12+ Underrated TV Characters Who Don't Get Enough Respect

Diply 4 Oct 2018

If there's one thing I've learned from my favorite television programs, it's that actors don't need to get the lead role to stand out.

If there's anything I've learned in my time on earth, it's not about the size or the length of the role, it's about what you choose to do with it. And if you don't believe me, then you're just gonna have to read this list before you can prove me wrong.

1. Mindy St. Claire — The Good Place 

The Good Place Wiki | The Good Place Wiki

Mindy St. Claire (Maribeth Monroe) is a recurring character on The Good Place. She was a pretty bad person during her time on earth, but fortunately, this narcotics-addicted, former corporate lawyer was connected to a pretty good deed, which allowed her to make her way to The Medium Place.

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2. Ted Wheeler (Mike's Dad) — Stranger Things 

Twitter | @PirahnaDelRey

Ted Wheeler (Joe Chrest) is the aloof husband to Karen and mediocre father to Mike, Nancy, and Holly on the hit Netflix show, Stranger Things. This dad's disconnected mentality is a kinda satirical impression on what it's like being the patriarch in a nuclear family, and we are here for it.

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3. Tormund Giantsbane — Game of Thrones

YouTube | Enottik

If you watch Game of Thrones, you'll know that Tormund (Kristofer Hivju) is pretty cool beans. Not only is he a fierce warrior who ties into the deeper plot of the show, but he is also literally adorable. I mean, his fawning over Brienne of Tarth restores my faith in men.

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4. Mona-Lisa Saperstein — Parks and Recreation


Jean-Ralphio's sassy twin sister, Mona-Lisa Saperstein (Jenny Slate), is pretty much the worst millennial stereotypes rolled into one, but somehow it works for her.Don't ask me why or how, but I cannot get enough of her ridiculousness.

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5. Coleman Slawski (Colonel Doctor) — Scrubs 

YouTube | hemag86

This secondary character earned the name "Colonel Doctor" when Dr. Kelso decided that he looked like the Kentucky Fried Chicken guy. Coleman Slawski (Bob Bencomo) makes appearances throughout the show, and it's always a good time every single time.

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6. Mr. Treeger — Friends 

Friends Central | Friends Central

Mr. Treeger (Mike Hagerty) was known as the grumpy and unapproachable building superintendent in Monica and Rachel's building. Although his character seemed like the worst at the beginning, we got to see a softer side of Treeger in Season 4 during the episode "The One With The Ballroom Dancing."

Honestly, my heart melted. Who knew such a big man could be so light on his feet?

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7. Nate Nickerson — The Office

YouTube | The Office US

Formerly known as Dwight's personal assistant who helped rid the office of bees, Nate (Mark Proksch) also appeared in various episodes as the lovable yet dumb warehouse guy. His stupid oneliners and unrelenting social awkwardness easily make him one of the most lovable background characters.

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8. Alex Trimboli —American Vandal


Alex Trimboli appears in Season 1 of American Vandalas the super cringey narc who is basically a weasel personified. The actor who portrayed Trimboli, Calum Worthy, did such a great job making him hateable and relatable at the same time — we've all met someone exactly like him, 100%.

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9. Barry Zuckerkorn — Arrested Development

Fandom | Ohmyn0

Barry Zuckerkorn (Henry Winkler — aka Fonzie on Happy Days) is the Bluth family's incompetent defense attorney who pretty much sucks hard at his job but in the most disheveled and lovable way.

Eventually, he was fired by Michael at the end of "The Cabin Show" episode, which is kinda bittersweet. On one hand, you wanna keep him around for the laughs. But on the other hand, he was a walking liability.

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10. Greased-Up Guy — Family Guy


There's really not much to the Greased-Up Guy, other than the fact that he appears randomly throughout a few episodes covered in grease and usually on fire.We don't know much about his backstory, but we do know that the main characters are always trying to catch him, without much success. I mean, he's greased up, so getting your hands on him would be pretty hard to do.

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11. Mr. Heckles — Friends

Fandom | Bamboozled

Although the grumpiest of curmudgeons, Mr. Heckles (Larry Hankin), who lived in the apartment below Monica and Rachel, was a winsome jerk who spent his days complaining about non-existent noise.

He even went out with a bang when, in an act of pure pettiness, he made the gang clean out his old apartment after he passed. Now that is a vibe.

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12. Michel Gerard — Gilmore Girls


Concierge of the Independence Inn and later the Dragonfly Inn,Michel Gerard(Yanic Truesdale) was also the unrivaled queen of sass on the hit show Gilmore Girls.From his witty onelinersto his overall unenthusiastic demeanor, it's pretty clear that Michel is in a permanent mood. Regardless of his attitude, he's pretty much the best part of every scene he's in.

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13. Handsome Pete — The Simpsons


This twisted Krusty the Clown lookalike only appears on one episode of the classic cartoon.Handsome Pete makes his debut when Bart and Lisa are searching for Krusty the Clown and happen upon this weirdo who dances for coins. Overall, it's as enjoyable as it is disturbing, which is always a good combination.

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14. Principal Carlton "Carl" Moss — King of the Hill 

YouTube | Cartoon Cavern

Principal Moss (Dennis Burkley) is the head honcho at Tom Landry Middle School, and has been involved in some pretty questionable scandals. Although he once played football with Hank and the gang, he grew up and bought into all the corporate mumbo-jumbo, which makes him pretty insufferable.

That being said, the shenanigans he gets into are downright despicable and ridiculous, which always makes for entertaining television.

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15. Morbo the Annihilator — Futurama 

YouTube | Chris Thompson

Morbo (Maurice LaMarche) is a green, reptilian alien who makes appearances in several episodes of Futurama, and isn't afraid to broadcast his unabashed hatred for all things human.

He bides his time on earth by anchoring the show Entertainment and Earth Invasion Tonite, where he aggressively rants about the inferiority of the human race, which draws some resemblance to a few boisterous real-life TV personalities.

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16. Boris — Archer

YouTube | Caped-Joel

Boris (voiced by Lucky Yates) is a quiet and reliable Russian soldier who often assists his boss with a variety of tasks. Although he acts as a line of defense for Jakov, he also has a softer side that shines through at times.

Whether he's killing or crying, he's still such a dumb sweetheart — and that's why we love him.

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