16 Pics Depicting The True Power Of Water

Diply 9 Mar 2018

As we approach World Water Day, it's good to stop for a moment and think about think about good ol' H2O.

It sustains life on our planet, it makes up most of the surface area of said planet, and it's downright powerful. Whether we're talking about flooding, ice or erosion, one thing's for certain: This planet belongs to water, and we're just along for the ride.

1. Sometimes erosion works pretty fast.

Reddit | mistermajik2000

Yes, the Grand Canyon is a product of 70 million years worth of erosion. But cliffs all over the world collapse due to erosion every year. Here, we can see the difference that just one year can make along the shore of Lake Ontario.

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2. Commuting will be tough today.

Reddit | ShoutOutTo_Caboose

This pic, snapped from a boat, appears to show some pretty rough and choppy seas — until you notice the highway signs. This is a section of Interstate 10 during a time of (obviously) heavy flooding.

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3. The bottom of the sea, exposed.

Reddit | rockdoctor1day

Next time the world is feeling boring, consider this: Thanks to tides, water rises and falls to dramatic levels multiple times a day. If this wasn't cool enough to consider, think about the fact that it's all due to the moon.

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4. The loneliest job in the world is also the scariest.

Reddit | unknown_name

This lighthouse keeper seems pretty unperturbed, despite the fact that a horrifying wave is breaking all around him and actually cresting the platform he stands on. All in a day's work, I guess.

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5. Sometimes, dams are no match.

Wikipedia | Wikipedia

What happened at Vajont Dam in 1963 is probably one of the biggest disasters you never hear about. Here, you can see how a landslide caused water to completely overwhelm the dam.

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6. Maybe I'll just stick to land.

Reddit | Nagol41

The North Sea has some of the stormiest weather in the world, creating scenes like this — where it's tough to know if you're sinking or not.

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7. When you can kayak through an island.

Reddit | brazilliandanny

Toronto Island is usually a nice destination for a day trip, but last year, high floodwaters covered virtually the entire landmass, causing all sorts of damage.

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8. Stay away from the Strid.

Reddit | MoribundTyke

This might not look like much, but this deep, fast-moving river in Yorkshire, England actually goes under the banks. It's super dangerous, and if you fall in, you're pretty much done for.

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9. All thanks to mist.

Imgur | xaruk

Niagara Falls, despite the tourists, is an awe-inspiring sight to behold. In the winter, the sheer amount of mist in the air leads to some crazy ice formations.

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10. Waves, man.

Reddit | Mind_Virus

Yeah, they're mesmerizing to watch and soothing to listen to. But if you're stuck under one that's cresting — as this guy is here — there's nothing more terrifying.

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11. I hope they're tied down.

Reddit | KevlarYarmulke

...because this encroaching wave, cresting well over the hull of the ship, is pure nightmare fuel. It's a testament to shipbuilders that boats can survive weather like this.

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12. Last cabin standing.

Reddit | dat_gullah

This cabin wasn't always alone, but the others have collapsed due to erosion. This pic also shows the long-term effects that water can have on nearby trees.

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13. That's a lot of water.

Reddit | halfacat4545

China's Three Gorges Dam is an incredible feat of engineering, with its concrete walls towering 594 feet over the water below. Needless to say, when the water's in motion, it's a sight to see.

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14. When you mess with the terrain too much in Sim City.

Reddit | [deleted]

A landslide caused the bank of this river to give way. The water needed to go somewhere, so it flooded down the hillside.

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15. Time to call the insurance company.

Reddit | [deleted]

...because I don't think these cars are going to be driveable again anytime soon. This extreme flooding took place after heavy rain in South Carolina.

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16. Flooding and freezing creates some crazy effects.

Imgur | moonshineandromance

Floodwaters reached the treetops, then froze over, then receded. This caused frozen sections of water to become marooned up high in these mindblowing formations.

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