Nothing sucks more than packing up for that winter escape trip to Florida, opening your bag, and finding that ALL of your shirts have wrinkled. And you don't have time to leave them hanging in the closet for two days. You've got beaches to lay on! 

Get a quick fix to the wrinkle woes with this amazing Travel Steamer


This wonderful, compact travel steamer is the life hack you need to be there when your fabric fails you. 

With 700 watts of power, this lovely little device distributes steam powerfully and consistently to remove stubborn, pesky wrinkles from clothes, drapery, fabrics, bedding, or anything else!


It comes with an adorable carrying pouch. 

The Saffiano travel pouch fits neatly in any purse or suitcase and leaves room for the 8-foot long cord that comes with the steamer. That means you can bring it anywhere and steam your silk shirts with #style.

You'll be the wrinkle-busting squad savior. 

The easy-to-fill water tank guarantees you ten minutes of continuous steaming. It also heats lightning-fast, giving you wrinkle-busting steam in just two minutes, so the whole squad can get emergency wrinkle care before going out. 

Become the squad hero you were born to be. Those pesky fabric wrinkles don't stand a chance when you've got this Travel Steamer

Get the Travel Steamer today for the low price of $35