16 Tweets That Prove Baby Boomers Are Sometimes The Worst

Diply 28 Mar 2018

Being a millennial comes with some struggles, just like being a baby boomer does. It seems, however, that the two generations do not get along, though considering how much they bicker back and forth about which is worse, this won't surprise anyone.

Here are a bunch of millennials airing all that baby boomer dirty laundry we know is there.

1. This one really thickens my gravy. 

Twitter | @sophxthompson

In my experience, the biggest gap in understanding is when it comes to finance. The baby boomers literally don't seem to understand how poor we are and how hard it is to get out from under the crushing weight of school/life debt.

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2. Oh man, do you know how many beautiful hardwood floors there are in the world that we have yet to see?

Twitter | Twitter

In what universe was linoleum or carpet better?! Honestly, explain it to me.

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3. This is very true, I make sure that I don't go out for food unless I can tip properly. 

Twitter | @BreeDapra

Everyone works hard, and I can't imagine serving is easy because people are the worst.

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4. Well, isn't this the truth.

Twitter | @LikwidCyance

My parents still tell me that they're going to send me a note when they really mean a text. They also sign it every time like I don't know who's texting me.

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5. Again, do they really not realize how difficult and expensive it is to try and make it out here?

Twitter | @CowlonFullerton

The world is different than it was before, and it would be nice if that was more apparent to the baby boomers. But they'd rather just call us all lazy.

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6. The other thing, of course, is that at one time they were where we are now.

Reddit | @the_blueprint

I am sure that the generations before them had lots to say about how they live their lives.

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7. When you read this, a specific person popped into your mind, didn't they?

Twitter | @jonestm97

We all know someone like this, or have dealt with someone like this. It is way up there as one of the most frustrating things on earth.

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8. Okay, for real, this is the worst.

Twitter | @JemmyMedina

Do you know how many parking lots I walk into and I see them just leaving their shopping carts in the spot next to where they parked? Get it together.

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9. Oh man, I've got to admit, this one really irritates me.

Twitter | @ahoybailey

There's a difference between being funny and being a terrible person, and I know we all want to think that line is very thin, but isn't. Just your morals are.

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10. I feel as though if I really did have a dollar for every time this happened, I still wouldn't have enough to buy a home because they are beyond what I can ever imagine spending on anything. 

Twitter | @talzir
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11. If I had to choose between polar bears or JC Penny, I would for sure choose the polar bears because they are adorable and deserve to live. 

Twitter | @jaboukie

I think that we can all probably survive without department stores.

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12. Honestly, even beyond needing it to live, food is amazing and just because I like to eat nice things doesn't make me terrible.

Twitter | @bafeldman

I'm sorry that settling for TV dinners and aerosol cheese is enough for you.

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13. If I could still live at home with my parents, I would, no questions asked. I moved out way too early and feel like it's difficult to get ahead.

Instagram | @Notintheface1

That being said, it could be because of the lack of jobs...interesting.

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14. Baby boomers have such interesting opinions and justifications for their opinions.

Twitter | @ValeeGrrl

It's almost as though science and the laws of the universe don't apply to them. Oh wait! They don't think they do.

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15. Seriously, though. SERIOUSLY! No one ever needed a pet rock, I don't care how campy it was.

Twitter | @andylevy

I'm also certain that there were people who had pet rocks just because they had crazy imaginations as kids.

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16. I think that having cool work spaces and perks is neat, but it would be even neater to be paid a fair wage that we could live off of.

Twitter | @jpbrammer

Know what I mean? Sounds crazy, I know, but consider it.

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