Twitter Is Underwhelmed By Who Died On 'Modern Family'

Diply 26 Oct 2018

Okay, I'm warning you now, major spoilers coming in hot.

If you haven't caught up on Modern Family, I highly suggest you scroll your way to another fun article... But if you want to know who died on the latest episode, carry on.

You see, co-creator Christopher Lloyd told Entertainment Weekly (and the world) we'd be losing a significant character in the season 10 premiere, and we know. And we have a lot of feelings about it.

1. The TV show really laid the groundwork for this death, making sure fans were aware of what was about to happen.

Twitter | @Variety

Which is actually kind of great instead of blindsiding us like most TV shows. Shonda Rhimes, I'm looking at you.

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2. And granted, it was the Halloween episode, but they really made it a dramatic announcement. 

Twitter | @ModernFam

A gravestone?? Creepy and morbid, but totally fits the situation. A little bit on the spooky side for our dear Modern Fam, but I get it.

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3. But as soon as people discovered WHO was killed off, Twitter wasn't having it. 

Twitter | @jilaria

Which, to be fair, they pumped it up so much that fans were ready for a major death. I was personally heartbroken because I totally thought it would be Jay.

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4. And already some fans want to have a little chat about what it means to be a main character. 

Twitter | @KirstenAcuna

Sorry, yes, another spoiler...this time from The Walking Dead.

Like, Modern Family has a lot of major characters, so there were plenty to choose from!

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5. And yetttttt...they killed off DeDe Pritchett. 

Modern Family Wiki | Modern Family Wiki

If you need a second to remember her, that's okay. Sure, I remembered the name no problem, but I hadn't seen her in a bit.

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6. Of course she's part of the family, though. 

Twitter | @TheCountHugo

Directly related to the main folks, but is that enough to justify calling her a main character? I don't think so, but that's just me.

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7. I'm not exaggerating when I say she was rarely on!

Twitter | @Karen_Maslow22

When she DID make appearances, they were great, don't get me wrong. But she was usually just talked about instead of actually being in the episode.

I counted, she's only physically in six episodes. That's it!!!!

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8. Please don't get me wrong, it still hits me in the feels.


Any character dying on a show is enough to get my tears flowing, though. It's a bit much, I'll admit.

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9. I 100% thought it might be Stella, and I wasn't the only one. 

Twitter | @girl_from_nj

Because yeah, she's not on much either, but we know how much Jay loves her, and how could he not?

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Not only is she adorable, but she can skateboard, which makes her pretty hip and stuff and also super talented. And her and Jay are the cutest little duo, period.

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11. All in all, it was truly a bittersweet reveal. 

Twitter | @ALundquist5

I feel more for the kids and grandkids, of course. And really, that show tackles a lot of topics, so death had to happen eventually!

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12. But the tea, of course, is that she was never a main.


Sorry DeDe, you made appearances now and then, but that's about it. Probably would have been better to say an extra character was leaving...

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13. This was and will be me until the very end. 

Twitter | @danicruz2

If Jay ever dies — sorry to be dramatic — but I will die, too. He is all that is sassy and good in the world.

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14. This would be me, if that should ever happen:


And relating myself to Cam is no accident because I'm def just as dramatic as him, so this works perfectly.

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15. Overall, the fans were just a little let down. 

Twitter | @0107_anne

And I get it, the Halloween episodes are my fave of the seasons. Kind of weird timing, but that's just the way it went down.

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16. And like I said, at least we knew!


Plus, what's more spooky than a real death happening?! Not much, my friends, not much at all.

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