24 Tweets That Define Squad Goals

Diply 8 Jun 2018

Friendship is one of the coolest things on the planet. Whether you've been rolling with the same squad since grade school, or you have a tight-knit group of friends you made in adulthood, it's nice to know that no matter how hard you fall, there's gonna be a pair of arms waiting around to grab you before you hit the ground.

I headed over to Twitter to find the most relatable tweets I could find about friendship, because let's be real...besties like this deserve to be celebrated.

1. Friends don't let friends take trash selfies, it's practically universal law.

Twitter | @brookestinnette

Why would you let someone you care about post a half-baked photo on the internet knowing well that you could've helped make it better? It's like watching somebody drown and not throwing them the rope you're holding.

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2. Friendship means going the extra mile.

Twitter | @jadavenson_

And if that extra mile means dressing up like a guy in order to make another dude jealous, then so be it. I will NOT allow my best friend to get curved by some loser without a fight.

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3. Teamwork makes the dream work.

Twitter | @Anguyenballer

When you have someone in your life who is willing to literally give you the clothes off of their body, then you know that friendship is going to last forever.

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4. Sometimes a bit of mockery is just what we need from our friends.

Twitter | @benhull69

We all have that person in our crew who ghosts the second they get into a relationship. What better way to remind them that that behavior isn't gonna fly?

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5. Texts between friends are sacred.

Twitter | @millaHoward

I can't even count the number of screenshots I have on my phone of texts from friends like this. Of course, they're almost always followed with "Omg, we're seriously so funny," or "We should honestly have our own TV show."

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6. You can be with awesome people, but it's just not the same as when you're with your best friend.

Twitter | @HuhuNizi

BFFs operate on a different level than other friends. You could be having the time of your life, but it's always going to be better with your bestie by your side.

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7. Best friends always support each other.

Twitter | @jaanemao

That means doing whatever it takes to make sure that you're happy...even if happiness is in the form of a fire selfie.

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8. Being hungry is akin to death, and your best friend knows it.

Twitter | @nicholerenay1

They would never let you live a minute of your life without ample snacks on hand. Always make sure you surround yourself with the kind of people who ask if you've eaten yet.

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9. Okay, this is next-level friendship.

Twitter | @nohyukcs

I don't even have the kind of money to buy myself these things, let alone my best friend. She knows that if I could, I would in a second, though.

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10. When you're with your best friend, it's like the rest of the world doesn't exist.

Twitter | @sofiexorstadius

Who cares if you look stupid to everybody else? You're having a good time, and they can all get bent.

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Twitter | @caallmepapi

If my friends are feeling down, you better believe I'm doing something like this to make them feel better. Once, I even wrote an open letter to my BFF because she was having a bad week. When your friends are happy, you're happy.

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12. 'Til death do us part.

Twitter | @stephany_tatro

Even when that loser you accidentally married doesn't last, your friendships will. And besides, your bachelorette party was a million times more fun than your wedding, anyway.

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13. Through thick and thin (hair).

Twitter | @marcelinesteel

It's not always about fun, laughter, and ridiculousness. Sometimes, friendship is about taking care of your girls when they can't do it themselves.

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14. Everybody likes a reminder once in a while.

Twitter | @2cutex2puke

It's important to tell the people you care about what they mean to you, and if your friends are doing things like this, then you're more like family.

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15. Good times are only better with your squad.

Twitter | @laura_ssuarez

What's an afternoon of selling stuff you don't need when it means a night that you and your friends won't forget?

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16. It's important to celebrate the small victories.

Twitter | @caeleynovak

Sure, a snap streak might not seem like a reason to make a cake (although 730 days is insane!), but who cares when it means making memories with your bestie?

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17. Friendship doesn't have a bedtime.

Twitter | @AdryanM_

You need something? You got it, fam. Your BFFs don't care what time it is, they just wanna know that you're Gucci.

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18. Is there anybody else who would even know what to pack?

Twitter | @MeganNahhhman

I don't know about you, but there are very few people on this planet I would let pack for me — but my best friend is one of them.

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19. Best friends don't lie to each other.

Twitter | @nicolewatkinss_

But that doesn't mean they won't stretch the truth to protect each other once in a while. What else are you supposed to tell your parents when you're partying in a field somewhere?

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20. A hug from your BFF can literally solve your problems.

Twitter | @frankpisano9

And if they can't, then they can put them on hold for a minute or two while you take a deep breath.

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21. It's the little things.

Twitter | @k_is_like

Memes give me life, and honestly if my friend did this for me, I'd probably be brought to tears. Friendship is knowing what needs to be done when nobody even asks.

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22. Translated: "This is not a friend, this is a brother."

Twitter | @_AndresMedici

Seriously, though, some of my friends won't even risk a hair elastic for me, and this guy is risking getting expelled for his friend.

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23. Staying up to date is one of the cornerstones of a solid friendship.

Instagram | @coursent

PowerPoints, marathon phone calls, whatever. You can go forever without talking, but you'll always find a way to update each other.

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24. Friendship is awesome.

Instagram | @coursent

When you're willing to do things like this (and do things like this for your bestie), you know you're in BFF territory. It's always worth it in the end.

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