blade Runner 2049.

Reddit | luksifox

Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford are supposed to be "fighting," but Harrison actually swung and hit Ryan in the face.

Their reactions right after it happened are priceless. This clip didn't make the movie, but the actual punch did!

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12. Both Prince Harry and Prince William visited the Star Wars: The Last Jedi set and filmed a Stormtrooper cameo (which never made it into the film).

Getty Images | Adrian Dennis / Stringer

Still, it's pretty neat to see royalty on set, hanging out with Prince Harry.

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13. Warning: This one is going to hurt your heart.

Getty Images | Getty Images / Handout

Seeing Robin Williams on the set of Hook, hanging out with Steven Spielberg and Julia Roberts, it brings us back to a simpler time that we miss so much.

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14. Oh you know, just Batman casually hanging out on set.

Getty Images | Murray Close

This was the 1989 Batman starring Michael Keaton. DC has seen its fair share of actors taking over this role since then!

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15. Spoiler alert! Look away if you've yet to see The Departed.

Getty Images | Gail Oskin

Don't worry, it's just a dummy version of Martin Sheen hanging out above Leonardo DiCaprio before that plot twist. No big deal.

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16. George Peppard and Audrey Hepburn are seen here casually taking a break on set while filming Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Getty Images | Keystone Features / Stringer

Can we all go back to dressing like this on the daily? It's so fabulous, I can't handle it.

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