20 Of The Best Tweets About #MyFitnessLevel That Are Beyond Relatable

Diply 13 Apr 2018

Everyone's fitness level is different. There are some seriously motivated people out there, and I give them props! For me, I get my daily fitness in by lifting multiple scoops of frozen yogurt into my mouth every night, because why not?

Others' fitness levels vary, and Twitter will give you a great idea about how different fitness levels can be. With the explosion of the hashtag #MyFitnessLevel, Twitter will have you relating to others on a spiritual level.

1. Honestly, who can't relate to needing this kind of motivation to get them to the gym? 

Twitter | @coolcam101

However, I'm not completely sure if even a dinosaur could scare me enough to really go be fit.

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2. This would be the only reason my arms are so fit. 

Twitter | @WonderKat365

Dear Mom and Dad,

For Christmas, please get me a wine glass this big? It is for exercise, I promise.

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3. But it was still worth the ice cream, right? 

Twitter | @HelenMaryMe

I am pretty sure the only acceptable time to run is if it is for ice cream anyways. And even then...

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4. At least it is a good excuse for a hot tub and massage combo! 

Twitter | @sheLLbeLL_xo

Taking a hot bath to relax my muscles after working them out is honestly the only reason I try being fit.

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5. Shoes are a real hassle sometimes, okay?!

Twitter | @geoffreyclark37

You have to, like, bend over, pull them up, and even do up the laces. Ugh, exhausting!

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6. The trick is to go to the gym so that you can eat all of the McDonalds that you desire. 

Twitter | @TruthByBrandi

I'll take a large fry just for typing this. K, thanks!

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7. There is a reason that a sloth is my spirit animal! 

Twitter | @j1_haack

This is truly a fitness level to be proud of, in my opinion. No worries here! You're doing you, and you look fab!

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8. Look, there is nothing worse than being comfortable on the couch and realizing the remote is like a meter away. 

Twitter | @bigmacher

Please just pass it to me because moving is just too hard sometimes!

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9. Listen up, here's my logic: If you forced yourself to walk to the refrigerator, then you deserve that food! 

Twitter | @RoeGhost

You made it all the way there, why turn back empty handed?

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10. I only run if I am being chased, so just trust me on this.  

Twitter | @Bearwithmeblog

Also, while you're at it, ask for an ambulance too. Seriously though, I'll most likely faint from the running.

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11. Would anyone ever really know the difference? Probably not! 

Twitter | @HelenMaryMe

Five miles is five miles, so, I mean, it's kind of the same thing anyway, amirite?

Plus, girl walks a dog daily, which is more than I can say for myself.

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12. Isn't this how everyone normally gets their cardio? No? Just me?

Twitter | @bachelruckley

This is literally me every day, and it has the word "running," so I am pretty sure it counts!

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13. I have never seen anything more #fitness in my life! 

Twitter | @Superbokka

I am impressed by this tweet. But also, how dare Walmart put the Oreos all the way on the top? That's just cruelty to short people.

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14. Girl, same here. I am currently living inside a house made of french fries to block out anything fit. 

Twitter | @Jalapeno_Biznis

If anyone wants to join me, HMU. I'll hide you too.

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15. I mean, you aren't wrong. Round IS, in fact, a shape! A beautiful, wonderful, donut-y shape! 

Twitter | @SynnaSlater

So it's decided: There is absolutely nothing wrong with round. Let me live, Society!

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16. If that burrito is stuffed with all burrito goodness, then it is heavy! Burrito lifting should be an Olympic sport TBH. 

Twitter | @DaSkrambledEgg

I relate to this on a spiritual AND emotional level.

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17. Why do you think students go to the library in the first place? To study? Nah. 

Twitter | @euflorium

This is just the honest truth about how students stay fit despite all them study snacks...and by snacks, I mean whole pizzas.

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18. I promise you that watching them is just as exhausting as trying to do the workouts. Speaking from experience. 

Twitter | @neilt76

I'm pretty sure this is how it is supposed to work anyway.

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19. This is the only way I am motivated enough to workout, so that I can tell everyone I did something good for myself. 

Twitter | @stickcandy54

Did you even go to the gym if you didn't share it on all your social media?

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20. Who the heck wants to try and be fit when they are freezing their bunions off as soon as they step outside?! Not I! 

Twitter | @kris10sghosty

Honestly, this is so fair. Winter is forever off season.

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