Try To Resist Smiling For 19+ Adorable, Heartwarming Pics

Diply 10 Oct 2018

I know, I know, you have to be some kind of super sourpuss to actually resist smiling. We all have our days when we feel grumpy, sure, but that doesn't mean we don't want to smile. Sometimes, you just need a good reason for it.

So, here you go! There's no excuse not to smile at these genuinely heartwarming pics. We're pretty sure they'll clear up the grey skies clouding even the grouchiest of days.

1. When students living in a dorm put up streamers for a Chinese exchange student's birthday, he responded with a note offering lessons in Chinese as a way of saying thanks.

Reddit | cough182

You have to love the thought of students coming together like this.

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2. This nice lady found a snake stuck in a glue trap and decided to rescue it.

Reddit | LynnieJ910

For the record, if you find an animal stuck in a glue trap, you can carefully free it with olive oil and gentle rubbing, then wash the glue off with water and dish soap.

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3. At Kauai's Poipu Beach, endangered monk seals often crawl on shore to take extended naps, so volunteers will come out to watch over them as they snooze.

Reddit | jedimindjiujitsu

Their naps can last 8-14 hours, so it's no small undertaking!

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4. Eight men from Newfoundland came to a small town in Ontario to work on a bridge, and when they couldn't make it home for Thanksgiving, a few locals treated them to a feast that included some classic Newfoundland recipes.

Facebook | Blind River Home Hardware Building Center

I don't know what a Jigg's dinner or a blueberry duff is, but it sure was nice of those folks to make them!

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5. When Reddit user notyourdaddy9 had her car broken into, she didn't even realize her wallet was missing at first.

Reddit | notyourdaddy9

However, as she was trying to cancel her cards, someone sent her a message through Facebook to let her know that her wallet had been found and they arranged to return it.

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6. The sheepish looks on the faces of the police officers being rescued from a stuck elevator are not quite as priceless as those of the firefighters rescuing them.

Reddit | etymologynerd

And you just know those firefighters won't let the police forget this.

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7. To provide a loving reminder of their cherished companion, Charlie's owners left a box of his tennis balls for other dogs to enjoy.

Reddit | Sir_battmaker

Which is both incredibly sad and wonderfully sweet.

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8. "My daughter 7, has been asking me for a little while now to get into gaming with me," wrote Reddit user TheHamVip. 

Reddit | TheHamVip

"So I took my old rig and placed her right beside me. We start training first thing in the morning."

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9. Reddit user obsidian49 had to give props to another Reddit user, ButtercupsPitcher, for an incredible donation to her classroom.

Reddit | obsidian49

"My students love to read and can’t wait to dive into their new books Monday!" she wrote. "They all cheered when the (7) boxes arrived today, 2 cried of joy and they all asked where to send their thank you notes!"

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10. On this occasion, Michael Higgins, the President of Ireland, doesn't seem to mind that he's not the center of attention.

Reddit | interprime

But then, who wouldn't want to take pictures with, and give belly rubs to, the President of Ireland's very good dog?

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11. "When I was around ten, my parents were going to buy a Gameboy for my siblings and I to share. I was being a brat, so they changed their minds and I became 'Ruiner of the Gameboy' for the next fifteen years," wrote Reddit user entropictide. 

Reddit | entropictide

"Anyway, just finished assembling this year's Christmas presents!"

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12. "They brought Rojo the therapy llama to my dad's rehab today," wrote Reddit user Chef_Sancho. "He eats carrots out of people's mouths."

Reddit | Chef_Sancho

Not sure how that helps with the healing process, but it can't hurt!

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13. In Nara, Japan, the deer are so tame they'll wander up to strangers and generally roam freely — and maybe nice kids like this who share their umbrellas with the deer are a reason why.

Reddit | laura6319

Kindness never hurts!

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14. Speaking of keeping your friends dry, this man is looking out for his best friends on a rainy day, even fashioning a rain coat out of cardboard for his dog.

Reddit | tehcrazybunnylady

Zero chance the cat would wear that, of course.

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15. Just hungry college kids looking out for other hungry college kids, posting a note to let them know this vending machine is probably hungrier than they are.

Reddit | lucylipstick

It must have a history of eating money and not dispensing snacks.

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16. On the first rainy day of fall, the landlord of this apartment building put out pulled pork chili in the lobby for the residents.

Reddit | Shloopdog

Which pretty much vaults them into the lead for Best Landlord Ever.

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17. This emotional scene captures the moment Nike offered a contract to Justin Gallegos, a University of Oregon runner with cerebral palsy.

Reddit | SoDakZak

That made him the first Nike athlete with cerebral palsy, a huge accomplishment showing that hard work and determination does indeed pay off.

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18. When a pizza delivery driver was involved in a collision, the police officers who responded finished his delivery for him.

Reddit | [deleted]

Not who you'd expect to see holding a pizza at your door, but talk about a nice thing to do for the poor delivery guy.

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19. Reddit user Chang_Daddy wanted to share how their dad sets an example, because it's something everyone can appreciate: after 47 years, he's up to 515 donations of blood and plasma.

Reddit | Chang_Daddy

That's a ton of lives saved!

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20. "Students in my school decided to surprise and sing to ill lunch lady, who has to leave her job and heal," wrote Reddit user Dandee68. "Everybody was crying."

Reddit | Dandee68

No doubt, what an emotional scene!

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21. "I’ve somehow kept a bee missing a wing alive for 5 weeks now!" wrote Reddit user avoqueen. "So I decided to upgrade her living area! She’s now in a big bucket with fresh flowers! (Pointing at bee for size reference)"

Reddit | avoqueen

You've got to be kind to the bees!

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22. This deaf Uber driver put out a great note for their passengers, explaining how best to communicate if needed — and how they might enjoy some music, too.

Reddit | CoCGamer

Good to know!

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23. After Reddit user slick2699's kitty got out, it climbed a tree and had to spend a rainy night outside until a kind climber offered to venture up to retrieve it.

Reddit | slick2699

And he did so for free!

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24. Of all the places this fox cub could pick to curl up for a nap, it had to choose a chicken pen.

Reddit | CrystalVulpine

However, it didn't bother any of the chickens — it just wanted a warm, dry place to sleep.

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